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Green Drink Redux

One of the staple drinks of my adult life is Green Drink. It is a pineapple based blender drink with parsley, spirulina and a touch of hunny. It has been going through revisions lately, as I can't make the arduous walk to and from Safeway for their lovely organic parsley, so I improvise, which always brings a tint of excitement and sometimes bitter disappointment. I do mean bitter in the flavor way, like when i put Nasturtiums in the drink. Flowers

can be emotionally challenging as well ; ) 

Today's parsley is not parsley, but cilantro, from the garden - with a touch of ginger, then the usual pineapple and hunny; a dash of salt - because what is life without salt? - and vegan gelatin for fingernails, flax seed meal for large fluffy poops, and hulled hemp seeds for a bit of oiliness and protein. Zip it around a few times in the blender and there you have it...

... a meal in a glass. After a few hours in the fridge, it bulks up into a thick malt-style drink that easily replaces any dairy you may still believe yourself attached to. 

I found spirulina tablets so now I don't even make the drink at all. For future reference it will be called Beige Drink. With enough Hunny, anything tastes good.

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