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Archetypal Mercurian #3 Mickey Rourke


Many revelations of Archetypology come from personal experience. When you suddenly realize that your very personal moment has been done-that-been-thered by millions of others you must remove your reason hat and put on your Spatheist hat because ‘homey has been playing that’ tune for millennia and you just got the memo today. This always makes me realize that …

  1. I am not alone

  2. Giant and minuscule are the same

  3. The harder I try the faster I fall

Greater and smaller things speak in languages that I cannot understand with my reason. Everything I have said so far refers to Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac, ruled in Air, Tarot card The Magician, Mercury The Messenger, Coyote The Trickster and versatile nimble fingers, has the most amazing talent of all. He can change his face so that no one recognizes him. He is his own most interesting experiment. His favorite question is, “I wonder how that would work out?” He is forever curious and mostly free of ego. Rushing through life, the wind has a tendency to blow away items that have not been pinned to the skin. Mercury is mostly naked.


My search for ARCHETYPAL SIGNATURES has sent me to the ASCENDANT of the chart. It is where you find the CHART RULER. Mickey’s is GEMINI Rising. I have Gemini Rising, too, which brings me to the reason I thought of this in the first place. All of my life when being re-introduced to a person, the person often remembered me but said I looked different; or, that we never met, but we had. When I said my name and they would invariably comment that my hair was different or my new dress changed me in a significant way. The truth of it is that I change. It’s what I do. I don’t mean to. It’s probably the reason my schizophrenic Virgo bitch mother used to chide me with, “Geminis are liars, geminis are  liars!”

So here’s our handsome friend, Mickey Rourke. And what a handsome devil with pure charisma was he. With GEMINI RISING, Mercury is the CHART RULER. Mercury is in the 4th house conjunct the Sun in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury. The conjunction with the Sun adds Leo to Mercury’s story, which adds “Performer” to the Identity. The other piece of this puzzle is the influence of the fourth house, which belongs to the Moon; which means the person likes his privacy. With the Moon at the very bottom of the chart, the person inherits the tribal customs and the genetic history of the mother’s lineage.

His Sagittarius Mars, in Venus’ house (7); Sextile Venus in Libra; says that he knows 6 ways to tie you down and make you like it. Also at play in this Hot Guy scenario is Pluto trine Venus and Neptune. He can be a total control freak with you and you will see him as a romantic idol. That movie, 91/2 Weeks describes him perfectly. He was not acting.

With all that Virgo, he loves animals. Virgo is the sign of the virgin or the slut. Translated into reality this mean orderly or messy. Or a combination of messy with OCD or total OCD. Or total bitch (mommy dearest) or blaming shit show. The self-realized Virgo works on herself in silence and leaves others to their own fixing.


Then go to the Sun and check out the trine to Jupiter in the 12th house of privacy. He will strut his stuff in front of an audience when he’s ready, but since most of his planets are under the horizon, he will hide out for extended periods of time. Fourth house is like having a cancer sun.

Go back to the top and get another look at the Mickey composite.

Is this a mere Gemini Shapeshifter?


Gemini is The Magician in Tarot. This archetype doesn’t manifest reality, but he is prepared to at any minute. The Magician has all the elemental tools available on his table. He points his wand upward toward ‘Dear old Dad’ as he points downward to the Earth, his Mom. He speaks all languages, so he can translate information to all Elementals. This is how creation works. The Word is spoken, circulated and then heard by the feminine so she can finish the process.


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