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Baby making is Womyn’s Werk

Whose baby is it?

Pay Attention ladies... Another good reason to name your kids after you and your mother, and not the father. Never tell "who the father is." When someone asks you,

"Whose baby is it?" You say,

"It's my baby. Period."

Men have taken control over things they cannot know about. Men are incapable of understanding anything about menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth, and nursing. They cannot understand those things any better than womyn can understand ejaculation. So far, that is 5 to 1. Five things men cannot understand about womyn to one thing womyn cannot understand about men. And I did not add erection, because we do get erections, too. So we understand erections and orgasms. And we can imagine ejaculation because we pee and that feels similar, or so I've been told by men.

The man's contribution to pregnancy is ten seconds of jizzing. The womun's is a lifetime of responsibility and connection. If men really want to be involved with babies and family, then let them be Uncles and Grandfathers to all the children in their neighborhoods. The Village needs good men to guide, teach and protect the young. That is their job.

The Nuclear Family story leads us to believe that we "own" our children, and that is wrong, because it fuels narcissism, jealousy and prideful competition. We use the children like trophies. They become our personal emblems of success or failure. In Modernia, man's success is measured by the success of his children and the support of his wife. It should be the other way around. Womyn and children do all the work. Womyn make people, children grow up. That takes effort - much more than 10 seconds.

The man's job is to cheer us on, not to take credit. The man's job is to spread joy and hope, not to be stern disciplinarian. The man's job is to enlighten us with insight and inspiration, not to weigh us down with obligations and restrictions. Womyn should appreciate man's heart.

When men make it their business to support the efforts of the makers and growers, society thrives. When they take credit for the efforts of others, they become parasitic, needy and a bit psychotic. The world is in trouble now because men have claimed reproductive rights. Men should not have any dominion over womyn's creativity. Womyn have no say about viagra. No one asked us and we think it's rather unnecessary and a bit creepy any way! And Sad. Sad that men are so identified with jizzing that old men can't find pleasure in being old and soft. When their penetration daze are done, they lose their purpose and meaning? Is that all they have to offer as humuns?

We should not put these restrictions on each other.

A Good Man will support his partner in her decisions about her body. Decisions she makes for herself, her future and the future of her race. Ultimately the womun is in charge of her children. Womyn raised the creepy dudes, the predators and the good ones. The Modernian Nuclear Family is a hotbed of neurosis. God forbid, the neighbors should weigh in, help out or otherwise counsel young parents living alone, reinventing child rearing according to their personal prejudices and habits. Oh my! But that is another story!

We all belong to the Mystery. Men's miniscule contribution to baby making can be enhanced by their societal actions. Men must rise up from their penis-needs into their heart-love centers.

If we were awake, we would choose sex less often, and tenderness more often. In the movies we see that true love always includes sex, mostly with attractive young people. The music swells as the two lovers embrace. It's so romantic. We are led to believe this moment is forever, but it's the most ephemeral of all experiences. In that respect, it is a Yang experience; meaning, it does not last. If this scene were presented from the Yin perspective, it would look quite different.

A man who demands that a woman fulfill a biological process for his reasons is not a good humun. Many men believe they have a right to your pussy. They only have a right to their right hand. If their right hands could get pregnant, we could talk.

If a person does not have a Uterus, he should not speak of a Uterus. Far be it from me to tell a guy how to pee standing up, but as for a Uterus, there is nothing comparable in the Masculine body, so he should have no opinion or preference. Also, he does not bleed monthly, so he should have no opinion about womyn's cycles. Also, he does not have lactating breasts, so he should have nothing to say of feeding a baby. Since a man's job in procreation is over as soon as he ejaculates, that should be as far as he gets to step into the process that a womun goes through.

In this day, we all need more Understanding and Forgiveness; and less Demanding and insisting. Womyn need to support each other without men in the picture, but instead, we are raised to find the "prince" and "take his name." To accept his Brand. That's another story, too!

Young Womyn:

By no means should you "take" someone's name. For one thing, it's not his name, it is his father's father's father's ..... name. A jizz lineage. Who put what in the where now? It has no meaning. It is a Brand. You might as well call yourself Mrs. Costco; or Mrs. Kleenex. Names don't mean anything anymore. They are just decoration. Parents picked your name to be traditional or pretty sounding, or obnoxious on purpose, but regardless of their superfluous reasoning, the name had nothing to do with your character, your karma or the future you may want to fulfill. You got that name when you were born; an infant without character. It's not personal. It is not about you. It is about them. It would be more meaningful if they had waited six months to name you according to your developing characteristics, but no, they named you for their own vanity/reason/tradition. When my boys were born I took it as a solemn duty to name them asap with originality. I didn't know what I was doing.

So don't "take" anyone else's name. Stick with the one you've got or make up your own meaningful name, but don't name your baby for the Jizzer. It's not His Baby! It's Your Baby!

A Good man is not selfish. A good man doesn't need a legacy of his jizzing. A Good man will create a legacy of loved children from all mothers. A Good man does not sue his womun in court. A good man knows his place. A good man loves you and your different name. A good man loves from his heart, not his jizzy penis. Once the cum leaves his body, he relinquishes all rights to it. A gift that is given with strings attached, is no gift at all.

Creation is not men's business. Men have been in control of babies for 5 thousand years by now and I don't like the results. We now have disposable people and animals because jizzers are in charge of the world. When womyn are in charge, babies will be wanted and cared for properly, by aunts, uncles and members of their close social group. No one will be shunned, starved or left out of the circle. But this will not work if men continue to have their way with womyn's bodies. The only way we can make this change is for womyn to say No! Say No to your name. Say No to marriage. Say No to single family prisons.

In closing, Just Say No, ladies. Also, almost all men have been raised by womyn, so point the finger of blame back at ourselves and #takeresponsibilitynotblame

Trust ourselves. Love our mothers.

Believe that we are competent to make our own life choices.

Know that we don't need men, we just sorta like them.

We can name ourselves meaningfully.

In closing, Just Say No, ladies. Cross your legs.

Coercion comes in many forms. Girlz are built/wired to accept territorial invasion. We are made to accept suffering, bodily damage; a monthly bloodletting for our adult lives. Womyn's boundaries are more porous than men's. That is not to say that men are not feeling or considerate, but men's physiology does not require the submission of their bodies to create life.

Men don't understand womyn. They cannot. Womyn do understand men. They have been inside us, so we know you. All this time we were just trying to be nice to you, because you are our sons and lovers. We love you and want to have purpose and meaning so we let you into our circle. Then we forgot who is in charge. We are/were/are. Still are. Always have been. It's time to call them in.

"Come inside and wash your hands, boys. It's time for dinner." Then we can have a talk.


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