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Naked Emperor Tales - Transparency

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

photo of president Trump
The unexpected transparency of TOTUS

TOTUS (Trump of the United States) is a Gemini Sun with Leo Ascendant. In public he is the poster child for every negative trait of Gemini #3-intellect and Leo #5-talent respectively. Like him or not, he is our hero. Please don’t hate me – I will explain!

(Disclaimer. I am a Gemini Sun/Ascendant, so anything I say about Gemini is okay, like when only black people are allowed to say "my nigga," with the exception of Ice Tea!)

The Gemini Monkey Mind and Trickster/Magician

This is the chart of a novice Gemini monkey brain dancing on top of a speeding train with no brakes. Gemini is young, inquisitive energy; fun, chatty smarty pants, trickster, magician. He disappears in poofs of smoke. He is transparent as a 12 year-old, but thinks he has his bases covered. Some Tricksters get away with their shenanigans, but he is playing in the public forum, while wearing a Saran Wrap suit. We get the privilege of seeing behind the curtain when this 12-year-old busts the old guys on their back room ways. It's a hoot. Be grateful.

Mea Culpa You a Culpa We All a Culpa

This fight over individual corruption is useless. They are all corrupt. TOTUS is, Biden is, Clinton is and even beloved BOTUS. They are nasty old dudes who fuck little girls to feel powerful. They are wicked men who have been allowed to believe their shit doesn’t stink and for too long have gotten away with murder. And their creepy enabling wives don’t deserve to be in office either. Could it be that corruption is just too much tradition superimposed on the present moment?

Focus on TOTUS at your peril, oh toothless Dems, because your old-fashioned folly will destroy you. You cannot live forever. The old should die gracefully leaving a nice, organic compost behind. These fools are leaving piles of toxic shit for the babies and I won’t stand for it! TOTUS is the tip of the melting iceberg. An ice cube, really.

Government by the Peeps

The System is broken. We broke it by ignoring it like a dumpster baby and now it has a condition called Failure To Thrive. It needs cuddling and mother's milk. It needs Care. So let's nurse this baby back to health! We broke it by blaming it. We broke it when we named it Them and left Them out in the rain to be the blame for rain.

The fix is not simple because it requires participation. We are too busy making money and buying useless plastic objects, rather than getting our real humun needs met by and for ourselves. What shall we do? Cook food from scratch. Don’t be lazy. What things shall we do without? Plastic packages. “Oh but I want the thing inside the package!” Don’t buy it anyway, fool. How to proceed in a world of 8 billion? We can no longer think,

“It’s okay if I do it. Just one little mint won’t hurt.” We must see the global picture. Ask …

“Is this okay for 8 billion to have 8 billion pieces of plastic trash made for no good reason?” That means, meetings and conversations and meaningful choices that promote a better world where toxic thoughts and chemicals are refuted and replaced with proactive choices, because DOH! Toxins. Right? And we have to do this in spite of a TUTUS who facilitates the evil corporate empires of earth! I never said it would be be easy!

Thank TOTUS for the gift of renewed awareness.

We got TOTUS by turning a blind eye toward our citizen responsibilities because we humuns are basically trusting and lazy, AND politics is a hard #8 (Scorpio) on the Astrology scale. Why don’t schools teach civics any more? Because little kings have no need for civics. Blue blood inherited or purchased will do. Need I add that "we" are good people, all good people?

“Thank you TOTUS for the big reveal, now don’t let the door hit you in the ass, and write when you get work!”

Beloved BOTUS did some bad shit too, but we didn’t hear about it. BOTUS was polite and handsome and intelligent. We liked that, so we let the usual back door dealings slide by as we have for generations because we are so forking lazy. But TOTUS is balls out crooked right in front of god and everyone, and ain’t it grand?! The spoiled brat in action.

TOTUS is a spoiled rich boy tattletale saying, "Joe did it too!" And he did! Yes Joe grafted. You graft, he grafted, we all graft. He pointed his chubby fingers at the boys in fine suits who have been corrupt for one hundred years. His so called peers are plotzing in the wings because this knucklehead is giving up the ghost, throwing all the rich boys under every bus that slips past the corner of Washington Avenue and Wall Street Boulevard. Plotz boys, plotz, because you are over. You are all dead, so lie down. The Pluto in Leo generation, my generation, will soon be history. Arise, the Aquarian Age of Computers in Space.

The Pluto in Leo Generation

TOTUS is the tip of the Pluto in Leo generation - that iceberg of imperialism that keeps on getting. We love our little castles with our king and queen and princes and princesses in ballet class and karate, learning to be future kings and queens. We want more cool stuff because we deserve it. We are the best and we know it, so we win. The Pluto in Leo generation is the “Me Generation.” We were born from 1938-1956. We were raised by the “Greatest Generation who were born from 1913-1939. They fought Nazis. We fought the po-lice. Everybody fights something. The Pluto in Leo generation is the peace and love generation. So how did we get so greedy and entitled? Just lucky? Divine right of kings, most likely. Archetypes are inevitable.

The Old God #11

TOTUS is a Gemini Sun/Uranus/Rahu guy. In this lifetime he is just learning to be the wackiest Gemini ever born. He is a veritable out-of-control, accidental agent of change (all of the above in the 11th house of the masses). TOTUS doesn’t believe in anything because Gemini is born to report (deliver de letter de sooner de better), not to believe. Belief is his dad's job (Sadge). Gemini is literally, "just the messenger, don't kill me." He is reporting the public mind.

“Have you heard the thing and the what-not running to the glarb seeking stuff and such?” He heard it through the grapevine. Scary? We are fighting tribalism on a global scale and this dude is revealing our struggle. He is not brave to show this ugly card. He is the monkey-mind speaking from the larger consciousness.

The Pluto in Sadge generation is birthing the global tribe, the "band of merry men." Global belief is inevitable.

This Archetype delivers!

Ouranos was the thought-god that figured out what life should look like, but here’s the caveat – he had no hands or even a body. That’s right he was invisible! Just a thought. He would tell his wife, Gaia all about his great new idea and she made it real inside her body, but he never liked her results. “That’s not what I meant. Reality sucks!” He pouted then shrieked with disembodied frustration while killing his children with lightning, suffocation and drowning. This is the Aquarian Age people so get ready for cataclysmic change for the good of all. I am just quotes the sages of the ages here.

“Titans are ugly, what a bad idea. I will make more.” Thought the Architect.

Side note: That changey-thought-god-thing was shared with, of all people, Barack Obama, but our first BOTUS (you figure it out) was a wild card, too. Obama expressed change in a socially acceptable way, through the gracious #7 house of diplomacy while quietly enriching the bombs and oil production of corporate toadies in the name of American energy independence. But TOTUS doesn’t give a flying fuck about the curtain. He is Leo Rising, the supreme Performer, sent by the powers that be, to get in your face, tear down the Wizard's curtain and bust the Emerald City lie. He is our wake up call.

Uranian Destruction – Creation Cycle

#11’s creative process is destructive. Tear it down to build it up. Do it for the good of all. Everyone gets a drink. People - If you ever had a question about when the Age of Aquarius began, here’s your answer. TOTUS has heralded the new age, and it has begun with the internet. We are in it and it is data, AI, and remote viewing. Now we know how small the Wizard really is and what can be accomplished using levers, pulleys and the power of suggestion. Pour a jar of Truth all over the populace from the invisible creator to the huddled masses. The thing is, that Truth always shows up when you least expect it, in a blinding moment of realization, then it’s gone - a lightning flash. So hang on to what we have learned through this ordeal of precarious Damoclean diplomacy. We need clarity. Replacing the Naked Emperor with a polite business-as-usual person would be a setback. So easy to fall back into the warm sleep of abdicated responsibility. I preach on.

The Sage, The Moon and a Dragon

On the other side of Gemini lives Sagittarius the Archer/Scout/Sage. The TOTUS Moon snuggles in with the Dragon’s tail in the town of “Know It All” in the #5 state called “I meant to do that.” In the past life, he knew what do and where to find it, but now he must learn anew and won’t admit it. Have you noticed how he refers to himself in the royal we? He remembers quite clearly, his life as a prince, the royal kid who learned many languages and his mother the Queen, treated him special.

The Dragon's Tail

His laissez faire style is typical of the South Node in the fifth house. Royalty is all about the pomp and circumstance. The show must go on. He has hijacked the American circus and is still trying to figure out what to do with it, but he has a clue about leveraging. He feels it in his bones. He used to know how to rule, it's just so far and away in the back of his memory pods.

America has made a business of Imperialism from the beginning and TOTUS is taking it public. And yes, Joe did get his kid a job in Ukraine. And yes that was unethical because it was a quid pro quo for weapons and protection. How long have we operated like this? Like the forking mafia! It’s called "protection money" in the mob trade and all the countries of humuns have been doing this hegemony for generations. But like entitled white boys, Joe thought it was just fine to slide down that rusty razor because he was slippery enough to avoid injury. Oh that smarmy smile. Ugh.

Joe’s unethical use of the "Dead Wife and Child" trope is just too barfy. Everyone has dead family. Many have passed tragically. To even mention this event in a political career is least of all disingenuous, and mostly insulting to our intelligence, and yet we damped our brains when we choose to genuflect ever so slightly when he pulled that manipulative card. Omonopia. Ominia Omnia. Blardyblar, etcetera, wafer, wine.

Listening Does Not Constitute Agreement

In spite of my inadequacies, every time I share what I know with someone else and they share back, we both gain. We don’t have time to listen to every source available, so listening to friends and others can spark interest or needed action. I have done a lot of homework in the past ten years but it is never enough in today’s data dump world. So much data, so little time. Ask what Fox had to say. Ask what RT found out. It never hurts to ask foreigners how events have affected their lives. Change the channel. Watch YouTube. Silence commercials. Torrent your TV shows. Do what it takes to avoid corporate media for your main news diet.

What is required in sharing? Simple. Go into discussions wearing your armor, like Athena. She’s got a sword and heavy armor too. And she carries scales to weigh and balance what she hears. She protects herself with armor so she can listen. She doesn’t feel vulnerable. You see? She has her protection, so she can listen. Ask questions and listen, listen, listen. Take notes. We all love to be heard, so listen to people, try to remember your sources and then look into those sources’ sponsors, so you will know who has “skin in the game.” Listen carefully, all the while remembering to "never take anything personally. -The Four Agreements"

Keep your knees down

Poor TOTUS, Knee-Jerk-In-Chief, overreacts because he is a vulnerable snail in the rain racing across a pebbled sidewalk. Knee-jerk reactions are more likely to kill a productive train of conversation than anything short of actual punching. What is a knee-jerk reaction? We all have them, some more than others. The KJ reaction happens when the doctor taps lightly with a tiny rubber hammer under your kneecap. Your animal body kicks up the foot and giggles ensue. This also works on the animal brain, aka the "monkey mind." Everyone has one. These are the thoughts coming from daily activity. It is the habitual mind that swings through trees way above the control of our more sober conscience.

When someone “taps” the monkey in your brain, the foot kicks out from the knee, which means you have been played. As soon as that foot starts to rise, hold it down like Dr. Strangelove’s repressed nazi salute and keep listening. Replace your armor, be safe and listen to another.


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