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Joe Biden’s Cloak of Invisibility

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Hidden yin and the self-abuse of power in America

I don’t like Joe for several reasons - his entitled boyish smarmy smile for one. His “Aw shucks, I didn’t mean to violate you, but you are lucky I did!” attitude, for another. That smile reminds me of the Scorpio artist I fucked once. During the sex he commented on how great it felt because he was hungry. "It feels so visceral when I’m hungry!" After the sex he smiled like Joe, as if to say, "I was great, now be on your way! I have rendered the service you asked for. You may leave now." That dismissive attitude is another.

That was all horrible, but I did ask for it. I went to him and I asked him for sex. I wanted that guy inside me. Eeww, that creepy artist on the fringe of town? But I wanted to know him. And then I did. I left the artist’s cottage humiliated and in full knowledge of his cruel nature. I departed sorry that I had ever fantasized about this cretinous glob of ego. But, in his defense, I was a clueless chick who had asked for it. See how I defend the weak?

Reason # Clueless Chick

America is the clueless chick asking for a romantic roll in the hay with a prince charming wearing a transparent cloak of invisibility, and a Cheshire smile. She will feel shame after she has been sent home having allowed a public groping in the name of a photo opportunity. She will be sorry as humuns, animals and nature go untended under his rapacious watch. She will feel betrayed as she hears Joe's unfounded claims in his own regard. And she will weep as her daughters remain victims of Joe’s lust for unquenched power as he slyly grasps their budding breasts from the advantage of a political side hug.

Reason # House of Undoing

The 12th house is the house of invisible forces. Those yin forces are so far above our heads that we can only imagine them in our dreams. It is where dreams live, but are not realized. It is the house of precognition, where deja vu’ is born. It is an amazing landscape of all possible things and unconditional love. It contains the possibility of vast awareness and deep delusion. Music, art, poetry and suffering pour out from there.

Joe has four actors in the 12th house of his map. Ego goes there to die. Disappointment rules the day.

Reason # Joe’s Delusions

Joe is the poster boy of self undoing, having already dropped out of two presidential bids, due to previous lies he told with full throated conviction. Nowadays, no one cares about lies or rape, so this problem may be inconsequential in the year 2020, allowing him to finally get past it. Problem is, the prince of lies is now a doddering old fool who cannot complete a sentence, so someone else will be doing that for him.

The 12th house is also the house of helpers. It is a behind-the-scenes kind of thing - power behind the throne, and all that. So when the helper steps into the cold light of day, they can fumble the ball. It is not a job for quarterback. It is not a job for precision, either. 12th house helpers are better fitted to the position of cornerback, in football. They break up passes and tackle the fast runners. They are meant for support, not the spotlight. He reached his zenith as VP. “Barack and I are…”

12th housers are expert at big picture visualizations and lousy at line by line descriptions. Stuttering comes from 12’s inability to use words to describe the world they inhabit. It is so vast and interrelated they cannot explain what they know. The mouth is inadequate to the task. The words do not explain. The brain short circuits at the tongue and “da, ba, bu” is the result. Words cannot explain the realm of the twelfth step. Better to wax poetic in the 12th. Joe is asking to be in charge of the fate of the world’s inhabitants. Joe Biden would make an ideal poet laureate of the erotic kind.

Reason # Scorpia is my hera

Scorpio is one of my favorite signs, so don’t get the idea that I disapprove of #8. Scorpio’s ability to see the fine details is unsurpassed. Is is a yin femme sign represented by an insect that waits hidden in dark crevasses, peeking into the light. Don’t poke a finger under that rock or you be stung.

Scorpias don’t get this skill by accident. They learn it through careful observation. They stay in the shadows, watching and learning the cycles and how the characters in the play react. They memorize every detail until they know the entire play by heart. They are amazing directors, sitting at the back of the theater, organizing the entire show and prompting the actors into their brilliant performances.

Scorpia as shaman

She has died many deaths and remembers them all. She knows where the bodies are buried underground, and where the plants grow above ground. Scorpio is another yin femme, reactor, maker. She serves the union as she sees best. It can be in sex, death or taxes, and all those modes represent the inevitable outcome of a circumstance.

Shaman knows each character in the village. She midwifed them into this world. She has united with them in sex. She will usher them out of this life, into the next. She knows every detail - the history and temperament of each inhabitant. "The better to cure you, my dear," says the surgeon to her cancer patient; Says the leopard to the rabbit. “Allow me to usher you into a new world.”

Scorpio holds power in this way. She has secrets that will unlock perplexing questions. Sometimes she clubs you to death. Other times, she operates with a scalpel to save your life. But she will cut you down in your time, no matter what she has done to save you in the past. You are bound to her and she to you. The deal was made before you got a vote. She will go down with you. No one survives when sharing the big death or the little death. Ego dies here.

Reason # Mafioso

Another reason I don’t like Joe, is a four planet stellium in Scorpio, all of them personal and abused. The characters that operate from behind the leaders are scorpionic by nature. They may not be scorpion suns, but they will have a #8 signature in their charts. They don’t make the deals but they hold you to them, like a mafia enforcer. “You signed up to be born. Now is time to die.”

Jeffrey Epstein comes to mind. With Pluto directly on the face of his map he kept the secrets of the rich and perverted for his own ends, until those secrets ended him.

Reason # Sweet Flavorful Revenge

Hillary Clinton has a Scorpio stellium and she was the power behind her affable pedophile husband. Her obvious frustration with being treated dismissively by misogynistic males was intolerable to her. She got to throw her revenge around as Secretary of War in Obomber’s cabinet, which she aptly demonstrated in her now infamous comment about conquering and murdering Moamar Qadaffi of Libya. Revenge is a dish, best served cold.

How will Joe Biden avenge himself? I don’t know. He probably can’t remember who would receive his vitriol. If he wins the presidency, he will be a figurehead for powerful forces who will do it in his name, but for their own purposes.

Reason # Patina of Power

Joe’s four personal planets fall into the USA #8 house. He has the patina we are looking for in a politician - an unapologetic shyster. Scorpio is also the sign of great wealth or poverty. Thus, we have the word Plutocracy. The rule of the very rich who impoverish. Does that apply to double devil’s food cake, too?

USA chart includes four planets in Scorpio’s house #8. We love a rich vanilla Plutocracy in this country. It is our downfall as a nation that we worship the wealthy and hate the poor. As poverty grows too large, the tide will flip. Politics has made the few rich and it will make them poor. Revolution is to revolve, to go back, to go around.

As a school girl, I learned that Rome was my role model; that I was a citizen of a great and virtuous empire. Even at the age of ten, that looked like hubris.

Reason # Jupiter the King with Fake Tits

Joe Biden’s cloak of invisibility consists of a deadly combination of yin factors and not enough yang to balance. With Sagittarius rising he looks like Robin Hood with breasts, which is Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th. He pulls the old switcheroo pretending to nurse us, when to our surprise his dick is in our collective mouth. Just for perspective here, his state is the bankster tax haven state, Delaware, made wealthy through his legislative efforts. He calls himself “working class joe.”

Reason # A Snidely Whiplash Delusion

Another thing I don’t like about Joe is this: With a Scorpio-loaded 12th house he is actually Snidely Whiplash, hiding in the shadows, twirling his mustache, but he believes he is the innocent maiden so wickedly laid upon the tracks. His delusion insults my eyes.

Reason # Taurus Moon

With Moon in Taurus in the 6th opposite Mars, he is stubborn beyond all reason and will stick to his guns, chewing his cow cud as the river rises around his hocks. The river cannot move this contemplating bovid. Snidely Whiplash will falsely promise to sail down the river, but Daisy the cow is going nowhere.

Reason # Unapologetic Victim

And my final reason for disliking Joe Biden is that he will play the victim until the bitter end, with impunity, and I resent that lack of self restraint above all else. Having come to terms with my own 12th house bias, I resent those who haven’t bothered to try. I am highly suspicious of those who refuse to bend the knee to their own folly. It is a character issue. He uses his cloaking privileges to pretend that we did not see and hear his lies, when in fact, he is hiding them from himself, in full view of us all. I cannot abide that level of willful unconsciousness, and neither should any of us.

The American Eagle's wide and detailed vision

America owes it to herself and the world to not be a clueless chick, getting herself screwed without so much as a kiss on her cheek. America owes herself a righteous suitor, one who will not cum on her face and laugh. To survive and heal, America must emerge from the dank well of tunnel vision. She must fly up into the sky using her ability to see the vast landscape below and a tiny mouse all at once. America needs to come to terms with her history of violence and cruel indifference of the feminine. We are a feminine nation who devours nature, her indigenous people, her workers and her own young. As long as wimmin send men to do our work, it will be done incorrectly. Fake tits don’t nourish the babe!

Wimmin of America must take charge. We must relearn our femme values of mutual support as healers and midwives. Since our next president is still a young womun, we will have to encourage a man of spiritual balance to take charge in the interim. I have someone in mind who has already proven that he wants more than a roll in the hay. Stay tuned!


In case you were wondering about my relationship to Plutonic and 12th house things, my credentials are thoroughly intact. The ruler of my astrological map is a dude called Mercury the Thinker, who travels all levels of creation. My thoughts are challenged by the almighty Pluto. Villainy and treachery are the first two characters that show up on my screen. I see them entering, stage left. I am the sunglasses in "They Live." I see evil. Trust me, I weaned at her plastic nipple.

As for the 12th house, well, my Thought Dude may wear Pluto’s heavy costume, but he inhabits the deep ocean of awareness. He is privy to whale-speak and can turn on a dime with a school of tuna. He describes these events to you in metaphor and poetry. On a personal level, my own faults are not from faulty water-vision, but from a fascination with testing the edges at cliffsides; an entirely different character that is not the topic of today’s discussion.


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