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It’s The Stupid System

The System is hurting us, but why do we have this system? Where did it come from? Where does any system come from? From habit? From Tradition, which is cultural habit. Could it come from ideas? They say that "thoughts are things," but thoughts are formless, so how does that work?

Living Upside DoWN

Does upside down world come by accident or by design? We live in upside down world. This is where yin is called male and yang is called male. All is male. Call out the masculine pronoun and what is our solution? They. Not She, but They.

This is where the physical world is treated like a toilet and the spiritual world is a paradise thought experiment. The system wants you to win. The best advertisment for any project is to say the both parties will win. "It’s a win, win situation!" Smiley Face.

I’m all for equivalency but when they smile and quote the win win, I wonder who is winning what. May I please have some more details, sir? Did I win? Did my son win? My homeless granddaughter? Did she win as the courts pressed down on her for the crime of lack?

Losing Nuance

Algorithms parse out righteousness, but Artificial Intelligence is incapable of nuance. What is that? The straight line does not understand the curve. The algorithm is a straight line. A rule that cannot be broken. A dominant thought.

Artificial Intelligence is not a savior

The algorithm determines that to write ABOUT something is the same as approval for that thing. Reporting is all but lost. Is it just that AI that can’t read the room, or is the snowflake humuns who take information personally and cancel social interaction due to their sensitive sociological palates?

AI is problematic because it is non-sensual. Life is sensual. When speak to each other in person we can make our hairs stand on end. We inhale the essences of other. Together we interpret the facial expression of a partner. Everyone you meet in person is a personal encounter; intimate.

AI is the opposite of intimate. AI is numeric, calculating and unforgiving. All straight lines, no curves. AI hasn’t got nuance. This story written on the electric word wave, has no intimacy either. But I can make your hair stand on end when I tell a great story.

The thing is, AI has no arm hair. AI can’t smell your breath or discern your whispers from a shout. AI is an idea without a natural body.

The bodies they build for AI have no soul.

Culture of Substitution

Modernians are led to believe that technology or Jesus will save them from the horrors of overpopulation, over consumption and existential nihilism. Stabbing a man in his abdomen is no substitute for the suffering of a fertile, menstruating womun. Men are men, no matter what some say. Anyone can wear a dress. There is a difference between cultural appropriation and lying.

And programming a computer that talks on the phone with a humun voice is no substitute for speaking with a person. I can still tell the difference, but the nuance is closing in.

"Defining the problem is one of the hardest parts of resolving the problem." -Edward Snowden

So here it is: Men are male. Womyn are femme. Yin is dark and cold. Yang is bright and hot. When yin and yang combine, as they do eternally, we get a hybrid version of The Two. We are The One, The Mixed, The Mutt. Creation contains the elements of both parents. Each one of us is a Them. Creation is a thing called Them. We are Them.

We are all transgender, a boy (mind) in a girl suit (body).

The problem is that we think god is one. We have projected our Singular identity onto The Two deities, yin and yang. The Protestants insist that their father created them all by himself or with the help of his father, but no mention of the Mother.

Singularity is not the problem. It exists. Singularity is real. And so is Duality, the parents of Singularity.

The problem is Belief in the superiority of The One.


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