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Let's have a conversation. Your strengths and weakness are built in , so let me help you redefine yourself with new wording. Words are powerful. New words help you redefine your character. 

See your Life Path, your Powerful Purpose.

Do You Ever
Ask These Questions?

How do I fit in?

Where do I belong?

Am I on the best path?

Do I matter in some way?

Is getting ahead the best way?

What is my right livelihood?

Will I get rich?

Will I succeed/fail?

What is going on in my life?

Why did everything fall apart?

Who is responsible?

Who is to blame?

Will I find peace/love/security?

Who is my twin flame?

What is my fate?

Is fate a real thing?

Why am I so sad?

What will fill my soul?

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My philosophy - Rename and Claim
Words make a difference • I do words real good • words is me • LOL!

Use your words for better comprehension of your situation or dilemma. Rename a problem and find a new approach. If you think this is magical thinking, You are right! What's wrong with magic? Words create illusions just like any magician's wand. A word can encourage you to find an answer or prevent you from trying to look. Words can damage or heal. Words actively create the Humun Domain. Ask your friends to help you change your words. Be willing to use new words.

Claim your journey...

Learn to walk the path that fits you. Let a reading craft the words that will direct your way into your true purpose, no one else's. Don't jump off a cliff without wings. Don't deep dive in the ocean without gills or tanks. Simple!?


What if true humun nature IS choice?

Are we naturally greedy, cruel and snobby or do those qualities go against our  True Nature"? Maybe our true humun nature is to make better choices. What a great place to start. You had me at "make the better choice"!

Rename your dilemma. Claim your path. Let's find new words for your journey. Fill out the form and I will be in touch as soon as possible. Blessings.

Stay Tuned In​!

So Updates will reach you. I send updates when something strikes me as timely or important ~ so not regularly.


All that marketing pressure is beyond my ability to keep up with,  so you will undoubtedly forget who I am because in the sea of modern pressure sales, I am but a small bit of driftwood passing by your starboard.


Every now then, a random piece of ancient tree brach will gently tap on your hull and you will say, "Oh Jewell thought of something! Maybe I should listen."

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