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Archetypal Pisces #12

Frank Zappa

In Astrology, the signature is more important than any one aspect. When you find repeating symbols, pay attention. Use the Numerical Astrological system originally designed by Zipporah Dobbins. That way you can say the person is a number from 1-12. Use house, sign and planets.

Neptune is the container for all things, ergo – it is creative and transcendent, and word-less. She rules the Ocean, Nature, the Senses, Music, Geometry, Calculus, Dance and Poetry. Any expression that does not depend upon words, is under her rulership. Neptune is #12.

  1. Even though he has 3 planets in his first house, in Sagittarius #9, Frank Zappa was heavily influenced by the number 12. 

  2. Mars is in the 12th house= Mars in Pisces

  3. His Moon is conjunct Neptune= Moon in Pisces

  4. His Sun/Mercury are both square Neptune/Moon= Moon Pisces

  5. His Moon/Neptune trine Uranus=Moon in Pisces/Uranus

  6. The following is what he said about that:


“Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.”  – Frank Zappa Spoken like a true #12 signature.Why? Because he was poetic. 

When I saw this quote I said to myself, “Self, this guy is a Pisces.” A person could look at his chart and say, “No, he is a Sagittarius Sun. He has no Pisces at all.” The key is to know the three elements of relationships in Astrology. Don’t worry about what they do, just worry about the order they come in.

  1. House 1-12

  2. Sign 1-12

  3. Planet 1-10


The Ascendant

That long horse face is the benchmark of Sage rising. He could almost gallop with that face. He’s got fire rising, which tells a lot about a person right off the bat. His ideals are important and he wants to be known for them. 

The Houses

He’s got lots of fire, which gives idealism. His first and ninth houses contain Sagittarius and Leo. But what I am looking for is the innovative music maker. The recluse, also. Those are the tendencies of #12/Pisces/Neptune.

  1. The chart has Pisces on the fourth house cusp. The shy moon rules the fourth, so it’s always a great place to look for a recluse. It’s ruler (Neptune) is conjunct the Moon, reinforcing the recluse theme. This explains why a famous person wants to stay home. 

  2. Then there is the tenth house Moon/Neptune/MC/NN. In other words, He had destiny to be famous and stay home. He was a natural vessel for the muse to come into. When I heard him say those words about art and music, Pisces came to mind, I just had to find it in the chart. The most obvious place in a chart is the top. And there it is. Moon/Neptune/Mid Heaven/ North Node.

  3. Next comes the hidden part. House #12 contains the personal planet Mars. Any planet located in the 12th is subsumed by circumstance. Often the person hides there, gaining experience alone, waiting to reveal  a special accomplishment. Zappa kept his personal life away from the limelight. That aspect alone could qualify the chart as a Pisces signature.

  4. His 6th house has 3 planets in Taurus – Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.Another piece of the Frank Zappa puzzle was his disdain for healthy activities. He famously smoked like a madman and purposefully ate junk food. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct usually produces a person with good values. The square to Pluto may have transformed his values into a challenge he had to overcome at all costs. He also has rebellious Uranus in the sixth house of health which says he was bound to die young. At 54 he died of prostate cancer. Mars, his man energy, opposed Uranus in the sixth. It is almost prophetic. Also, that Uranus opposes Mars in the Pisces house. The lure of dangerous behavior was beyond his control.


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