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Archetypal Scorpio #8 Rollo & Hillary

This is the face of Scorpio Rising; Rollo. Rollo feels deeply that his brother has done him wrong. Never mind that Rollo betrayed his brother and that his brother forgave him when the whole village said Rollo should die for his betrayal. Rollo will not sleep until his revenge is complete and Ragnar knows it. This face will not let you in. It says, “Stay out! I am busy plotting” Scorpio rising keeps a secret.

Scorpio is a feminine sign. The qualities of femininity are the in-breath; surrender; the dark and cold. Of course there are more, but those four cover the basics. The element is the Water in the Deep Well. If you are the sign of Scorpio that means you are the dark water. If you have planets in Scorpio’s house, that means you are in the dark water. Either way, this energy is the experience of death. What I mean by that is you die, or you watch death. You become intimate with death. The shaman deals with the dying because s/he has died many times. You cannot know about an experience unless you have had that experience yourself. The initiated are often abused, deformed or otherwise abnormal.

Medusa, Kali and Pluto are all keepers of the death watch. Any one of these Goddesses will give birth to the masses and wipe them out with a glance. Scorpio can be impersonal or personal. The following image is quite personal, but this is what I am going for in trying to explain it. She’s intense, terrifying and 100% in charge. She is all about beginnings and endings. Scorpio is the surgeon, the midwife, the undertaker and the herbalist. She is your sex organs and your sexual behavior.


The scariest thing about Scorpio is her deep intensity. She will kill you when you least expect it, knowing all along that Groundhog Day is the real deal. She counts coup. As she drags the scalpel along your hairline she will give you “the look” and you will become helpless under her gaze. Medusa has the power to paralyze. Scorpio looks deep. She is the mind meld and the skin transplant (the serpents). She is the dispassionate surgeon. She never gags at a rotting corpse; she autopsies it.

Scorpio is withholding and pensive. You never get to know what’s on her mind, because it’s in her viscera; her mind is clean and pure, but her liver and gall bladder contain all the information she needs and since you don’t ‘speak’ liver, you are out of the loop. You may know what is going on with her in a year from now when she invites you for a luncheon and serves your cat to you with a delicious red wine. Scorpio says,

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”



Many people think that Hillary’s rising sign is Gemini, because of an uncertain birth time. If ever there was a scorpio rising, it is HRC. People either love or hate her. Ask any astrologer worth her salt and she will tell you those are the hallmarks of Scorpio rising. One more thing, I don’t hate her. I feel betrayed by her; another hallmark of the sign. When I learned about all this underhanded behavior, it was a big turnoff.

Hillary Clinton has 5 energy points in her first house.

  1. Sun

  2. Chiron

  3. Venus

  4. Mercury

  5. Ascendant

The first house is a  “me” house and it gives an Aries flavor to its tenants. With Scorpio planets in her “me” house, It means she does everything for herself, about herself and with total focus and intensity. As you can see from our lady below, Plutarka fucks her dead man to get the last bit of his seed. The Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris also requires Isis to take in the seed of her dead husband. I see that Bill Clinton is alive, but I doubt if he is the boss of her in any way. I always thought that she pulled most strings.


Tenth House

At the top of the chart lies the “achiever” house. She is known for her work ethic and that pretty much covers it. The points in her achiever house are Mars, Plutarka, and Saturn. Two of these are feminine powerhouses. Plutarka creates worlds. Saturn builds infrastructure and walls.

Mars is a humun energy that defines desire. Mars explains what we do. Hillary’s Mars is hanging out with the two old power womyn, Plutarka and Saturn. I believe that Hillary wants to make a world based on her desire for fame (Mars/Plutarka/Saturn in Leo).

All of these tendencies are decorated with Leo’s trappings. Leo can be a selfish jerk or a benevolent lover/King. Leo is about intimacy and I have to believe that her most intimate relationship is with herself. With those Powerful planets together at the top of the chart, there is no denying that she wants to be Empress.

Pluto is Politics

Scorpio rules Pluto and Mars. Pluto is a Mother Goddess, not a rapist-god. If we can reframe our thinking, then maybe we can turn this mess around. Plutarka would be a more likely name for the Mother of the Universe. She brings you in and she takes you out. She is the reason we fear the dark. She is all powerful.

This chart has “dominatrix” written all over it! Not that there is anything wrong with that. But make no mistake, Scorpio is about the power. She’s Mother Nature at her best and her worst. She says, “I brought you in and I will take you out.” Scorpio is the dark, cold well where they dump the bodies.

What could have Le Pen thinking such thoughts?

“Maybe its Hillary’s diehard support for Bush’s Iraq war, or her husband’s dismantling of Yugoslavia and 72 day illegal bombing of Serbia.

Perhaps it’s Hillary’s mentor Madeleine Albright, who finds it necessary to kill 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of neo-liberal values. Maybe it’s gal pal Vitoria Nuland, and her neocon family ties, who oversaw the illegal coup in Ukraine and funded the civil war in East Ukraine.”

Or maybe its Libya…who can forget Hillary’s Libya “success”.

The news men continue to call him a brutal tyrant. How can they say that? With so many social policies, it has been a socialist dictatorship. Thanks to Hillary, the Al Queda flag flies over the capital. Gaddafi wanted an African communication satellite. He wanted a gold standard African currency-to rival western money.

The Clintons instituted mass incarceration for blacks. They escalated the drug war. When Bill left office, there was a 100-1 disparity from crack to cocaine. 2000 blacks 26 X of any other pres. true jobless rate 42% for blacks. 1994 3 strikes. Hill proved her toughness – super predators, no conscience -bring them to heel

They brought up the drug war. Three strikes.

Maybe she believed that she could ‘grab the ring’ as a woman without all of the underhanded doings, but she has ruined people with impunity and I find her reprehensible. People make mistakes. They mis-speak and they misjudge. Usually when that happens, people confess or apologize. But Hillary lies. She denies and circumscribes. You can watch her do it. She hesitates just long enough to formulate the content and then she blurts it out.


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