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3 Steps To Personal Awareness

Three points in your chart tell you more about yourself very quickly. When you discover these three things, apply them to your experiences and get your authentic boogy on.

  1. Know your Ascendant  

  2. Know your  Moon

  3. Know your Mars

Astrology is a multi-layered representation of the cycles of life. If you see a movie that you and all your friends just love, it is probably based on those deep, multi-layered archetypes that we all can relate to. Just because you haven't jumped off a building while being chased by a Bond Villain doesn't mean you can't relate. You have probably jumped once in your life into a scary situation; and everyone has experienced a dose of adrenaline now and then when a sibling shouted "boo" from nowhere. Those shared experiences and feelings are the Archetypes.

Your ascendant is such an intimate part of you that you can’t see it operating. It is #1 on the way to knowing yourself. We like to call it our "mask", but it goes by several similes, like "filter" or "personality." A popular pick up line in the 80s was, “What’s your rising sign?” Without a correct birth time we don’t know your rising, which is troublesome, but can be estimated with various methods. The British haven’t recorded birth times since forever, so those people have to rectify the chart with all sorts of data and life events, and the phrase, "what's your sign" must suffice.

Guide yourself with Keywords.

#1 Mars

Keywords are so helpful. You can apply a keyword to all sorts of things in language and in life. Mars is the planet that does. Your Mars in a sign will tell what you must do. Mars is a verb. My Mars is in Virgo. This means that I feel a burning desire to improve things, like arts & crafts, other people's manners and the arrangement of pens on my desk.

The artist expresses herself but the crafter makes things. Virgo is the sign of earthy practicality. Mar’s house will tell where you feel competent. If you constantly blame others for certain problems or failures then look to your seventh house. If you constantly victimize your life, look to the 12th house. The main thing to remember is that for Astrology to help you, you must be willing to own the truths that it teaches. Sometimes it can be hard to swallow, but once you do, you will INCORPORATE a truth-pill that very well could make you healthy.

#4 Moon

She takes no action on her own and yet she is the magnet that stretches water on Earth. She reacts; she reflects; she is. Think of a sea anemone. When the slightest particle touches one of the tendrils, it closes up like a steel trap. She calls it as she sees it, which can be annoying to herself and others when attempting to keep secrets. She's right up there in the sky reflecting back whatever is shining on her.  Moon in water signs can't tell you how she feels, but she will show you exactly! (Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces).

The Moon in airy signs (Gemini – Libra – Aquarius) will react with words. She will rationalize with words and when push comes to shove, then lash out with words. Mostly, she does her best to talk her way out of problems.

Earthy Moons (Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn) react with touch. They don’t retreat, but they take time to learn from experience. They learn through time and experience. An Earth learner wants to sit beside her teacher and watch and then copy. Her motto is, “practice makes perfect.”

Moon in the fire signs (Aries – Leo – Sagittarius) react with faith; that you cannot see. The fire Moon often has a powerful idealism and can be irrationally over the top when it comes to issues and ideals that matter to them.

The Moon’s house will tell where you feel safe to express your emotional truth. When threatened we hide in our Lunar cave. My moon is in Libra, conjunct S. Node and Neptune in house #5. That leaves several possibilities for reaction. Libra tries to talk through the issue, to make the peace. She is assertive. Neptune pulls all the strands into the Anemone trunk to hide out ASAP. She wants no part of interaction. The South Node represents a basic talent to avoid trouble by entertaining my way out of it.


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