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Astrology is Your Map to “Aha”

• Astrology is not a fad or a religion.

Astrology is older than civilization. It has had many names, but they all boil down to the same thing: “As Above, So Below” In other words, “look down, it’s all connected.” If we just pay attention to life herself, the answers are all around. That is why astrology works. It is the language of the lifecycle as demonstrated by the star patterns. It works for all living beings. The way that you walk down your particular path is up to you. Walk with high heels on your feet or a sombrero on your head; swaddled in fur or naked, it’s your journey and it will end in the same place that everyone’s does. What I mean by that is we are all in this thing together. I can help you define your path with guidance from Life’s Rosetta Stone, the Archetypes of Astrology.

• Basic Chart (Natal)

Discover your Personal Mythology.

Acknowledge your potentials, strengths and talents. Seize your power. How is this empowering? If you are brave enough to acknowledge your troubles along with your attributes, then you have more choices. Knowing that you are bad at something allows you to avoid it and gravitate toward those things you can do more easily. If something doesn’t feel right to you, know that you are not required to work and strain endlessly. Maybe there is a smoother way for you. I can help you discover your smoother way.

• Birthday Year (Solar Return)

As you know, life can bring new and interesting challenges all the time. Every year you get your own person GROUNDHOG DAY to do with as you would like. Learn the theme for your Personal Year and how it is different from the past year. Get familiar with the coming year’s challenges and strategies.

• Relationship Reading (Synastry)

Look at the dynamics at play in a business or personal relationship. With an objective eye, you gain new insight into how to make it work or let it go.

• Yearly Cycles (Transits)

Learn the opportunities and events that are on the way and how to make the best of current life-cycles. This is your Cyclic Weather Report.

• You’ll Call me …

When you are in a Pluto transit your lover has left you in the street, your kids won’t speak to you, all your friends think you have gone insane, and you have! You are totally nuts. Big changes have smashed you into the pavement and you are frying over-hard on the asphalt of your own life. I have a special plan for you. I can’t stop the train, but I can tell you when it arrives at it’s next station.

When you are in a Uranus transit you will call and ask when the roller coaster ride will be over. It could be anywhere from 1 to 7 years. Yikes! We should talk about this, but it’s a challenge to speak as you fly by, dipping and turning and hesitating at the tallest apex. You could fit in, if only you could slow down. The best information for this transit is to expect the unexpected.

When you are in a Neptune transit you will call and whine about how tired you are and how nobody loves you and why do you feel so confused all the time? I think Neptune transits are the most difficult because the nature of Neptune is vague deceit. You make things up. It’s very creative! And that can be the antidote for the pesky problem. Allow yourself to let go of strict schedules and wander. All who wander are not lost.

When you are in a Saturn transit you will call and ask why everything is so hard. Saturn makes you feel like an object, a slave, a worker-bee, a machine. Saturn transits are all about Earthly experience and accomplishment in reality. Saturn is the task master. She is the older more successful person that makes you follow the rules so that you can succeed in time. It’s all about time. It’s amazing to me how many people know about the big change that people go through at age 29. It’s the time when Saturn has made the journey completely around your chart. At this time you get your life time report card. What have you accomplished so far, and how much farther do you want to go?

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