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The Archeytpes Juno And Jupiter

The Archetypes stand. We play them out. Humuns, and other critters of warm and cool, red and green bloods, all play the parts that have existed before and will exist after our times. When the times change we don't change the Archetypes, we change the cast members that play those ubiquitous roles.

Let's say you are the Juggler Archetype who tosses objects into the air in a systematic fashion. You are a person with a skill and a certain face. You toss oranges. You have a student. You grow old and can no longer toss oranges. Your student takes your place as the Juggler. But your student is the other gender and she tosses shells and marshmallows. Such novelty! But no. Still the Juggler. New tutu, different actor; different objects; same Juggler Archetype.

In patriarchy, Juno resents Jupiter's philandering, because men pretended they could do her job, so she let them try it out and now it is bungled badly and she is upset with herself for having been so indulgent with the dear old galoot but honestly his ego and hubris are killing us and this must end now, but she is so beaten down that she's exhausted from the fray and frayed from the ensquashment endured, so she is pissed, yet the femme mystique includes its own set of ensquashments like sabotage and surrender. Oh my!

The patriarchs took over her role as Economic Caretaker of Family and Societal Morals. This is a big job, well suited to older womyn with lots of life experience having birthed, deathed and defined many of them. In Matriliny, Juno lives on her own terms with her children and female allies while the husband is less relevant to her life. He is a diversion. A playtime partner who doesn't live in her house. He lives with his mother and visits when called - the mark of a well-trained man, rarely found in Modernia.

In the femme timeline, Juno's children are hers. They have her name and they live in her house. She commands respect because she is not beholden to her husband, because he knows his place - the woods, foreign lands. She does not fawn on his words or deeds; she puts up with them for short periods of time until she ushers him out, sweet sweet sorrow. Gasp! Okay, now, back to business!

Juno is the Crone -queen mother- archetype. Her place is at home, always has been. The Home is the Castle, the center of economic life. She limits, preserves, budgets, allocates and achieves order. She is a Grandmother Matriarch. The main thing is, she's no longer boy crazy. On a good day she is boy tolerant. Though Astrology Patriarchs call her Saturn and give her masculine names, The Crone Saturn is deeply femme. Qualities like time, pressure and endurance are femme in Tao parlance. Deeply purely Yin.

Grandfather Jupiter is the old king, silver fox, dirty old man archetype. Ego and knowledge send him elsewhere, in search of untouched territory, ahem, virginal lands. He wanders about, doling out his knowledge like a cross pollinating insect of the Archetypal Kind., thus explaining, his weird and frequent sexual escapades. Since archetypal Jupiter is a conceptual and fiery ideal, not an embodied being, he is deeply purely Yang.

As created, embodied beings, we cause, contain and express all the archetypes, yin and yang. Peripheral yin and yang work together to form a creation that includes all that is. We are Herms - hermaphrodites, sired by Venus the body and Mercury the message. All beings have wanderlust, for instance, the yang vining morning glory traveling across my windows in summer. All beings have need of a place, like a home to return to - a yin place of rest.

As for Juno and Jupiter - The difference in their sexualities is that Juno has menopause, after which she is no longer subject to hormonal interference. She can relax the bio-need to procreate and instead, make sure that everyone gets enough food to eat. She is House and Garden Boss, Shepherdess overseeing her flock.

Jupiter does not have menopause, which means that his hormonal nonsense never ends. He is constantly expanding his procreative reach into the Multiverses, endlessly sexing everything whether they ask for it or not. He should be philosophizing, teaching and traveling, but not making decisions for the flock because he can't stop wanting to sex up that little ewe.

They are a mated pair. Jupiter and Juno/Saturn. He is the wilding, she is the police. They balance each other like wise grandparents. She knows he cheated and wants to again, but he came back and she can remember his warm youthful embrace. He knows she's boring but she is cozy and puts up with his jokes, and that gives him some peace and a good meal.

On the subject of hormonal differences, keep this in mind. Lady hormones make us cry and hurt ourselves. Man hormones make you kill others in quantity. This is not an equitable trade off. Modernia's biggest mistake has been to give the policing over to the beings with testo-impairment disease. Policing should be a suggestion, like a grandmother setting the children right. It should not be in the hands of the gender with their hands on their dicks.

One more thing: Dick holders should not be proud papas. This creates over breeding. Humunity should not be men's genetic experiment. Not okay. The ego must be cut from the breeding experiment. Instead of fathering, we need more aunting and uncleing. The current nuclear family is falling apart and good riddance. Bring back grandmothers and society's children.

People who hold their sexy part on an average of eight times per day, looking at it, directing it, have enough to do with that and are quite busy with it, so I have been told. Let those people out to play so the Femme Archetypes can get back to the real work - Saving the World for the next generations of All Creatures of all blood and skin types and colors.

Womyn... Wake up to your Yin. You have a job to do and most of it must be done with your sisters. Let your man go be an uncle. You be the Matron. The Queen of the Castle. Your Castle where your lover visits. Your Castle that belongs to you and your mothers, your daughters, the young mothers.

Juno is not cranky and jealous like the patriarchs would have you believe. Juno is busy, and serious as a heart attack because she knows that winter is coming and she is the only one who knows what to do about that. Let him have his mistress so he won't be such a bother!

Archetypes have meanings. Each one has a place in our real lives. Rediscover yours with me.


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