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About Jewell Starsinger

My search for Truth, Justice and a Kinder/Gentler approach to life began around age 5. I remember being outside, standing on the sidewalk, looking at the neighborhood with a consciousness that I knew was beyond my years. Maybe it was the moment when a child separates from her environment and becomes an “I.” The ideas in my head were were adult. They asked what they were doing in this place. Then I asked myself what I was meant to do here. Here, as if HERE was different from what I was formerly used to. As if I had come from “Somewhere Else.” I asked how could I accomplish my goals in this oddly sterile environment. I stood and looked and asked for a while and then walked calmly back inside the house, where I continued to think and wonder. I wanted to understand “These People.”

This is not odd behavior for a Gemini (thinker/talker of the zodiac). Over the years I mediated my parents quarrels, listened to the problems of friends, and generally tried to be confidant and fixer for all my near and dear.

In college I studied Anthropology, Psychology, and Art, but psychology seemed too scientific and religion was too dogmatic, so the search continued. At age 40 I finally got to Metaphysics: Astrology led to Tarot which led to Chakras, and then on to Kabbalah, which made me spin out into something completely different.

I studied Alan Oaken, Liz Green and Rob Hand with deep interest. Within a year I was giving readings. At the time my teacher replied to my reluctance to begin reading, saying that I could give readings without the chart because of my empathic Moon/Neptune conjunction. He had more confidence in my abilities that I did. To this day people occasionally come up to me and remind me of those early readings. They remember what I said. What fun!

It seems that my JOB  (Joy of Being) is writing about astrology and making it accessible to more people. My system, Astrology By Numbers, Is based on Zipporah Dobbin’s Astrological Alphabet. I have taken it a step further by adding other systems and comparing archetypes. By cross referencing each Archetype, more people can relate. The metaphysical is true and not to be swept away by the logical. As Joseph Campbell so aptly said, (I paraphrase) “Mythology is the story of people; history is the opinion of a person.”

My inner 5 year old is now doing what she was meant to do. As the blog fills in you will see the whole picture expand. Things that may have been puzzling in the past will become obvious. This will be a journey of “ahas”! And by the way, the picture at the top of the page is my soul self. When I saw her on the Interwebs, I had to borrow her. I don’t know who shot the photo, so some day she may come gunnin’ for me, but in the meantime; She is my inner Crone. She carries the weight of her culture, her world, on her head. She does it with dignity, grace and pride. She is Saturn, the Crone and I hope I am living up to her example every day.


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