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We Are a Complicated People


#4 and #8 water and water

Sorry for the negativity but it's time we looked at our dark side. Water signs are YIN, inclusive, mysterious and cyclic. We are a passive aggressive people. With four planets in Cancer how could it be otherwise? We are a suspicious and jealous people. With those same four planets in the eighth house, how could it be otherwise?


Mercury vs. Pluto ~ Spy vs. Spy 
Thinking our feelings and feeling imagined feelings from others

With #3 Mercury in #4 Cancer opposing #8 Pluto in Capricorn, we are emotionally manipulative and reactive. This makes us fall victim to propaganda because we fall for any paranoid story that will give us the excuse to excommunicate transgressors.  #4 Cancer is Moon stuff and crabs. If you put crabs into a bucket and one crab climbs out from standing on the backs of the others, another crab will inevitably reach up and pull the escapee back inside. #4 energy is the collector. Territorial. Clubby. It has an almost zombie sort of obedience to the magnetic forces of the universe. Mercury is the Thinker/Talker archetype, so put him in a cancer outfit and he will spew feelings rather than thoughts every time. This messenger delivers feelings.

Moon in Aquarius #3 trine Mars and Venus

The People are the Moon. The Moon pushes and pulls The People rhythmically through cycles and events on Earth. This Moon is is the boss of our troublesome emotional state, which is helpful. This airy Moon in Aquarius in #3 air house drys out that gooey emotional state with words, curiosity and  intellect. #3 house is the place of the puer eternis, the 10 year old. We love jingles and sayings.  We are clever without actually having to the daily efforts that service and duty require. We are a provincial grasshopper nation. Grasshoppers with machine guns. The good news is ~ There is an adult in the room! Aquarius is an elder statesman who rebels against his own plan when necessary. He never lets things go stale. America innovates. And we can do this because of those trines to Mars and Venus. 


 Scorpio #8 the tunnel , the vagina of the universe, worm-hole, a deep well or birth canal. It is a tight squeeze at the bottom of the well while looking up to a tiny circle of sky or light and wondering how to get out. Or if we can get out. The American dream is that of a pupa in a cocoon, a baby in a well, a fetus during labor. This is not so much of a thing, but more of a process that must be endured. There is no escape. We cannot lift our arms to climb out. The pressure is oppressive. Surrender is the only option. We astrologers call it Transformation which is a fancy word for bloody birthing or rotting death. It's Scorpio stuff, which is why we always give ohs and ahs to those scary November people.

 Cancer #4 the tides ~ Crabs in the Bucket ~ Mother's Family  

We are self destructive, like crabs in a bucket who pull escapees back into the bottom. But they are not aware of what they are doing, it is automatic, unconscious. Like tides that are automatic. Water never wakes up and says, "At 4 o'clock I will fill up the side of the world


Election Day


Moon in Gemini Conjunct North Node #6 House. The People will be looking for a practical reliable person, but the Moon's ruler, Mercury in Libra will square the Capricorn stellium with As/Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn. That compromised Mercury is close to DT's Jupiter in #11, which could have the effect of damping his popularity. It also conjuncts Bernies's Venus, to a similar effect. 

I like seeing Bernie's Pluto/Chiron in tight orb to USA's NNode in #9. That feels like a philosophical breakthrough. Plus, That same Pluto is trine Election's Chiron in Aries. 


USA ~ Election Day ~ Bernie ~ Donnie

Pluto in Leo's Last Hurrah 1937-1957

On Election Day 2020, Moon/NNode will be conjunct USA Mars/Ds/Uranus. This means that The People will experience an entirely NEW Paradigm. 

On that day, Bernie Sander’s natal Jupiter will be sandwiched between those aspects saying "Yay, dad (Jupiter) showed up!" So I like those odds because Bernie will bring a new sense of security and belonging to us, and we love to belong. This Jupiter in Gemini in #7 means a new philosophy.

Trouble is ... Don Trump’s natal Sun/NNode/Uranus in Gemini will be in the same sandwich, which says, "We share a destiny." I hope that Election Uranus in #7 will follow through with its label as the divorce aspect and cause The People to divorce DT. His Gemini and Cancer planets play out well for him Where so many of our energies are placed in #7 and #8. 

I have high hopes for Bernie rescuing the USA Chiron in Aries in #5. Bernies Moon/Mars in Aires matches up there and combines with Election's Mars/Chiron in Aires too. Fools rush in to the rescue.

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