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Can Girls be Centaurs Too?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

#9 The Adventurer

In Astrology, this is Sagittarius, the Archer. It is a Yang sign; fiery but mutable. That means he is passionate and compelled to explore alternate possibilities when opportunity arises. One in twelve womyn are Sagittarian. Does that make them more Yang? If they have a strong #9 signature, then yes!

Horse Eye Beside a Womun's Eye
Knowledge comes from Adventure. Ride Away!


What does a Yang womun act like? She is goal oriented. She knows things and says so. She goes camping. She likes her own opinion about things.

This differs from Femme Yin Signs which are visible, physical and timely, persisting as eternal Now. Femme persons hold on, keep and contain. Masc energy is like electricity. It goes, energizes and enlightens. The words say it clearly! Remember, though, masculine is a word used to describe a Yang tendency, not a humun man. That is why I abbreviate both familiar terms - femme/masc; to differentiate between Energies and Entities. We are Entities containing Energies.

In other words... I am an Entity that contains energies, that are yin and yang. I am a container and I know it. That knowing is called Consciousness. I am the the Thing and the Thing that made the Thing. And I know it!

Whether Femme or Masc on the outside, it don't matter; still a container is femme by definition. Still a maker is Femme; by experience - watch conception, gestation, birth.

Observer. Observe from within and without. Masc observes from without. Femme observes from within. Humuns observe from within/out. Why do we get this special way of seeing? Do we Matter? Matter - Mother - Stuff. Are we Matter - Mother - Stuff? We Matter. We are the Stuff. So we Matter. We Mother. We Make. We are the Stuff that Makes more Stuff. The Mater.

#9 - Sagittarius is in the fertile rain that falls on a parched Mater. Sage is the Wise King, King of Knowledge, father of Intellect. This Rain Knowledge adventures down to Earth. He brings the knowledge to all the potentials lying dormant. He tells them,

"Wake up. You can grow now. Be born. And here's how to do it!" He tells them how to be alive now. He is a message in a drop of rain. The drop of rain is the femme vessel and He is the light inside her. They are a couple. They arrive just in time, together.

Centaur goes trotting about the world, learning more, while acquiring new students, friends, cohorts. Think of it this way- Yang goes, like sperm go out and seek a target; thus the bow and arrow. The target, however, is not Where he goes, but What he learns as he goes. He inseminates local minds on his journey, like rain falling on leaves.

He transmits Cognition, an indescribable force.

This is why our Greco/Roman God-King, Zeus/Jupiter was a shape-changer who disguised himself as a cat to learn about cats, a handsome young man to seduce nymphs, or a goat, yes, a goat. He was the Original “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” dude! That is why he represents Foreign Travel; learning “foreign ways” from within their lives, by participation/action.

People/Creation are/is not black and white, but an assorted variety of colors. Learning about the nuances of red afternoons and blue mornings, can be valuable knowledge to a traveler. So he learns all the local folklore, its reason and rhyme and colorful analogy. Story tells more than the words.

But back to the HorseMan.

Modernians are struggling with gender identity because we have come to realize that reproduction is not our actual Purpose in Life. We have come to see that the Mother must stay close to home to care for her infant, but that not all humuns with wombs are suited for or desire to breed and nurture. Some femme humuns prefer to take the yang road to adventure and self realization through foreign experiences.

That leaves us Fire Womyn the opportunity to click our hooves, draw our bows and aim for the chosen target. If we hit the mark, we are golden. If we miss, we go without. We sin. That's the meaning of the word "sin," you know! Yes, it is Spanish for "without." When you miss the target, you don't eat - you go without.

Sagittarius is a hunter. The hunger is for knowledge, in this case. Knowledge can be the mental or carnal kind. Or both. But this is why the Preacher Archetype includes The Cheater. It is inevitable. The Preacher must cheat. He is compelled to explore other realms. If he is restricted to One Dogma/partner/wife/religion, he will sneak around in search of the new. He can't help it. He's #9. That's what #9 does. Deep conviction goes along with deep desire to discover the new, the next. He cannot be restricted by rules made up by another. He must go his own way. His own rules.

Allowing girlz to be the “boys” we are - on the inside means we will take risks. It means that we may choose to be childless. With the current population, girlz don't have reproductive pressure like we used to. We can be boy-strous and irreverent, ride far, learn more. Be the #9.

All one in Vortex. All hail the Vortex!


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