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Food For Life - Carnivore vs. Vegetarian

Idon't eat snails, either!

The herbivore argument is not valid because we can never eat enough calories if we eat grass like the true cloven hooved herbivores. We are root eaters. Also, the veggies and fruits that we eat now have no relation to the ones they came from in the wild. Giant carrots and peppers, yummy. And by the way, my mouth waters when I smell the fruits and veggies in the garden, on the trees and in the produce section at the market. My mouth never waters when i see or smell an animal. Never.

Cooking has allowed us to eat more calories so we could increase our brain size. Chances are, the most meat primitive people ate was a bit of squirrel or monkey now and then, shared by the whole group. Corralling animals and serial killing them- well that is a recent event in history. Anyway, if any of you would care to do your own killing, then so be it. I tried it, didn't like it. Potatoes don't cry out and bleed all over.

This morning I dreamed of a group of people chatting in a semi-barn-ish room. A girl of 7 years was bleeding out slowly on the floor. The people didn't seem to care or have any interest. She groaned and begged and writhed about, feet and arms slippin in her blood. She had blonde pigtails and blue eyes. A regular little Caucasian beauty. I was dumbstruck. Then I saw what they saw. A lamb, food. They were going to eat her, so they had disengaged their compassion. As the 19th century vivisectionist once said, "She's an animal. That is just reflexive noise. Animals don't feel pain."

In the next scene, the "farmer" wanted to give me a chicken. I did not want the chicken, so he picked up a kitten and threw it out of the second story window. Again, dumbstruck.

The abdication of Compassion for souls other than one's own soul is just one more shitty thing we can do to make the next shitty thing easier. Just because you think you "need something," doesn't mean you should have it. Junkies need their heroin but we are quite cavalier at refusing it. We tell them to "get clean."

So that is the advice I want to give you Paleo diet folks. Get clean. Would you eat your dog? People used to eat their dogs. Why not now? Because we are Humun and we make choices. We figure stuff out. And when we wake up to the pain of a dying lamb, we stop hurting lambs. That is how to play God. Make better choices.

If we wish to pretend that we are obligate carnivores, just doing our thing, then we should eat once every third day. We should lay in wait until a vegetarian critter wanders by, leap out and tear her to pieces with our teeth and nails. We should relish the wiggling creature's bleeding guts as we lap up the juicy goodness. Speaking of lapping, we should lap water from a dish and we should mate once every year to two years when our females go into heat. Also, if a male wants a female he should kill her babies to make her childless and thus push her into heat.

We are humun. Half animal and half intellect. We are Gods's hands on Earth. We should use them for the better. The Dalai Lama's religion - Loving Kindness - Do no harm. Cause no suffering. Minimize your suffering footprint. This makes me wonder... What is all this killing about? Is it our hyper-masculine culture at work? Have you read the book "Why Gender Matters"? It is quite enlightening. Evidently the hormone cocktail in male bodies makes them like to fight. They get a big happy hormone boost from a fight. Womyn do not. Womyn are turned off and sickened by violence. I suppose that's why the boys go hunting and the girls stay home, mostly. Anyhoo, there is always more to a story, but with my Gemini short attention span, I see a shiny object and find that it is time to move on! Laters...


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