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Archetypes That Make Trump Tick

How to Please Your King

Have we actually elected a buffoon for president? But what if he is not a clown. Maybe he is a showman. In his defense, his kids adore him. No matter what happens, you can’t push the river. A King needs plenty of attention and pussy. So don’t fault him for his tendency to rain on pretty women. Leave it alone; it ain’t gonna change. Reign him in now and then with his favorite treats. Praise him when he gets it right, and bury your valuables in the back yard. We have to work with him, not against him. Come to him like a little child and he will hear you. Come to him with a fight and he will cut you.

A bit of gilt toiletry could change the Merkin perspective completely. We have been longing for royalty since Princess Diana died, or possibly since King George was ousted. In any case, our modern legislators march around wearing black shrouds, like so many Lutheran ministers congregating in  pictureless gray halls, reading from grey books, quoting dead scripture to sad congregations. We need a guy like this:

Louis XIV


A change is in the wind…

Calculated in Whole Signs

And a ‘windy’ chart this is! His charts shows 3 windy signs (Gemini) in the windy number 11 spot. That combination makes for wind and lightning. Then look to the number 3 spot and there are 3 more windy points of interest. This makes for bits of knowledge; messages.

Now we come to water and fire. This chart has the watery Moon in a fire spot and a fire sign. Turn to the number 1 spot in the chart and you see 3 points of fire. This denotes passion and emotion; a passion for his own creations. Hence the amazing relationships with the children he created. His children love him. He makes them rich.

The missing element is Earth. OOps, that is the grounding one. We sort of need that to keep us practical. His most potent earthy influence is that nasty old Crone telling him he’s no ‘royalty.’ …that he is undeserving. She does not shout, but her words rise up like sulfur bubbles in a pool at Yellowstone.

If “nurture” beats “nature,” then environment will influence a person. Look at Obama. He was so liberal and Peacey prizey and then the Oval Office kicked his ass and turned him into a jolly warlord. Trump has the ever youthful Gemini  going for him. And some important Caring Cancer Mother/Capricorn energy too. I have hopes that The Office will enhance those natal energies. He could be the Keeper of the Fort instead of the saboteur. Fingers crossed.

Trump’s Crone is Cunt-Blocking His Maiden

This would explain why he distances himself from his beautiful wife. She is exquisite but he is ashamed of how he came by her. Maybe he got her from a catalog. In any case, this interpreter sees it as a travesty to an exquisite flower. He is emotionally abusive to her, that is obvious. He never shows her any approval. That is his Crone being mean to the young beauty. Yes, in this case the man is acting out a feminine part- Crone.

His Maiden, Crone and Youth are all from the Crab lineage. The Maiden is overly sensitive to criticism because her Protector Crone will not let her out of the ivory tower. The Maiden in Trump’s Archetype Map is too close to Granny. This Gran is too critical and demanding, and she keeps her granddaughter in a pumpkin shell. This is why Trump sues people for saying mean things about him. He receives with shame. Donald’s dad taught him that receiving is weak and only losers do it. Add to that the cult of Surrender #12 and we see a Perfect Storm of past hurts and fear erupting from his mouth. Those people have the memories of elephants, which means they hold grudges the way baby monkeys hold on to their mothers’ fur.

If his Crab syndrome takes hold, he may realize that the wall is a stupid waste of money, and that he should get rid of half of our military bases around the world to help fund the Green Economy. It could happen if he sees it as protective, and that could happen if Putin tells him to. We could appeal to Putin for his counsel in training our new King. Just a thought!

King Jupiter

Jupiter, planet of king, is bombastic, wise and sometimes punitive. He is cunning, like a fox, the judge who threatened to cut the baby in half to figure out which one was the true mother. He remembers past lives hunting for more knowledge. He was a Prince in the days when he disguised himself like a pauper to learn more about ‘the people,’ but he died before he could become King. Don’t we all just hate it when that happens?

Jupiter/Zeus had one job in the Universe, and that was to fertilize creation. His wife, Juno gave form to his plans in her studio. He would come around jizz all over it, just to make it live. Jupiter jizz is the gentle rain or a fire at solar temperatures. It’s all so beautiful. Jupiter has tremendous vitality and will live forever. He can change form because he has no form of his own. He is conceptual; good luck; intangible.

Trump’s  Jupiter is in the house of grade school education. It trines The Grandfather (that means big $$$), it trines North Node (his destiny is handed to him), and it trines the Sun (his King energy=more vitality).He said that all Americans will be under his protection, sort of, and I take that as a positive. He means that he will be the “Good Ruler; Benevolent Despot,” for America. It could work out in ways we have not imagined. Or it could be he only sees those with upward of 5 Million dollars as actual beings. Everything not under that umbrella is functionally dead.

Leo Rising – On the Face of It

For Leo, it’s all about the hair. Astrologers can always peg a Leo by their hair. This is why The Donald has had his weave for so long. We can understand his fetish better if we know that his hair is a garment, and like all of us, he would feel naked without this garment. Hair is powerful. Thick and healthy hair is the sign of a virile being. Especially for Trump, because his Mars is also in Leo.

A good King Looks good in every way. His task at hand is always the presentation; the promenade; the entourage and the Descent Down the Escalator. He must look good. Good clothes, good hair, pretty woman, all enhance the pomp. Peasants love pomp. The thing is, y’all should stop freaking out about him. Relax. Just wait at the bottom of the escalator, calmly. When he steps on terra firma, have a chat with the boy.

Trump descends on escalator

Dark Goddess in the House of Me

Trump hides behind a shield of belligerence; a mask of protection. He sees a fight where there is none, but he will never lower his aggressive mask, even when the assumed threat dissipates. In spite of that, a simple posture of contrition will disarm him. His kids love him. Don’t forget that. My advice, bow before him.

The Archetypal Young Trump Lives in a bubble, deep in the ocean carrying a weird shell on his back.  That’s why he says stupid stuff that he really doesn’t mean. He wishes he could take it back but there is that ‘saving face’ thing to deal with. He can’t come up for air, so the words travel upward inside air bubbles. As the bubbles burst up into the foam they don’t sound like he thought they would. They sound like odd fragments of a former reality which he partially remembers. It’ frustrating for him. The answer to this problem is, don’t take him so seriously. He is a mimic and a dilettante.

(Musical score…) He’s a young boy who cannot leave his mother. Play with him.

 A Youth and his  (Proletariat Dude)

Trump is a Gemini (A Youth). Geminis are 12 year old boys. Me too! We are weird, malleable and most of all, hungry for information. We are as curious as cats and still as affectionate as babies. We talk to arrange the data in our heads and then talk some more to do it again. We are unreliable, but when we finally drag ourselves back home, we bring a stag that we killed with a plastic spoon and a rubber band. The family eats for the winter. Geminis are endlessly creative with leftover pieces of string and plastic bags. Wait for it.

Grandfather – Proletariat Dude

The Archetypal Youth is raised by his Archetypal Grandfather, Archetype 11 – Aquarius (Champion of the People). He has given it much thought and has concluded that the Monarchy is not fair even though He started it all. The Grandfather has conflict between his love of attention and His essential core of Proletariat generosity. King vs. Commune?


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