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12 Astro Archetypes

The Archetypes Simplified

  1. The Hero

  2. The Maiden

  3. The Youth

  4. The Mother

  5. The Lover

  6. The Virgin

  7. The Diplomat

  8. The Surgeon

  9. The Teacher

  10. The Boss

  11. The Inventor

  12. The Saint


Archetypes Are Us

The Archetypes are derived from nature. They are the same thing as memes, but ancient. They are from our genetic memories. We all know how important memories are since they make all the difference between sentient robots and plain old computers. Pantheism was THE religion of Humuns for millions of years before the written word. There are about 12 working Archetypes for life and living. Once you get the hang of this, you will be able to identify Archetypes in people and situations, and that is fun! Fun, because you will feel connected to the mystery of life. AND others may say you are psychic!



Desire trumps Consequence – Be First!

This is a fire sign, ARIES THE LAMB.

Naïveté. “A babe in the woods.” UNINDOCTRINATED. Warriors and firemen ARE Heroes; Fearless in the face of great odds, they respond – To The Rescue! The are innocent of the consequences. Will they be injured? They don’t care! Are they afraid? They don’t retreat! This attitude can result in FANATICISM, from time to time.

The first crocus of spring is number one. FIRST plants and all species of BABIES herald a NEW UNIVERSE. Tiny seedlings crack open hard packed earth and icy rock to get to the sun. Their DESIRE to live is their POWER. That power is given to the warrior because of his training to go first; into the fray.

An infant is a warrior of life. She cries and waves her arms until her needs are met. Aries is alive. He punches through concrete and stone to reach the sun. Often the warrior is innocent of the reasons for his fight. He obeys the powers that be. His prime directive is to reach the goal; the sun.

WARRIOR is our standby for Aries, but that activity was generated by the One God cultures beginning about 5,000 years ago. Those testosterone cultures saw Spring as the time to go out and make war after a long and cold winter. They WANTED more. More Land, More Women, More Gold, More!!!

In a culture where winning and war-ing weren’t the main focus, Aries would have a different tint. It would be about Easter without the death of a victimized man. It would not know the concept of redemption, because innocence does not need redemption.



The Value Matters – A Girl Wants What A Girl Wants

This is an earth sign, TAURUS THE COW.

We expect fertility from her. We want to bang her but she won’t put out. So we cradle our blue balls and call her “WHORE” but she’s still beautiful and we still want her. She chooses as she pleases. She will have ten mates or two or one for life. What she says goes. That is Troublesome to the rejected.

Why, then, is she The Bull? Look at the glyph. The circle is the Earth and the open crescent on top is the Moon. The Moon’s position is RECEPTIVE, ALLOWING. SHE allows life into the circle. There is no life without her because one needs a body, and then a house, and then a town and an Earth.

She was Queen Elizabeth, always at the edge of surrender. “The Virgin Queen” never gave it up. OPEN BUT OUT OF REACH. She was potential. She is the sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn took on that role when American Puritanical Culture was just starting to open up to the possibility that sex could be a topic of conversation, and a pleasurable activity. Bo Derek, running toward the camera; what an elegant young woman. Then there was Miley Cyrus wagging her bottom with her tongue sticking out. Everyone was scandalized by her lewd behavior but she was acting out the part of Venus in and Earth sign, in heat! This is a rite of passage for young maidens of both genders.

Our LITTLE GIRL is Ready for You, but you can’t have her. She is Daughter Nature. She is the gift that keeps on giving. She is the wisdom of nature; wealthy and beautiful. She is warm and damp. She’s a hot young virgin who is ready to “get it on.” YOU WISH! How to open her? What is required? Her “seasons” change. You must pay attention so you can be there at the right moment.

This is where Archetypology gets complicated. For instance, Conan. Look at that body! He is full, smooth and powerful. Yes he is a man and yes, he has a sword and moocho testosterone, but that body was made courtesy of the Earth GoddesS. Keep in mind that many things Are other that words have described. Conan was beautiful, innocent, and ready for life. I know it’s a reach for us to view Conan as a feminine Archetype. You can do it if you ignore the male parts of him and focus on the physical qualities that I mention above.



Dude, It’s The Word

This is an air sign GEMINI THE YOUTH and TRICKSTER. 

 We expect activity from him. The Youth has the inquisitive wonder of a child coupled with the budding vitality of an adult. The girls start their cycles and the boys jizz in their socks. It’s an exciting time, full of possibility but also terrifying. These kids are magicians. They see life as their bitch. They can accomplish. They can do stuff with their hands and go places on their own feet. They test limits. They shoplift and say they didn’t. They experiment with the rules. When restrictions apply, they lie!

You have heard of THE TWINS. There are several double-natured Archetypes in the series, The Youth is the youngest of them. The two sides for this character involve breath; the in-breath and the out-breath. That sounds crazy. Right? I will granny ‘splain you now… The IN BREATH pulls and the OUT BREATH pushes, but either way, you use your diaphragm muscle for each direction and either way your two lungs are inside your one body, as are your two hands. The duality of Mercury/Hermes is lungs and hands; and top of the mountain to bottom of hell. It describes his physical chore (to make wind/word) and his spiritual chore (to travel from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet).

He is MERCURY, the MESSENGER because He is a medic for the mind/body. He was the only God on Mount Olympus that could travel from the top of the mountain to the depths of Hell. He made that journey regularly as PSYCHOPOMP, when he retrieved the children of the Gods (That would be us). This Archetype can heal or wound, JUST LIKE WORDS CAN. We fool ourselves when we believe words are enough. Our Trickster is quick because he has no body to slow him down. He is air, wind, word.



They are As One

This is a water sign CANCER THE CRAB. 

 I prefer to call it THE MOTHER because she is the ONE THAT NOURISHES. Without her we would starve. For us, SHE IS EARTH. The reason Astrologers have called Her The Crab is simple. Watch them together. They hold on tight to each other. Their claws are designed to feed their families so they fight hard for their own. They are they perfect totem for THE VILLAGE. The village can be good or horrible depending on who is telling the tale. You have your “Children of the Corn” village by the scary writer, Steven King your futuristic tale of a secret eugenics program designed to take the violence out of me, in “Gate to Women’s Country” by Sherrie S. Tepper.

Whichever version of a village you like, until we agree on one that supports mothers by meeting all their home life needs, we won’t be raising the cooperative future adults that we want to see. The nuclear family breeds entitled selfish brats or psychotic scary horrors. The fact that we expect a young couple without training to raise a child alone in a house together, is beyond absurd. Why do Mormon families raise better humuns? Because they have extended family all around. Same with the Catholics that I knew in Southern Italy. Making family the first priority makes better humuns.

If anything will save humunity, it is community. I believe there will eventually be a moratorium on pregnancy. At that time the few children born will have to be cared for and influenced by community. Parents will no longer “own” their children.


#5 The King… KEYWORD: LOVE

The King is not necessarily the boss. He is the actor on the stage. As we have learned, the actor can be of either gender.  This actor is the entwined symbol of Fertility.  He is a fire sign, Leo

. He lives to protect his pride of lady-mothers and romping cubs. He is also the Sun God of the old days. The best sun people know that it is their job to give the best performance possible. These people know that others crave their attention, so they joyfully step into the role of part time entertainer, part time loving counsel. Leo wants a standing ovation and the crowd wants to deliver it. What ever the loved ones need, he will be there for them; to applaud; to cheer; to bring cut oranges for after the game.

Above all #5 is about intimacy. The actor gives his heart to the audience. In life the Leo person gives her impression of what she believes you want from her. Intimacy often requires a lot of time. So new lovers are intimate in a Leo way, learning the details of each other, exploring the pathways to their souls.

#5 is the number for romance.



 Virgo, the Virgin is an Enigma unto herself. She is the nun, the homemaker and the crafter.

Archetypes Are Us

  1. Archetypes are you and me

  2. Archetypes are Nature

  3. Archetypes are many and one

  4. Archetypes connect us to the Divines

The Archetypes are derived from nature. Pantheism was THE religion of Humuns for millions of years before the written word. There are about 12 working Archetypes for life and living. Once you get the hang of this, you will be able to identify Archetypes in people and situations, and that is fun! Fun, because you will feel connected to the mystery of life. AND others may say you are psychic!



Borrowed Images

I have many images in this site “The image is worth a thousand words”. The IMAGE condenses millions of experienceS into one thing; the NOW.

If I have used an image that belongs to you, then please contact me so I get your permission; or take it down-YOUR CHOICE. Or you can sue me. Which will be a waste of time and your money, because I am a poor monk, guided by Veils of UN-reality, delivered by CATS.

If I have used an image illegally, be proud of yourself for having created a powerful image that connects the goddessES and godS to your hubristic mind.


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