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God is They/Them/Their

I propose that creation is made of two gods, not one and that we are the in-betweens, the serpent slithering, on the cutting edge, the crest of the wave. We humuns are not lowly worms kept out of heaven as punishment for the curiosity of a nosey girl. We are the boy in a girl-suit. The mental God inside the physical Ess.

We know our mother. Witnesses saw us emerge from her. Anyone could be the father. We take her for granted because she is available. So many stories exist about searching for our real father, the father in heaven. But mother is at home. We know where she is. No mystery, no respect.

With the loss of the magical feminine we now have the logical but absent Father. We quest for Him and we trash our familiar Mother, deemed unholy and therefore worthless and undesirable. She sits drunk across the table from us, unable to express herself in full English sentences, the empty vessel. Ouch!

The God-Ess is returning to her place in modern ideology, but her image has been marred by

derogatory descriptions and inaccurate words. Her image was tarnished and then completely buried in sands of shame, mud pits of obscurity.

Inaccurate characterizations hurt both genders and all species. Both sexes must claim both genders to be whole. The Temple/body is God’s home, his container. If the container is so weak and worthless, how can she contain his almighty power? There is nothing to prove here. Only to understand. If there is a God, he and his Wife are the Creators of reality. They love each other so much that they have sex all around the house, all the time, enraptured. The "house" is creation, hermself.

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