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I am an interpreter - Not a fortune teller! I deliver practical insight guided by ancient wisdom. 

MY INTENTION: To help you enhance your relationship to yourself and others by reframing your questions into proactive suggestions. I do not tell fortunes or make predictions that would rob you of your future. I help define the present as I see it. I tell personal stories. I ask pertinent questions. I can’t tell you who you think you are, but I can say what I see. I am a clear seer.

WHAT ARE MY QUESTIONS? : Where did you learn that? Who taught you that? How can you reframe that? 

DETERMINISM: This is important because our Modernian culture tells us that we are in charge of everything in our lives and that we have complete control over fate. I disagree with all flat statements, even my own, because there is fate and also free will. Many today are faced with insurmountable obstacles to happiness and well being. This is not their fault and it is cruel to say so.

How can everyone achieve the vaunted #1 position? If everyone were there wouldn’t we be the 100%? Our flawed logic applauds winners and victimizes losers, to keep us down. We feel bad. We lost. We are a loser. Shit, we suck. Who taught us this flawed logic of kings? Kings. Our culture also tells us to obey the law. Whose law is it? Is it written in common language for all to read, or Lawyerese, a professional specialty created to serve kings?

PROACTIVE DETERMINISM: The Taoist approach says that yang pierces yin and yin engulfs and transform yang. This means you can make a difference in your predestined existence, if you are conscious. Wake up to your options. Can't pull up bootstraps without boots, or feet, so what are your options? Discuss.

WHAT LIFE IS: Life is a spectrum of light filtered through the crystal called femininity. Femininity is bedrock. Femininity is brittle bone and hardscrabble. Femininity is solid. She has structure and stability. She is mountain and skyscraper. She is the crystal formed over time with pressure. She is diamond. She is prismatic.

WHAT FEMININE IS: She is the Corporation, the body of commerce. She is all bodies and containers of every kind. Her shape is empty, the black holes of space. Her empty space defines all the sparks that flow around her. She is the emptiness that holds all in place.

TAO: Without her, there would be no rainbow, no visible life. The feminine body allows the spark. The spark enlightens her. She crafts his image. He dies, but his image remains. We are cinema. We are the images projected on her screen. She is the projector and the screen. The spark is the light shining through the apparatus. Each one is futile without the other.

MODERNIAN POLITICS: Our present system of government and commerce is troubled because logic and reason almost exclusively control the head of this feminine body; not that logic and reason are wrong or bad, no. Logic and reason have been misled by culture and conditioning to believe in themselves more than they need to. They have had the reigns since the Age of Abraham. The religions of Abraham teach that womyn are of lesser value than men.

ALL GENDERS: All beings are the embodiment of the sacred and profane aspects of masculine logic and feminine creation. In the ancient world this was well known and expressed through stories and symbolism. Ancient mythology abounded with hermaphrodites. You are not just your masculine sun sign or your feminine moon sign.

Each one is a specialized recipe of cascading numbers from one to twelve, zero to nine, or simple base ten. The number symbolisms of all these systems are different and true. Our reality is mixed, not separated. We cannot be on one side of a smoothie. We are all in the smoothie.