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God Gets Laid Update

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The trouble with the modern world religions is The One Male God. This book asks that we bring back the God-Ess, not to usurp the One God, but to join him in marriage. This is the solution to modern Ecocide, overpopulation and general injustice - and everyone's favorite Christian, Jesus, said so. He said, "When you make the two into one..." The Two Forces of Nature, the dark Ess and the light God get together and here we are. We are them. They are not in a place far away. They are me and you and the cat. And if by whim or design, they ever stop having sex, we would disappear, because it is their holy union that makes the world go 'round.

Reverence for the Invisible God Who Lives Elsewhere, without reverence for his Wife, Ess Who Lives Here, is not only rude, but it is the source of modern misogyny. We are babies insisting that we didn't just emerge from a vulva, that we instead sprang from Father's head, fully formed. We did not. But Modernia wants us to discount our Mother's pain, suffering and sacrifice. Modernia and all her One Male God religions are ungrateful children committing global matricide. Modern religion is where morality goes to die because cheap talk spoken from TV pulpits rules the day. Everyone has a Mother and a Father. Everyone knows that the Mother's job is much harder than the Father's job. So bring her back and bring her up.

In conclusion: The One Male God is out of balance, by definition. There is no God without Ess.


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