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Literal Squares in Astrology

A hard worker develops skill and strength
Squares in the Astrology Chart require experience and effort.

In Modernia we tend toward psychological answers to our personal problems, probably because that has become the most respectable avenue since Freud and Jung told materialistic scientists that there was more to life than atoms. Over the years we have come to believe that psychological perspective is the root of our troubles and joys, but some of life's issues are not so foggy as invisible motives. No, many questions can be easily answered with pragmatic analysis. A tree is a tree. A rock is hard. Talking requires an outbreath and mouth movements.

A few years back, a wise astrologer said something to the effect of, "Sometimes a bad aspect just means a literal punch in the face."

My favorite examples come from personal experience, so here's a communication aspect that touched home for me a couple of years back. When I first moved in to my present situation with a male housemate, being me, I ran a synastry chart between the two of us; to see what I could see. It was generally easy going except for a Square both ways between the Mercurys.

"Uh, oh," I worried. "We will not understand each other very easily. Possibly we will communicate so differently that we may as well speak two languages. Or maybe he will be a closet Republican. Oh dear, this could be the death of a potentially pleasing situation. Oh woe!"

Time has educated my conclusions.

There is no psychology to it; no mysterious soulful and sad longing to connect.

I can't understand what he is saying because he mumbles from underneath his massive beard! He also starts sentences in the middle of his thoughts, so I have to ask him to elaborate, start from the beginning and speak slowly. I say "WHAT?" a lot! That's all.

All you need to know is that in Astrology, Squares represent work. I had to work to understand what my friend was saying. I asked, inquired, cajoled or ignored; but in any case, I put out effort to understand what he said when he spoke to me. I made the effort, to learn a routine of attention to the details of his habits of speech, like a work ethic.

Squares in Astrology represent learned behavior. Now that I have put in the time to learn how to communicate with him, it's not onerous, mysterious or psychological. It's learned behavior. If I hadn't figured out a Strategy, it could have been a problem, but I figured out, through testing different methods, the requirements of the situation. I developed a strategy through trial and error until I got it down to a science. Squares are science. They are practical, repeatable challenges. When you follow the protocol, the experiment succeeds.

Years ago I read an article called "How to Change your Squares into Trines". I loved the concept, but it did not work for my literal brain because 90˚ will always be different from 120˚, and that was that. That author knew what all disciplined people know:

"Learn your lessons and then you can fly." Due diligence leads to expertise. Mozart was tutored and bribed from his earliest days. His parents saw his talent and they urged it out. When Modernians recognize a talent emerging, they question it, deny it or squash it like the filthy bug they assume it will become.

Modernians are cowards. Don't get me wrong; "It takes one to know one!" I was a coward, once. When my boys were small, I kept trying to fit in, in my own way, but I sucked at it. I should have joined a commune and become a real hippie, but clubs just weren't my thing.

It took me half a lifetime to discover Astrology. To this day, I won't join the Astrology Club. My reading are Archetypal, incidental and regendered. I see rainbows in gray skies. My answer to complaints of heat in the Desert Southwest were always the same as they are now to complaints of gray skies at Coastal Oregon: "Why are you here? Go away if you don't like it."

Ballerinas, pilots, poets and even kings know that Rigorous Training will sharpen your skills to the point of freedom. Squares in your Astrology Chart represent a potential for excellence.

So now that you have it all figured out, here's the caveat:

Whose lessons have you learned? Society's in general, or Are you forcing your own personal lessons onto the next generation? Does your child have trouble communicating or is you who struggles with thinking and speaking your mind? Which social constraints weigh on your child's natural talents? In other words, do your child's natural abilities conform to society's norms or will she be doomed to rebel? You can learn valuable answers to these and many more questions.

It's a crying shame that we don't learn Astrology in School. For this reason I advise you to get your child's chart read by an expert. Or buy the book, "Planets in Youth" by Robert Hand. Or you can call me and I will read your child's chart for free. That's my commitment to the next generation.


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