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Here’s an Anomaly For You

Above you see the Sumerian Goddess of protection. I love her chimera-ness. She has bug wings, talon toes and hand ornaments that look like piercings. She is attended by owls and a couple of cat-rats. Each thing in the picture is more than one thing. Beautiful!

Back to the anomaly: Water is a feminine element, but when it rains  the masculine is in charge. Because rain falls on a wide swath of land, it represents the Fertile Father that gives life to all He touches; and He touches a lot of things when it rains. At least, that is how they saw it in Sumeria, 5,000 years ago. In antiquity, female and male were really quite fluid. They had no problem with the power of the Feminine, because She was Nature and they knew they didn’t stand a chance against Her, so they may as well have taken the safe road and praised her.

The Gods fucked and frolicked in those good old days! That is why I never bought into the idea that humans did not know who the father was or that fucking made babies. Nonsense! Children either look like their parents or their aunts and uncles, and act like the family traits dictate. Even animals know that fucking makes babies.

This “who’s your daddy?” nonsense comes from Modernia, where paternity is soooo important. And why wouldn’t it be, what with Patriarchy being so pervasive these days? As usual, the reason that Patriarchy is damaging is that the identity of creation depends upon an invisible, angry Ideal. Within Creation, we are all less than the famous six degrees of separation. It is more like one half degree. In Reality, we are not separated. In Reality, we are “The Two Into One.” Modernia’s religion of separation takes it away. One Male God religions take away the sacred union of the two.

Focusing on a single entity causes separation because it omits Other. Goddess includes Other. Being vessel is all inclusive. Being vessel contains all that is. Being vessel is as holy as filling vessel. The Two into one. The wine alone, spills out and is lost. The vessel alone is empty. A full cup is a universe. The one who drinks from that cup is the child of them. The one who drinks is the sacred chimera called Creation.

Notice all 3 of the goddesses above. They are attended by Cats. Isn’t that great? Cats and pigs were sacred animals. When it came time to pitch out the goddess, cats and pigs went with them. We all know the Archetype of the Witch and her cat.



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