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John Davis

Social Worker

When I read  your comments an old frequency re-surfaced and motivated me.

This has been immensely helpful because it has provided me with direction.

I am no longer concerned about working in the old modality, for I realize that would simply be a means to an end.

I can now avoid being depressed or  bogged down in the mundane aspects of work that no longer have meaning. 

Sansa Stark

Queen of the North

If I were real, Jewell Starsinger , would be my most trusted confidant. I would consult her at every turn, before each state decision and for all matters of the heart. 

Zak Ferguson, Son

No one cares harder than you, Mom!

Dan McDermott



Jewell, your reading was


I believe that weirdness stalks the Universe, but it is not tacky!" 

Terence McKenna

Barye Bluth

Social Worker​

Jewell Starsinger is insightful, wise and empathetic, a gifted healer with a keen knowledge of archetypes in modern life.  She helped me embrace my reality and deal more effectively with my challenges and blessings.  I can’t recommend her work enough!

Lee Wright


She's a Gonzo Storyteller ...

A cross between Jill Kerouac and Huntress S. Thompson!"

Diana Garrett


She saved me from the freezing water. For that I am forever grateful.

C A Martinez Ph.D

Her reading combined  enlightenment with irresistible fun! After my reading I immediately bought a second one for my beloved.

I especially love Jewell’s application of Archetype Theory to astrological reading.

Jewell’s application is above all useful and astute.

Christina Reed


Jewell brings knowledge and understanding like no other. Her gifts of interpretation, bring clarity. 

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