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Kamala Harris: To Boom Or Not To Boom

A new perspective is needed to define the generations and I just happen to have one. Generation Virgo.

She is no Boomer!

Today’s burning question: Is Kamala Harris a Boomer or not? I can tell you, emphatically not! She is a Jones! Pluto in Virgo, not a Pluto in Leo. Let’s discuss.

For years now, marketing agents and journalists have designated The Baby Boomer years from 1945 to 1964. This is based on the years from the end of WWII until the population explosion died down in ’64. It’s about GI Bills, babies and cars with fins, and oh, GDP. It doesn’t work, because consumerism is a false and empty god.

Instead, look at the generations by way of the planet Pluto as she travels the signs of the zodiac, very slowly, propelling the power of zeitgeist, the signs of the times as it were.

Let’s look at the generations from a cosmic perspective. Astrology doesn’t get into the main press on a regular basis, but it should, because it is more descriptive and much more accurate than this random ‘splaining from journalists and marketers.

Neil Howe, the historian who coined the term “millennial generation” in the 1991 book Generations said, “Sometimes these names are very random and contingent on the year.” Oh doh, ya think?

It looks like we are arguing about so many golden apples tossed into our cultural path, again. Instead of arguing we should simply reframe the conversation. What constitutes a generation?

In Astrology, the planet Pluto describes the passage of time it might take for a child to grow to the age of parenting another child. In other words, what constitutes a generation? Astrology says “It varies.”

Pluto’s elliptical path around the sun causes a wide swing through the signs that vary from twelve to thirty years. And it makes sense when you think about it. Though it is not recommended, a girl can be fertile at age twelve and age thirty. Keep in mind, this is storytelling, not science or social preference.

Astrology tells real stories, and just like gravity; you don’t have to Believe in it to make it work!

Erase those confusing designations like X, Y, and Z, based on false marketing assumptions. Erase the XYZ dates and adopt the dates from the Plutonic eras. Keep in mind that on the cusp years, Pluto danced back a forth until she settled into the next sign, so look it up if you are a cusp year. Or call me.

Here’s the Boomer story, straight from the Lion’s roaring mouth. What do the last forty years have in common? Answer: Men with Pluto in Leo have been in charge of the world. We saw threats everywhere. We were on guard. We had fathered cubs. And now we are dying, too slowly it seems. But soon our influence will be a beloved or be-hated memory to be cherished or to eliminated. Rubbed out, as Chief Joseph once said.

This is arguably an insufferable generation due to our incessant focus on our perceived self-importance. I can say that with love having a 1950 birthday, right smack dab in the middle of the whole affair, however my ego is of a smaller feminine size, yet still I roar…

The Baby Boom generation was actually a subset of the Pluto in Leo era.

The baby boomers arrived into earthly bodies from 1937 until 1957. They were the cultural icons like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. They were the “beat” generation of early hippies and Buddhists. If you use 1945 as the beginning of the Boomers, you lose a lot of cultural significance from that generation. The keywords for these folks are as follows: Showoff, Actor, Emperor, Entertainer, Lover, Glamorous Star, Bully, Proud Papa and Generous Benefactor, Insufferable Elitist, Stuck up Jerk, and Ancient Patron Who Thinks He is God’s Gift to Wimmin. You know who I am talking about.

The “Jones” Years

Kamala Harris belongs to the generation that follows the Boomers.

Referred to as “Generation Jones” by marketers and journalists, this cohort longs for the unattainable. The Virgo appears to be the humble servant with a few cats and daily grind job, except if you are famous like Barack Obama 1961; Angela Bassett 1958; Kurt Cobain 1967; or Kamala Harris 1964.

These new adults who are coming of old age today, are the Pluto in Virgo people, born from 1957 through 1972. That is the demographic for the New Rulers. Those are the dates you are looking for if you want to define the next ruling generation correctly.

The proof is in the telling, because this group will tell you that they don’t feel an affinity with the classic boomers. They are not anything like Boomers and they say so.

They are the demographic of kids who grew up as The Latch Key Kids. They had to make their own breakfast because their moms were not home coddling them. Their dads were not so visible like the Lion kids’ dads, either. Lion kids were free-range kids. And we were a bit spoiled because mom stayed home to cook dinner.

Virgin kids are more humble, careful, critical and polite. These Virgins are more likely to cooperate than the Lions. But the question is, with whom do they cooperate? I look forward to a world run by Virgins, though their tendency to be hypercritical can be a real drag. And then there is the “woe is me” factor! They do have a tendency to blame, so point that pointy finger back at yerself, Virgo!

About the Virgo Archetype

Going back in history, these unfortunate souls, the Vestal Virgins were sold into spiritual celibacy at a young age. They were the scapegoats who got blamed for bad crop seasons, which meant being sent into a hole in the ground to starve to death as punishment for their obvious infraction: sexual intercourse, whether they had in truth infracted or not. That is Virgo’s fate and duty — to die for the collective, and to feed the cats on regular schedule before going into the hole.

Each era’s lesson builds upon the last era’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pluto in Virgo is pragmatic and does not suffer leonine braggarts. She doesn’t let anyone know all her assets because that would not be prudent, to quote a former president of the previous era. And, she can be convinced of alternate viewpoints because she enjoys the fellowship of her companions.

Obama is a Pluto-in-Virgo-Jones-Generation dude and he epitomizes their ability to get their way without fanfare. If only he had not cohorted so easily with the neocon zeitgeist. One could say that Pluto in Virgo is cynical but I prefer pragmatic. If you are going to die and your cat will be lost without you, do you a cohort to kill the cat and put it in the grave with you, to prevent her sorrow? Just asking.

Virgo is pragmatic, responsible and a bit cynical. How else would an innocent virgin react to the news that she had been accused of crop failure and sentenced to die for it?

The Generations by Plutonic Eras

Taurus 1851–1881 — 30 years— Self-sufficiency & The Senses

Gemini 1881–1913 — 27 years— Communication

Cancer 1913–1937 — 24 years — Protectionism

Leo 1937–1957 — 19 years — Me Generation
Virgo 1957–1972 — 15 years — Latch Key Kids “Generation Jones”

Libra 1972–1984 — 14 years — Balancing & Negotiation

Scorpio 1984–1996 — 12 years — Death & Taxes

Sagittarius 1996–2008 — 12 years — Ideology & Belief

Capricorn 2008–2024 — 15 years — Top Dog Rulership

Aquarius 2024–2042 — 18 years — Will Not Tolerate a King

Pisces 2042–2066 — 22 years —  Spiritual Understanding

Aries 2066–2094 — 28 years —  Battle! Gotta be Me!

Taurus 2094–2126 — 30 years —  Self-sufficiency & The Senses


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