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    The Three Main Factors

    ~•~ INSIGHT ~•~


    ~•~ PRACTICAL ~•~

    ~•~ VALUE ~•~

    ELEMENTAL ~  ruler

    ~ • ~

    Element is your style  

    AIR leads with logic and reason. FIRE leads with passion and drama.  

    WATER leads with temperament and emotion. Earth leads with time and experience.  Are you PRACTICAL EARTH 




    This underlying theme is your PERSONAL STYLE. 


    to point your sword

    ~ • ~

    DESIRE ~ action

    ~ • ~

    The Planets Mars and Pluto represent your physical energy and the FIRE AND WATER ELEMENTS. She is Obsession. He is Passion.  Name your Obsession and go for it with a Passion! 


    Culture tells you what you should pursue.

    Astrology validates your URGE TO BE.

    ~ • ~


    to point your sword

    DESTINY ~   path

    ~ • ~

    What  CALLS you? Does it have a name?

    This pathway is called DESTINY

     everyone has one.

    Give your path a name.

    Call it out

    Does it walk or run?

    Is it a narrow path

    or a super highway?

    Do you go it alone?

    WHAT is the 




    to point your sword at

    ~ • ~


    You don't believe in gravity, right? No! of course not, that would be silly. Gravity exists. Science talks about gravity but they don't know how it works or even what it is! Like gravity, you don't believe in it, you live it. Language describes our experience, expresses our needs and describes our perceptions. French, German and English are tools, not beliefs.


    It would be silly to argue if French and English are right or wrong. In the same vein, it is fruitless to argue if Astrology or Science or Religion are right or wrong. They are different languages. We are better off making pertinent translations than making arguments. And yes, science is a language as is law, philosophy and schools of thought. 

    Why A Reading? Here's What Astrology has done for me ...

    Provides a basis for internal dialog.

    Astrology helps me articulate and identify those nagging inner questions 

    Empowers my personal life journey

    I make better choices when I understand the deeper tasks at hand

    Validates my experiences

    This is when my internal dialog says, "I knew that all along!"

    Shows the time tables of my journey
    Learn the timing for the good, the bad and the ugly parts and how to handle them
    Reminds me to ask, who taught me that ?

    Discover the epigenetic pathways that lead to my front door



    Destiny is the Path You Walk - Wear Sensible Shoes


    I can help with that. It is my job to evaluate your footwear. Is your path a rocky slope, a narrow trail through the woods with brambles tearing your pants, or a walk in the park? If you were born to hike but forced into a pair of casual loafers, your hike will be troublesome. Shoes should be appropriate and fit properly. Do not let others tell you what size you wear. Culture does that to us. It is fine to wear the same style of footwear as your neighbors because you must all slog through the same mud, but your shoe size is personal. We all wear shoes, but we don't all wear the same size!

    Validate Your Intuition

    Nobody has to tell you who you are - You know that stuff. But...

    We are trained from infancy to discount our natural talents and intuitions and step in line with Modernia's Competition Paradigm. Many of us are expected to run "the rat race" in flip flops or ballet slippers. Only a few are equipped with track shoes. And what about womyn in shoes that literally deform their feet? Why do we do it? To catch a man? To find their power? Listen To ... the inner voice ... your personal consultant. You don't have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps but you do have to put the boots on your feet. The inner voice calls out to you ~ She Whispers "Wear Boots" The right thing is never easy • Go hiking!

    Discuss your spiritual footwear 

    Also, shoes should fit properly. If too large, you will trip over your feet. If too small, the feet will become deformed. You cannot walk the path if you have fallen flat on your face or if you are cripple with debilitating pain. 


       ~ What does an Element say about you? ~

    PHYSICAL ~ Do your taste buds beg for another bite?

    MENTAL ~ Does your voracious mind demand to be right?

    ENERGETIC ~ Which Element is the BOSS of you?

    EMOTIONAL ~ Which one is the Vibration in your life?

    ~ • ~






    Best to know its Name



    Identify Your Spiritual Operating System

    Path Weaver

    My Mission

    My mission is to bring back the Moon as an equal partner to the Sun. She crowns the earth. She is the child who calls us back to our root every twelve hours. I promote awareness through metaphysical stories that speak to our true selves. I share how each one of us fits into the puzzle of life. I do this to weave the cloth that unites all beings. 


    My mission is to get better at holding visions with my friends. "Now where did I put my keys? And why am I in this room?" You just went into a room on a search mission, but once you are in there you forgot what you were after. Everyone does this. Why? Because it was an idea without an image. Learn to see the object and hold that picture in your mind's eye inside your forehead and then you can go forward fulfilling goals. 


    My mission is to promote Understanding in the world, because I believe that to understand is to forgive. We cannot understand if we cannot listen and we cannot listen if we fear indoctrination or subterfuge. We will not listen if we think that listening constitutes agreement that we do not like. 


    My mission is to help men and womyn understand our yin-ness and yang-ness, because that understanding will allow us to see who we really are. We are as gods. We are in charge. There is no sky god who judges or helps us. Only we can do that. Only we can make choices that affect  life. Death is not the enemy, suffering is. Suffering happens, but must we twist the knife? We can alleviate a lot of suffering if we don't cause it with carelessness. How can we soften our suffering? I want to teach and learn forgiveness for myself and others.

    The Promise of Tao

    When you entrench the basic principles of IN and OUT, you will have more fun with your life. This is a game of understanding. Is that a yin leaf? Is this water yang? Can water even be yang? Was shrinking yin. Is my double chin yang? 

    I apply the principles of Yin and Yang to Astrology, because these two opposites are prevalent in Astrology in the form of feminine and masculine, which are the same energies said with different words, from different cultures. 

    Consider what happens when the two mix. What do we call it when the two opposites are mixed? Answer ~ Life! In truth we cannot see or understand pure Yin and Yang. We can only have hints of them within life itself. We living things are the third thing, the completion of a trinity. We are at the vortex. We live on the line between dark and light. Carlos Castaneda called this place the Nagual, twilight. Many peoples have understood the magical time when God and Ess change places. In truth, we are always within the envelope of time. We walk the line. That line is the cutting edge of creation. 

    The better you understand the opposite principles of Yin and Yang, the better your balance will be when you walk the path you have have been given. 



    Sit back and enjoy the yin yang ride. Life is a sublime experiment. Happiness, sadness and all that jazz are cosmic entertainments designed by the magicians that made the world. There is a secret to this veil of tears, though. There is no Maker "out there"! Nope. You are the maker, the imagineer. Together, we make it happen in the place we call Real Time. And if you STOP for a minute, now and then, the Sublime will kick in just long enough to fill you with a moment of real truth. You know, not the fake truth, but the soulful kind that takes your breath away then returns it to you fresh and clean.


    I am an artist. I am the vessel and the hands. I am a servant; a sidekick. I draw, paint, knit, crochet, weave, dye and knot. I am an underwater basket weaver from way back. I gave all that up for a while to write and expound because you can bet that all those years of making beautiful objects gave me loads of pondering hours.


    I have pondered through anthropology and psychology. I have wandered through astrology and numerology. I have climbed the Tree of Life, up one pillar and down the other. A part of me loves to dump the puzzle of life on the table just to enjoy the chaos. Then I love to name each piece and put it in its proper place. But soon after it is supposedly finished, I find a corner that looks like it needs trimming. And so it goes, another project born! Cut, snip, glue!

    There are many scientific astrologers out in the world. They calculate the motions of the planets and make predictions. I can do that stuff too, but it's not my thing. My thing says to follow the romance, the story. Follow the thread through the forest so I can find my way home. I follow threads all day long; for myself, for the deer that sleeps under my apple tree and I can do it for you, if you happen to ask. I will help you identify and follow the threads of your life.



    I am not a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an Atheist. You will find references to materials and quotes from those sources in my work. You could call me a Jesusian, because who doesn't like that guy? I don't know much about the ancient patriarches, but I do know about their bachelor gods. You could call me a pantheist because I see the spirit in all things and beings. You could say I am a philosotrice because I think about life's perspectives. You can call me an astrologer because I know it by heart. You can call me a kabbalist because I have climbed up one pillar and down the other. And you can call me a feminist because I am feminine and I want to spread the news about honoring Earth Mother. 

    Yin and yang are described in this passage from The Gospel of Thomas #22. Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one ... then you will enter [the kingdom]."


    This is two thousand year old metaphysics, fresh from a jar in desert. It demonstrates that the dude, Yeshua, was a stoned tripper, not the uptight puritan in the white bread pictures seen widely in Modernia.

    We humuns are not in two camps looking across a field at each other. We are literally sharing a respirator, breathing in each other, breathing out into the next being, the person sitting to your left or right. Life is a mosh pit.

    Together, these two opposites, matter and energy make everything that is. The Two Gods have mixed and made a third version of themselves in One Creation. You are the One God, not the other way around. 


    We have a destiny AND we make choices. Fate, free will exist together - two sides, one coin.


    She is all that you know, but cannot explain. Think of yin as the darkest receptacle you can never imagine. Think of yin as the ultimate space that never moves because she is everywhere. She is a supernal magnet, humming, ecolating.


    Think of yin as the walls of a container and also the space inside the container - nested dolls. Yin moves toward the left. Yin describes persons, places and things. In grammar, yin is a noun. Yin is cold, wet, brittle, ancient, preserved. Her power is reverberation. She calls out. She is a percussion instrument. She is the drum.

    Yin is water and earth. She holds you carefully until she crushes you in an earthquake or drowns you in the sea. She feeds you, grows you up and sustains you, ages you, breaks you down, dissolves you into her body and redistributes your essence, devouring it, feeding on you.


    Anyone who tells you that the feminine is soft, gentle or sweet is talking about a darling toddler, not the supernal energy of feminine creation/destruction. She is busy. She is illiterate and visible. She is what you see, smell, touch, taste and hear. She emotes. She is geometric curves. She does not die.


    He is focus. He is every idea that you cannot know. Think of yang as impossibly bright, eternally penetrating and perpetually moving. Think of yang as the hottest focussed one pixel laser beam penetrating at a billion pixels per nanosecond. Yang moves toward the right. Yang describes actions, thoughts and ideals.


    In grammar, yang is a verb. Yang is hot, dry, air. His power is initiation. He illuminates. He is the the string that pushes the arrow, the hand striking the drum head. He has no body. He is non existent. He lives in thought. He is thought. He is literate, conceptual and invisible. He designs plans. He initiates but never completes.


    Yang is fresh, novelty, ingenuity, the light bulb over your head in the cartoons, a star burning, bursting with energy. He is electric, enervating and joyful. He never stops. He is relentless, passionate. He invades, assaults and penetrates with impunity. He dies and is reborn. 


    Life is The Two Into One. The Matrix is yin. Neo is yang. Men are not just yang. Womyn are not just yin. Males and females are almost identical. Males have a tablespoonful of extra Yang, otherwise, we are the same. That tiny bit of extra ingredient makes them a bit more fragile than females, cannon fodder, born to die. Poor boy you're bound to die. The masculine dies inside the feminine. He is sacrificed. The sperm dies inside the cave. The cave gobbles up the spark and makes the new life according to his message.



    They are a team. Let's return to energy and matter. Neither one is better than the other. All bodies/containers are Yin. Men have bodies so men are yin. All thoughts are yang. Womyn have thoughts, so they are yang. The living flesh is the same for all, not only humuns, but all beings, green and red, blue and yellow, water , earth, air and fire. We are the conscious (yang) biologicals (yin). 

    The word for our species is Homo Sapiens. According to the Wiktionary the source words for 'homo' translated to Earthling, as if to say 'people of earth.' Transformed into Latin, it became humus, which means earth. We are intelligent people of earth. Home Sapiens; intelligent earthlings. 

    From earlier hemō, from Proto-Italic *hemō, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰm̥mṓ (“earthling”), from *dʰéǵʰōm (“earth”), whence Latin humus. Cognates include Old Lithuanian žmuõ (“man”), Gothic (guma) and Old English guma (“man”).

    The problem with identifying ourselves and the world around us with the masculine pronoun is simply that leaves out half of the world's beings. The Male Umbrella leaves the physical body out in the rain. 'He' discludes us girls. 'He's exclusive, meaning the club doesn't admit just anyone. It also discludes men's emotional needs and the aroma of damp leaves in the forest. 


    Is that rude? No, but it is confrontive.


    The One Male God is a crap idea because it promotes male hegemony, violence, oppositional rationalism. It forces men into social roles that they are not necessarily made to perform.  Why should all dudes be providers when many are made to dream, or invent? Why should all chicks want a baby when many would rather run with wolves?


    The One God is a King. The Catholics give him a court of angels and saints. The Protestants keep alone on his throne without any consultants. The Unitary Ruler. The CEO in heaven, away from here; in a Better Place. They at least have a picture of his kid Jesus and a few angels, though they dispensed with with saints. The Muslim don't even have a picture of his son. They have only the idea.


    All of these One God religions lack reverence for a feminine deity. This is a bad thing, because having One Big Boss of Anything is a top-down system; a pyramid scheme. Without a partner, the One God is a tyrant. And he doesn't even live here. He has left the building. No wonder people are so jacked up on video cameras. We are praying to be seen by an absent father.


    In our attempt to construct a play in which the roles of two parents are played by one dude, we are religious contortionists, trying to make sense of a bizarre faith pretzel when the simple answer would simply suffice. Give God's wife back to us. We have been deprived of her for too long.


    The One Male God religions say that one the dude is three bachelor dudes. This guy makes everything from nothing and he is everything but he is not here, his address is far away. Right! Away. But wait. Isn't that where we throw our trash? Away. Away is a mythical garbage dump.

    The Unitary mentality is Modernia's biggest hangup. There is no One-God-Over-There-Away-From you, outside of you, but approximately six billion people believe in the "Elsewhere Dude" religion in some form. When they pray to "Other" they disconnect from Self, Now and Nature, our sacred Mother.


    If the Dude is "away in Elsewhere" then "other" must be happening Here. Other-ness creates disassociation. Other is not part of One so, crack the Matrix. Disassociation creates finger pointing, which encourages aggression. Before you know it, Elsewhere Dude has an enemy, because where there is other, there is an enemy.  If Dude is Away, then what is Here? Is Here the enemy? Is Here the home of Satan? Here, is Dude's "away."

    Now Satan, Dude's enemy, emerges. If Dude is father then Satan must be mom. Because what else is there besides the yang and the yin in perpetual dance? The nemesis of The One is Everything else, which is us, our world. We must literally fight God in that scenario. For the Gnostics, the created universe was evil incarnate. I believe that Modernia has accidentally adopted that harsh Gnostic perspective. 


    We have a gone daddy-god living in holy elsewhere. We live here, in unholy awayland. Is this  hell? We might as well exploit it, because it's hell, unholy - undesirable. Is it obvious why The One God is a crap idea for a divine role model? I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but the idea of one deity is not productive.


    Ironically the idea of oneness promotes division. 

    What of god's gender? ​Why do I so rudely call him Dude? At least I capitalize. No one calls him It. They call him Lord. He is he in the Book.  In the Book he is called Father. In prayer He is the Father in heaven. "Oh no, he has no gender, the he pronoun is just a placeholder." Everyone says that, but no one understands the power of pronouns. That "he" has a penis.

    You could say It. "But that would be disrespectful." Ok then call god She. "Oh no, that would be feminist." Face it people, the One God is a man. Men who pray to a man are narcissists. Womyn who pray to a man have don't have self respect. Children who pray to a man have only one role model. They will perpetuate the lie called One Elsewhere, never realizing that oneness is within each self, each being. And I say it this way because a racoon and a humun are equal in selfness. A tree is a sovereign self. A blade of grass is alive with purpose. We live in a sacred space where even horror is special.

    The Sun And The Moon

    The Sun God religions are problematic because of the Moon. You just can't retain your credibility while pretending that the Moon doesn't matter. One God isn't enough. One God thinking is hurting our souls.


    My mission is to bring back the Moon as an equal partner to the Sun. She crowns the earth.

    Singularity ~ Duality ~ Trinity



    You can't put your finger on truth. Touch it and it will fall away, like a raindrop on a leaf, or a silver ball of mercury, a sunset. We try to capture these bits with cameras, song and poetry. Truth dies, like a cut flower six days old, it wilts and droops, no longer sweet. Its fragrance has moved away like a breeze, it delights and then, quiet. The truth of tao, the tao of truth are the same.


    Pleasure visits in one door then exits through another. All things pass, all ideas solidify for a time, then crumble. This is the way of living.

    Hold on at your own risk. Foolish grasping at the water's edge will never provide the balance you seek. Every step is true. Every thought is true and then is not. Essence is truth. Now is true. Holding on is true, it is what we do. We hold, then release.


    Forever exists like a stream, wet for a season then dry. We adapt to the truth, a season of thirst followed by mud. Mud between the toes, the aroma filling the nose. 

    Is that true? Are you telling the truth? We shame each other, blame the liar, but what does she see? How does the liar see her movie as it flashes truthfully before her in living color and full speed real living video with with one of those long, two minute walking shots where the lead character's conversation provides exposition for the plot?


    Can you imagine how she sees it? Maybe her lie is not lying from her side of the fence? Can you hop over to get her perspective? It's a low fence.

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