Why Bernie Can't Win

Updated: Apr 8

Quick Astrology Lesson

Astrology has 12 signs. Six are feminine and six are masculine. They alternate around the 360˚ circle beginning with masculine Aries and ending with feminine Pisces, so it works out that the opposing signs are the same gender. 1/7 is masculine. 2/8 is feminine. 3/9 is masculine. 4/10 is feminine. 5/11 is masculine. 6/12 is feminine. Easy, right? The masculine, yang, signs impress, express and ignite. The feminine, yin, signs collect, conceal and protect.

The Astrology Chart is the imprint of The Zeitgeist at the time and place of your birth. On the day day of Bernie’s birth, we do not know the time; collaboration and capitulation were in the air. Bernie Sanders cannot get out of his comfort zone, because he is literally unable to win a fight against a perceived personal friend. Let’s look at this.

#1 Aries #7 Libra – The I/Thou Axis

The 1/7 axis represents the axis of masculine willfulness. #1, Aries, gets his way by his own direct effort, while #7 Libra gets his way by aligning with the efforts of others. Both are initiatory, masculine, yang and self-serving. #1 rules Mars by daylight. #7 rules Venus by night, the masculine version of Venus, rather like a gay man in drag, who decorates. He may dress like a womun, but he has a dick. Libra is masculine, likes power, and wants you believe otherwise. Libra will do what it takes to make you think you are in charge. Think Rupal, “You want power? Wear a suit!”

You may have learned that Aries is the Warrior archetype, and that is true, but not the whole story. He is the warrior defending an innocent, helpless person; usually a child or a maiden. He fights instinctively. He is guileless. He is cannon fodder on the front lines. He is not idealistic because there is no thought involved. Aries fights in the now. He leaps into the freezing river to save a puppy with no thought for his own safety. He initiates action. He is a power tool, not the power. He is not a murderer, that would be Scorpio, a yin energy.

He is the first responder. He works out in the fire station with the other warriors, waiting for the alarm to sound. Off they go, sirens blaring, to the next emergency. When the adrenaline wears off, Aries goes back to the station to wait for the next emergency.

Moon in Aries acts on impulse, without thought. Mars in Aries jumps in front of trains to rescue puppies, without thought. Bernie has been jumping on the tracks to rescue his peeps since he was a pup himself, but Venus in Libra has always insisted that he be polite about it.

Aries leaps while Libra negotiates. Libra is the adult male version of Venus the Maiden, dressed up in a three-piece suit. Libra is best characterized as a male Lawyer, but if we choose to retain the femme persona, Athena, godess of wisdom and Rupaul come to mind. She sprang forth from her father’s head, in full denial of a mother. Libras are not easy, soft or otherwise endearing, but they play the game of nice because they are in it to win it. When law, wisdom and persuasion don’t work, she will roast the puppy and poke you with her sword.

With Moon/Mars in Aries and Venus in Libra, Bernie is compelled to be likeable, even at the expense of the puppy on the tracks. I am speaking of his progressive movement.

Moon Conjunct Mars

Add to the mix, Mars conjunct Moon. Mars is the most personal planet because he is the engine that drives you, and the moon is the most tribal planet because you developed from her root. These people collect family like souvenirs; fiercely protecting them, at all costs. In this case Bernie cannot find it in his viscera to fight Joe, a long-term member of his political family, regardless of “Uncle Joe’s” really bad behavior over the years, because, well, that would be disloyal to his own desire for family unity.

I know this one from personal experience. I have a personal friend who went to prison for his drug addicted, lying, thieving wife because, well, “She’s not a bad person, and besides, I promised to be loyal at all costs.” It doesn’t matter what she did. It doesn’t matter that she will never admit what was wrong. She will never say sorry, but always look elsewhere to blame another person. She is family and loyalty is priority one.

Moon conjunct Mars is difficult because the person’s desire to initiate his independence is automatically challenged by his need to cooperate.

Venus in Libra

Libra’s subterfuge is more powerful than Scorpio’s because Libra is a better pretender. Athena evaluates social resources as if they are love and money. Love and money are interchangeable. Libra loves, values and attracts esthetic and leveraged relationships, fair deals and cooperative contracts. Cooperation can be her best or her worst attribute. In the case of Mars opposing her, it may be one of her worst, because the battles are too personal.

Oppositions are difficult

180˚ is halfway around a circle. When you reach the halfway mark, you are looking at your adversary from across a room, but come to find out the opponent is your mirror image. Mars is a person’s desire. Venus is her likeability. When these two archetypes are across from each other, the person cannot resolve wanting approval versus getting what he wants. Bernie is rendered helpless when it comes to winning a race against any one person he knows. It is against his nature.

He has a habit of treating others like he wants them to treat him. According to Linda and Wendell Perry, from their book, “The Mars Venus Affair,” Mars in Aries opposite Venus in Libra is “The Loving Extremist.”

“When it comes to relationships, this puts you in an extremely bad bargaining position. You throw yourself into the pursuit of your beloved, exposing all your weakness and thus, positioning yourself for every kind of hurt. You idealize the people you love, ignoring their faults, exaggerating their strength, and giving them your absolute devotion.”

I couldn't have said it better! The text goes on to say this could be your worst or best trait, depending on the situation at hand. Bernie looked rather formidable in the multiple debates, so what happened when he went one to one with Joe? The opposition kicked in when his friend was the opponent. With his opposition in place, Bernie sees himself projected onto his pal Joe. He could not prevent this disturbing effect, so he stood beside Joe, six feet away, patiently giving him the deference he would give to himself.

In spite of having “the Most Dangerous President in the History of the United States,” Bernie is unable to twist the knife into his friendly opponent. Why was that so difficult for him when not doing it would betray his entire movement, millions of people who donated to him and worked for him? He was very sensitive to the fact that the poor have funded his campaign, so he did not spent enough on advertising, choosing instead to ignore his hired, experienced advisors. Why would he do that?

He is skeptical of going on the attack because if Mars attacks Venus, well, that would feel aggressive and wrong to him, like stabbing himself. He fired the experienced advisors and instead went with a team of newbies who did not challenge his instincts. “This is who he is.” Said his newbie aids.

Moon opposition Venus

Moon/Venus represents the urge to be attractive. The person wants to be liked. But in opposition, the person feels unloved and works to remedy the feeling by collaborating to get love. He wants successful personal relationships. So why wouldn’t he collaborate with the Jill Stein, Elizabeth Warren or Tulsi Gabbard to leave the Democrats, even though he calls himself Independent? Because he had not history, roots, with them. He had aligned with the Democrats long ago and there he stands, waiting for the puppy to drown, the house to burn.

The Dems have been nice to him. They have included him in their reindeer games and it would look betrayal for him to leave. He remains at the bottom of the bucket with all the other crabs. He cannot climb over the others to make his escape over the edge. Poor loyal crab. To the boiling water with you!

What is the point of amassing power and then not using it at the most important crisis of your life? Why didn’t Bernie stop these destructive bills from passing? Why did Bernie allow the Corprocat Party to steamroller the American people? The answer is simple. Moon opposite Venus people have trouble with self-esteem. So much so, that they back down to be liked. It is a weak aspect, because with two powerful feminine plants opposed in cardinal masculine signs, the message gets scrambled. And so it stands. We have no options within the current Frame. It is time to Bail.

Here’s a very good analysis from “Rising” with Krystal Ball, Sagar Enjeti and Daniel Marans.

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