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Breasts are For Suckling Babes

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It is important to name things properly. Proper naming makes for correct usage. Womyn are not allowed to nurse babies in public in America because breasts are the proprietary property of men, who jealously guard their own and lasciviously desire those others.

So, in order to correct this error, naming matters. Proper associating will help to grow men with respect for the resources of Earth, and womyn to protect their resources. It is a delicate balance, a dance, not to be taken lightly or without conscious awareness. It matters.

Babies suckle at mother's breast. Humuns suckle at Earth's breasts. Babies suckle. When men see the breast and crave it in their mouths, they become as babies, not men. Womyn prefer adults as lovers. I did, in my day, anyway. I wanted a man, not a child nursing. Not a child kneading my breasts like a desperate kitten attempting to let the milk come down.

Breasts should represent the resources that keep us alive on Spaceship Earth, not objects of sucklage for baby-men. Not fetishes for perverted grown men with pubic hair and face hair and back hair and arm hair, groping, latching on to grown wimmin like toothless babes fresh from the cunt. Devouring. Disgusting display. Men acting like babies.

You ask why gurlz bare their breasts to attract boyz. They want to attract boyz becuz we are all conditioned to want boyz and cater to them so we can have a much needed male sponsor, so they don't starve, so we can live in a house instead of a ditch. Wemyn have been divided from each other and conquered by the one male mentality, the god, the man, humAn, the sex pistol is the only creative tool honored in Modernia. We pray to Him. He is our One Male God. Our Only One God and His Son, another One God that is Him anyway, but bow to the penis, because they both have one sex pistol each - these supernal males that made us all alone without the femmes to incubate, to construct, to feed and to expel from between the other two channels of purging, the piss and shit of every mother.

Mothers need not apply. Just leave the breasts on the doormat. He will pick them up later at his convenience.

Who is this hungry HumAn greedily pumping my breast with his rough fingers? The HumAn is our baby-man suckling at the breast. He wants it for himself so encourages a bottle so he can feed the babe without her and save her figure. Like a good queen, she gives the babe to the wetnurse, the milky substitute, which in Modernia is, a plastic bottle filled with cow pus. So he can take her place bcuz - reasons, etc. you know.

Becuz of this perversion the Resources of Earth, Mother have been drained for the sexual pleasure of top men. Bottom men too, but not so much becuz bottom men are more humble than top men. However all boyz are taught to be adult sucklers jealous and guarding of their personal breasts. Shall I interject that It's Complicated?

Oh, and it makes us feel powerful becuz it's the thing growing on our chests and between our legs. You man have intellect to be proud of but wimminz only gots the parts. We are parts to be squeezed and prodded. We are things to be owned, so in the world of competition, we compete for the most squeeziest breastests.

Then we are convinced to not breast feed the babe it was meant for and so doing causes the most egregious.


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