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GOD GETS LAID  ~ Available Now​ ~ Ebook

Holy Sex takes a Rooster and a Hen

Roosters are useless without hens

Life is like Poultry

If you want eggs, you must have a hen

If you want the eggs to hatch, you need a rooster

The Universe is made on a daily basis by the Rooster Doing the Hen.

"Do you believe in God?"  Wrong question. Here's a better question ~

"Do you believe in the Universal Forces of Creation?"


The Original Macroneurotic Carbo Flexitarian


Books by My favorite teachers:


Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas 

Neptune, Relating, The Inner Planets, The Development of Personality, The Luminaries


Robert Hand, the Magician of Astrology and a fine Historian too

Planets in Youth, Planets in Transit, Horoscope Symbols


James Braha, the Heartfelt Interpreter with targeted insights

How To Be A Great Astrologer, How to Predict Your Future


Halevi, the Brave Sage who liberated the Kabbalah for all

Introduction to Cabala, The Anatomy of Fate, The Work of the Kabbalist


John Sandbach, Mystical Seer

Degree Analyses


Debbi Kempton Smith, on Target Humorous Truth Teller

Secrets From A Stargazer's Notebook


Lois Rodden, Intrepid Researcher

Modern Transits


Donna Cunningham, tells Truth to Power

The Moon in Your Life


Donna Van Toen, Analytical Genius

The Mars Book


Martin Schulman, another Analytical Genius

Karmic Astrology, The Ascendant


Alan Oken, another Analytical Genius

Complete Astrology, The Rulers of the Horoscope


Alexander Ruperti, Universal Lawyer

Cycles of Becoming

Coming Soon ~ Astro~Kabbalah


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