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My Astrology Chart

The following example is filled with the details of the art, but you only need to enjoy. Every chart is packed with karmic stuff, but karma is not punishment,  karma is action. It is what you do right now.  My current theme is surrender. 

As children, we adapt to our situation. The word 'situation' means 'the place or location'. Archeologists use the expression 'in situ' to describe the location of a find. They say, "This is where it was found - the object is in situ."  Children are in situ, situations, where we are dropped. We don't choose to live or how we live, or even what we learn. We do learn what we live. 

My story is about struggle and work and understanding. Most stories are similar in that struggle is in the eye of the beholder. My struggles may look easy from your point of view, but to the doer, they can be monumental. 

I am not sure why validation is so important, but it is. Astrology validates your story. It maps it out for you with location dots. It provides hand-holds as you walk across the scary suspension bridge. When a gust of wind takes hold almost blowing you off your feet, Astrology will tell you which transit is happening and how to weather it.

Astrology is an intellectual, spiritual language that you use as a tool to extract termites from a log. In days gone by termites were delicious. Before you got all snotty and insisted on cooking everything, you loved a juicy grub. Admit it! We all did. Astrology is as old as grubs. That may be the reason why modernian scientists don't like it. It's too raw?!


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This Dreamwork Story uncovers the Soul's Path
The RULER is - MERCURY in TAURUS in the 12th

ARCHETYPES: #3 Youth; in a #2 Maiden's body ... Living in the #12 ocean 

The Planet Mercury #3 The Youth.


The planet is the character. Mercury is the budding Intellect, son of Jupiter grandson of Ouranos. He is the twelve year old, active mind, thought but not yet spoken. Curious and willing to learn. Irreverent. A bit of a smart alec, but loving and funny.  Still likes hugs.  He runs errands  with a breathy smile.

Catch phrase for Mercury in Taurus: "I figured it out!"

The Sign Taurus #2 The Maiden


The sign is the costume the character wears for this performance. Taurus is an earthy girl. Mercury in Taurus is active intellect slowed down by physical experience. The resounding thrumming of drum, rhythm. The meaning is on the inside. Perfectly suited to live in a cave near the ocean digging in the sand with bare toes. Time informs the Earthy. She chews it up bit by small bit. Ask her anything, then wait for a  while. She gets back to you, having investigated extensive experience files. Ask a question and out of the blue, two days later, "The answer to that ... is..."

The House #12 Undifferentiated Understanding


I am a talented Wingman. Wingperson? Wingwomun? Winghumun! Sorry for the confused  terminology, but this best describes the character who lends support to others, preferring to remain in the wings of the stage.


The 12th house is Epigenetic. It is where the action happens - the stage set. The boy in a girl-suit (hermaphrodite?) digs into experience. S/he is sincere. The ocean is his great grandmother, and s/he has Great Mother Vision. He cannot blurt out pat answers. Incapable of it.  He can tell how an experience feels or tastes, but the story is the answer. Imagination. As the youth, he swims with Dolphins - they think alike. They move in unison - motion is language. He swims like a fish when submerged. His leaps from the diving board only to produce the tiniest of splashes. Woe unto him the day he grows enormous tits, which will totally throw off his dive skills!

Final Dispositor (The Boss of me) Mars in Virgo in the #4

The  little dude  grows up in a home where the mother uses her pointy stick to correct him. He learns that mother corrects her children with pointy sticks. As an adult he doles out pointy corrections to himself and loved ones. He is bossy, angry and demanding at home. It doesn't always show, but the pointy bits fester and work their way out, now and then. "Honey, where's the hydrogen peroxide? I need to disinfect this wound!"


mercury glyph72.png
pluto glyph72.png
Mercury/THE YOUTH's Placements


Mercury in Taurus

My Chart Ruler is Mercury the Messenger, an Air Archetype. He rules the daily grind, phone calls, car rides, errands, gossip, words, ideas, siblings, buddies and generally having a fun, if not frantic day, smelling roses and talking about it. Like a bee traveling for miles, one flower at a time, Mercury does not stay connected to a place for long. And it is good that he does not, because Mother Nature needs him to get around to as many flowers as possible. He is not shallow, he is wide.

Earthiness ~ • ~ Taurus


The truth is, Earth doesn't believe in things. She proves things. Over and over again. Like the spinning Earth, elemental Earth must spin through all the cycles. Like oxen pulling the plough, she dutifully plods the ground step by step that makes a trench. Earth tries and tries again. She is the precession of the Equinoxes, the cycles of seasons and all that is dependable about Nature. Respect Her or learn the consequences. That is no threat. That is karma.

Earth must test out every idea, premise, thought, word and deed before believing anything, and usually I am the Victim of these questionable experiments! I am never glib. I speak from the inside of my cellular being. When I know a thing, I know it in my bones, where it hums a tune that I can feel through the floor like a matron elephant sensing the waterhole 15 miles to the north through her enormous padded feet.

Mercury in the 12th House ...


I feel colors, I taste sounds and hear my food. The RULER OF THE CHART in the twelfth means that I feel the most authentic near or in the ocean, or alone in a cave under volcanic rock formations. This is why I have always wanted to live in an ashram or convent, but my Aries North Node would not allow that! Fire wants freedom!


12 is the last number in the series of Archetypes. It is the place of retirement. It is the realm of Polymaths because all memories, experiences and accomplishments come to rest here. It is also the place of DREAMS. It is the number of the Holy Grail, the SOFIA. There are no boundaries here. Ears and nose are more useful than eyes in this watery domain. Imagination is Mighty here. Also, service and surrender factor large.

When I was young, I could not fly in my dreams. My feet left the ground for a second until I skinned my knees on the crusty brown dirt. Over the years  I went high enough to bump my feet into chests and heads of passersby. As my abilities matured, flight has become second nature to me. I go the extra mile, urging myself past another mysterious planet into a new galaxy. I now breath without air. In my dreams.


Mercury Square Pluto
the YOUTH Challenges CHANGE

I am a deep problem solver, not a chatterer. I take all questions to task, often to the dismay of cocktail party people, because I will chew their ears off if they ask me about anything meaningful in their lives. I get down into the trench, where the psychic fossils hide, pull up a dirty old bone and with a grin I say, "Here's your answer. Any more questions?  That is my happy place. 


A a child I was frequently emotionally battered and on occasion, deep fried! That goes with Pluto's lessons of extreme Transformation. Worm to Butterfly; that sort of thing. When bored with small talk, I may be inclined to say something shocking, purposefully designed to get me out of the room. I know it is rude, but Change is often unwelcome and I am Her agent - my lifelong lesson - write it down and verbal restraint.

The Down Side is ... Pressured Speech. A big downer

If I think you did not agree with or understand what I have said, I might just say it louder and repeat it until you get it! That never works because it is scary and rude for others. Having been raised by a verbal batterer it seems normal to me. So much for zipping the lip.

The upside is that i can really belt out a song!

Mercury Trine Mars

I speak concisely. I use my thinking  processes to attack problems. That Innocent Warrior, Mars in Virgo, too often says the problem out loud, to the consternation of the sensitive types who react with their issues! I cannot understand why a person would have a problem with my comment since it is so obviously needed and ultimately helpful! Doh! Not again? Once again, write it down, dear one (that's the trine part - dear one).

Mercury Trine Saturn
the YOUTH consults the CRONE

I can concentrate on a problem or task with amazing diligence. Because of this lucky aspect, I decided to write instead of talk. In this way I can read and review my volatile opinions, using Saturn's Earthy talents to curb my acerbic Plutonian observations. 

Archetypes Provide Definition

These Archetypes don't typecast me. They help guide me. The idea of doing it wrong doesn't cross my mind any more. As a young person I thought I was stupid because I could not keep up with the fast thinkers. I lagged behind. Once I came to understand my ruling element, EARTH, it became clear that slow means Sure and steadfast; good qualities. 

Understanding how they operate in my Actual Life provided me more control, more autonomy, and more personal integrity than I realized was in there, inside me. I love  dive deep into the belly of experience. I know what I know because of time and pressure, the earth qualities, and it's good to understand . Before I understood these prevailing qualities that shaped me, I felt like a victim under a piles of rocks, helpless. Learning about the many lives that live under rocks has made hard. The lump of coal transforms into a diamond.

This is how I do my life now. Before I learned Astrology, I was living blind. I was down on me. Now I have purpose and meaning. My mistakes are me being me, bloopers, easily corrected. I can laugh with myself. I am not ashamed. I am responsible for myself. I have claimed my gifts. And I get to wear rings on my fingers because I no longer bite my nails!

~ • ~

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