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Tear  Down The  Taboo

Modern religion is world hating and misogynistic because the modern One God religions of the world adore a male ball of fire as their single creator. This is an opinion that cuts creation in half. This opinion forces us to hate and fear the very darkness from which the light is born.


This is a terrible idea because it reduces and demonizes the feminine into a hated shell that the pure male spirit of god is forced to wear.  It encourages men to scourge their flesh and deny their senses. It encourages womyn to despise their own bodies. It teaches fear and loathing and separation. 


Womyn have no divine role model. The one dude is sacred and everything else is shit. Only he matters. We adore the male phallus and despise the intricate valleys of our own design. Yoni is a trash receptacle while lingam is alone. This is a bad outcome for both yin and yang.

Modern religion hates womyn and uses us to incubate sons. How's that going for you, China? The womyn have bought into it, too. Sons to care for them in old age? Malarky! Womyn are the caretakers, not sons. Modern One Male God religions love the father but leave mother in the dirt. They love her gold and her wet pussy,  but call her a whore when she asks for a share of the gold mine. 

Sex is sacred so why is the vernacular word fuck, used as a swear word? Why is sex our dirty secret?  We have some awakening to do.  


It is up to womyn to say "when." Many men feel entitled to put their penis into a womun because of their so called needs. I have an answer to that ...

Show him his hand


As a young womun I did not get any favors for my beauty or my sex. When I used those sex attributes to survive it always felt dirty.


When used as a commodity, sex gets dirty. The #metoo movement has been a godsend for all the genders and sexes. We have had turmoil because we were clinging to the edges of the boat. Open sexuality has led to pornography and child sex trafficking.

It's time for us to regain balance, sitting in the boat, rowing together, sharing the labor and finding shore. Sex made us all. Shouldn't we be more grateful, in awe, in love with sex, the Sacred Union?




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