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Did you say tantra? I just had to say, oh boy! I want a heart connection with sex and tantric is the only way to get it. Right? I had experience in New Mexico 20 years ago. It was great we had tantric ice cream, and tantric shampoo, it was all over the house and we ate bread tantra with tantra salad, even dribbled little bits of tantra out on the porch where it ran down the side and make sticky parts in the grass. That tantra is my favorite form of communication. Volumes it speaks. More chatting will be required please. In other words, if the sex partner is not a tantric lover, I am not interested in being ‘banged’ as they say.

Then there was a man about 4 years ago whom I met online in a dating site. He was a bit braggish, but I was willing to meet. His profile included the claim that he ‘knew’ tantric sex. I was curious and could not resist inviting him over. A few days later he drove up in a bona fide RV. I supposed it was the ‘Tantric Sex Mobile’, though I never really asked outright We went to dinner where he told me all about his skill at tantric sex, which was a turn-off for me, since I knew that the last thing a real practitioner does is brag about it. It’s much too sacred; alchemical, to toss around like a bowling victory. Next! Or not! Not, I think.


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