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        The Modern Challenge IS To Know Yourself      


    You don't have to believe in Gravity to make it work because

    Nature works effortlessly on our behalf.

    All we have to do is pay attention, but here in Modernia,

    there are many distractions.

    A reading can help you focus on what matters in your life. 

    Happiness comes from Acknowledging your Personal Truth.

    Sometimes it ain't easy. Sometimes it ain't pretty but

     it is good to know. There is great power in knowing who you are.

    ASK ings

    "... If you see dear Mrs. Equitone, tell her I bring the horoscope myself:

    One must be so careful these days..."


    - T.S. Elliot "The Wasteland"

    QUESTION ings

    ~ • ~

    Astro Kabbalah

    Metaphysics doesn't tell you something you don't know.

    It reminds you that you already know.

    The lesson is that everything is meaningful.

    What gets in the way of happiness? Today it is the word "free". Modernians are obsessed with the idea of freedom, pesky free-dom. "Dom" is a place, a dom-icile, a home. Where the heck do the Free live? Is freedom a thing that we find in a place? Is it in a center somewhere to be found? How do we seek it? We seem to want it. We declare we are it. "We are free in the land of the free". Can this ground be free? 

    Check my Journal for more...

    It is a shape changer that morphs you into unwanted shapes

    Free-will is elusive when we do not know ourselves

    Your Mystical story connects you to the LITTLE VOICE inside your head that urges you on to find the authentic you.

    Succeed with your God-Ess given gifts. They are yours alone.

    Retrieve your soul from anonymity

    Why struggle on paths you were never meant to walk?

    Your purpose is to discover your road to Self. That road leads to Free-Will.

    Free-will is your Heart in action.

    Your Free Will leads you to joy. YOUR J.O.B.  Joy Of Being .

    This is where you say, "look what i can do!"

    Your will be like none other



    The Starsinger Feministo - I am not a fortune teller!

    MY INTENTION: To help you enhance your relationship to yourself and others by reframing your questions into proactive suggestions. I do not tell fortunes or make predictions that would rob you of your future. I help define the present as I see it. I tell personal stories. I ask pertinent questions. I can’t tell you who you think you are, but I can say what I see. I am a clear seer.

    WHAT ARE MY QUESTIONS? : Where did you learn that? Who taught you that? How can you reframe that? 

    DETERMINISM: This is important because our Modernian culture tells us that we are in charge of everything in our lives and that happens to us. We are impoverished because we haven’t worked hard enough. Work harder and become part of the 1% by sheer will, and yet…

    How can everyone achieve the vaunted #1 position? If everyone were there wouldn’t it be the 100%? Our flawed logic applauds winners and victimizes losers, to keep us down. We feel bad. We lost. We are a loser. Shit, we suck. Who taught us this flawed logic of kings? Kings. Our culture also tells us to obey the law. Whose law is it? Is it written in common language for all to read, or Lawyerese, a professional specialty created to serve kings?

    PROACTIVE DETERMINISM: The Taoist approach says that yang pierces yin and yin engulfs and transform yang. This means you can make a difference in your predestined existence, if you are conscious. Wake up to your options. Can't pull up bootstraps without boots, or feet, so what are your options? Discuss.

    WHAT LIFE IS: Life is a spectrum of light filtered through the crystal called femininity. Femininity is bedrock. Femininity is brittle bone and hardscrabble. Femininity is solid. She has structure and stability. She is mountain and skyscraper. She is the crystal formed over time with pressure. She is diamond. She is prismatic.

    WHAT FEMININE IS: She is the Corporation, the body of commerce. She is all bodies and containers of every kind. Her shape is empty, the black holes of space. Her empty space defines all the sparks that flow around her. She is the emptiness that holds all in place.

    TAO: Without her, there would be no rainbow, no visible life. The feminine body allows the spark. The spark enlightens her. She crafts his image. He dies, but his image remains. We are cinema. We are the images projected on her screen. She is the projector and the screen. The spark is the light shining through the apparatus. Each one is futile without the other.

    MODERNIAN POLITICS: Our present system of government and commerce is troubled because logic and reason almost exclusively control the head of this feminine body; not that logic and reason are wrong or bad, no. Logic and reason have been misled by culture and conditioning to believe in themselves more than they need to. They have had the reigns since the Age of Abraham. The religions of Abraham teach that womyn are of lesser value than men.

    ALL GENDERS: All beings are the embodiment of the sacred and profane aspects of masculine logic and feminine creation. In the ancient world this was well known and expressed through stories and symbolism. Ancient mythology abounded with hermaphrodites. You are not just your masculine sun sign or your feminine moon sign.

    Each one is a specialized recipe of cascading numbers from one to twelve, zero to nine, or simple base ten. The number symbolisms of all these systems are different and true. Our reality is mixed, not separated. We cannot be on one side of a smoothie. We are all in the smoothie.

    How religion and politics fail us all

    Because: no lady-god

    We all suffer for lack of the Ess. Earth too. All of us in this stew.

    “I catch relic concepts as they flutter by. I put them in sealed jars and when I get them home I pin their delicate little wings to a board. After searching their patterns for months, sometimes years, I distil them down to concentrated pattern elixir using my Supermax Mind Blender.

    If I drink it, I must live it.

    Mea Gulpa.

       ~ What does an Element say about you? ~

    Do your taste buds beg for another bite?

    Does your voracious mind demand to be right?

    Which Element is the BOSS of you?

    Which one is the Vibration in your life?

    ~ • ~





    Best to know its Name



    Identify Your Operating System

    It's all Element-ary AND It's all good...
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    ELEMENTAL ~  ruler

    ~ • ~

    Element is your style  

    AIR leads with logic and reason. FIRE leads with passion and drama.  

    WATER leads with temperament and emotion. Earth leads with time and experience.  Are you PRACTICAL EARTH 




    This underlying theme is your PERSONAL STYLE. 


    you point your sword

    ~ • ~

    DESIRE ~ action

    ~ • ~

    The Planets Mars and Pluto represent your physical energy and the FIRE AND WATER ELEMENTS. She is Obsession. He is Passion.  Name your Obsession and go for it with a Passion! 


    Culture tells you what you should pursue.

    Astrology validates your URGE TO BE.

    ~ • ~


    to point your sword

    DESTINY ~   path

    ~ • ~

    What  CALLS you? Does it have a name?

    This pathway is called DESTINY

     everyone has one.

    Give your path a name.

    Call it out

    Does it walk or run?

    Is it a narrow path

    or a super highway?

    Do you go it alone?

    WHAT is the 




    you point your sword at

    ~ • ~



    For those with ears to hear

    We are as Gods, Sooooo

    Let's get better at it​



    Is Both genders

    Learn your genders

    Girls draw Nouns

    Boys draw Verbs




    You are a Child of Energy and Matter

    You are Masculine and Feminine
    You are a divine recipe

    You know this stuff




    Listening does not Constitute Agreement




    I Listen


    I Investigate


    I Translate

    I Validate your Feelings and Intuitions



    DESTINY IS the PATH You WALK - Wear Sensible Shoes


    It is my job to evaluate your footwear. Is your path a rocky slope, a narrow trail through the woods with brambles tearing your pants, or a walk in the park? If you were born to hike but forced into a pair of casual loafers, your hike will be troublesome. Make it personal

    Readings Validate Your Intuition


    Nobody has to tell you who you are - You know that stuff. But...

    We are trained from infancy to discount our natural talents and intuitions and step in line with Modernia's Competition Paradigm. Many of us are expected to run "the rat race" in flip flops or ballet slippers. Only a few are equipped with track shoes. And what about womyn in shoes that literally deform their feet? Why do they do it? To catch a man? To find their power?


    Listen To...


    You don't have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps but

    you do have to put the boots on your feet

    Resistance is futile because • You will never silence that call

    She says "Do the right thing" - You know you want to 

    She Whispers "Wear Boots"

    The right thing is never easy • Let's go hiking!

    Climb your mountain • Run your race


    Some of us hear her • Others resist • What are you resisting? 

    A reading will help you along your pathway

    To map of your journey and provide the 

    Boots to Hike your trail

    Trainers to Run your race

    Jazz shoes to Dance all night

    Once started 

    The rewards are liberating



    What fuels your engine?

    Is it gasoline or potting soil?

    Yes, really, some of us got a raw deal when the gas tank 

    was filled with kerosene or sugar.

    Others got high octane

    Our power comes from these Exposures



    Mars is New ~ Pluto is Old • They Begend each other

    Has your "Get up and go" ...

    ... Gotten up and Circled around ONLY to sting yourself in the back ...

    ... like a confused scorpion?

    Be careful! Power can be dangerous when wrongly used.



    What is it that you Do that you can't help

    But Do that Thing you Do, No Matter What?


    It's Your Desire Center expressing your

    WILL! Instinct can set you on a culturally unappealing path.

    Press gently on the gas pedal.

    You don't know what is around the next curve.

    The Complement of instinct is ...

    Book Appointment


    Just tell me a bit about what concerns you have and what you want to get in touch with in your life.  I will contact you in person for our consultation.  It doesn't matter. All questions are answered , All answers are questioned. 

    Find out how to matter. How to make a difference. Your awareness is needed in the world today. You are a beacon of truth and a valuable piece of the Cosmic Puzzle. 

    The Chart is Your Life Map


    The Reading describes your Pathways and Pitfalls

    Kick off your shoes • Learn the names of your preferred pathways

    Everyone has a Mission in Life • Are you on an excursion or a marathon?

    Tennis shoes? Stilettos heels? Flip flops? Clodhoppers?

    You are a piece of The Cosmic Puzzle in Your Time and Place

    You matter, You fit in,  AND Your contribution is worthy

    Your Chart


    Reflects your Purpose

    It will lead you to your center

    It provides forgiveness

    It absolves blame

    It rings true

    No One can explain how it works,

    But Many A Grouchy Skeptic has tried it

    And Liked It!

    Then Preached It!

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