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PURPOSE & destiny

We are Living the Dreams of Our Ancestors...
They made this one up for us
We glide on smooth strips of liquid stone, like otters sliding down a muddy bank. It was so bumpy then, walking, riding horses, all that on rutted dirt roads. They longed for Modernia, and so here we are. 

Confession is an inside job 


No need to puke out words to a priest, spouse or friend

You do the "Mea Culpa Boogie" all alone

Listening does not constitute agreement

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance

Close that book

Be the book of You

Be illiterate, feel something



God and Essa cannot fathom each other

God is an irresponsible cad - in a good way

Essa is illiterate - in a good way

Religion is like a raft

When you get to the other shore, you don't need it anymore.

True Faith is letting go

Poetry says what can't be said.

Zen - a man pointing at the moon - a bell ringing

I took a depilatory once, now I can't take pills any more.

The Story of Creation

Yin Essa and Yang God were strangers to each other. Their true natures were so different that they did not know the other existed until one day


Essa beckoned

Essa was a magnetic thing, you see. She drew the invisible God into herself so powerfully He could not resist. His novel light burst inside Ess's eternal dark cold and ancient body. His hot energy enlivened Ess's body with His essence. She woke up. And said


"Wow - I have agency! 

How did this happen?"


As Ess awoke Her walls closed around him and He suffocated, experiencing death.


From inside his Dark Encounter he beheld a bright circle of light at the top of the tunnel above. He climbed the walls of the tunnel, to the light. He turned to look back and saw an embodied consciousness ... a Literate Essa ... Embodied Concept

and exclaimed 


"Wow - I am a Thing!

How did this happen?"

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