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Earth and Fire

It seems that we humuns are still lost in a gender wilderness where the dark is feared as a primordial vagina with teeth. In the spirit of that dichotomy I have an offering. Let’s talk about paradigm.

A Paradigm, or belief system, is your world view. Many of us lead entire lives with one world view. Well, we used to. It’s harder and harder to do so, in the Age of Communication because belief is subject to proof and there is a veritable flood of proofs flowing through the internets every second.

Beliefs change all the time. They are passionately held and then shamefully dropped like a filthy doll when the child finally looks at it with maturing eyes. Some will give up dumb ideas more readily than others, but huge evidence will bring a collective paradigm to its knees in a snap. A good “for instance” would be the fall of the Berlin wall. Almost over night, everyone agreed to stop playing their roles around the Wall Paradigm. The public on either side stopped fearing and the police stopped enforcing. It was amazing. That was it: New Paradigm! Everybody went nuts on the wall and took it down in (someone look up how long it took to dismantle the Berlin wall – I have a book to write, for cryin’ out loud).

There is a trick to this Paradigm magic. Evidently logic and proportion have little to do with Paradigm Shift. The power behind Shift is Emotion. That is correct! Emotional turmoil and or peace is the power behind change. Emotion is the water element, a strong feminine quality and the energy that magicians conjure to perform mysterious feats. The GoddesS is illiterate, and that means she works in elemental ways without words and concepts. She wades into rivers and stops the flow; breaks into three tributaries and does not get wet. You don’t speak to her in words. You speak with your senses. It’s tricky at first, but all you must do is shut off the thought side and allow the allowing side. Simple. Right?


It’s 10 O’clock, do you know where your Gods and Goddesses are?

The modern western world is based on the Greco-Roman mythological paradigm that lasted from 300 BC to 200 AD. Those pesky Greco-Roman gods and goddesses have permeated our consciousness right down to our sleeping brain-nubs. You believe in Santa until a certain age when you find out …or realize that he doesn’t exist. That’s a point of no return. You don’t see adults going back to believing in Santa at age 40. That paradigm shifted at age 9. When we say, “You can’t go home again,” this is what they are talking about. “Home,” in that context, is the beloved paradigm of youth. Throughout our lives we change our perspectives on everything – life, love, religion, politics, everything. We grow up, we adopt new beliefs, we move on.

The tooth fairy is not real. So what is the appeal to those “traditionalists”? The “old way” is the Saturn/Queen way. Her job is to maintain integrity through known paradigms. Traditionalists keeping old memories alive in spite of new conditions. Conservatives believe that if it worked before it will work now. It has been proven; why change? Conservatives see a tree and want to cut it down because they come from a long line of tree cutters, and that’s how we make toilet paper. Deforestation began when forests were so thick a person could not walk through. We can produce a bounty of lovely toilet paper by farming hemp. Growing hemp is new so it does not contain the traditional context of going to the woods and cutting thick living beings. The context is deeply emotional. You cannot talk people out of their emotional context. They must be wooed with the promise of something better; taller; juicier or thicker. You get the feeling.

Queen of Proof vs. King of Belief

In astrology proof is represented by Saturn and belief is Jupiter. In pre-patriarchal cultures Saturn had the persona of the feminine earth, mountains, crystals and rock. The feminine represented the boundaries of the known Universe. We need the glue of Saturn to maintain integrity. Integrity is form/identity; without it we disperse into the Universe like so many individual atoms.

Over time the Greco/Roman mythologies, transformed Saturn into an old man in charge of punishment and death. He was Father Time and The Devil. He passed sentence over you. He condemned. As Queen, Saturn took care of you by keeping you from going too far, too fast. As Queen she was a wife with a cheating husband, who loved marriage and her home in spite of Him. She brought His crazy paradigms to life.

She is in charge of reality. Turn Saturn into a man and you have a gay couple. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is not correct in terms of Archetypes! The energy god is supposed to bring his intangible ideal to the physical female; the maker. Without the maker reality is lost.

We are beginning to understand that gender is not the same as energy/matter. Any person can be just a little bit east of feminine and little bit west of masculine, and as such, not be typical of their gender. This is not a flaw, it is a normal variation.

Our biggest misunderstanding with this gender stuff is in thinking that we are like God and Goddess. We are human, made of both sides of the Divine equation. We don’t look anything like a beam of light dancing past for eternal milliseconds. We don’t look anything like a black hole in space either, but I am pretty sure those are the parents that made us. We are stardust and black holes!

In astrology Jupiter rules creativity and expansion. He can expand your waistline or your mind, but either way He is always working on a new perspective. He is the King of Mt Olympus and even he has paradigms to which he adheres, tests and disregards. Jupiter is the king of consciousness shift because he always looks far away for answers. He always tries something new. He rises to the occasion. A new nymph, perhaps, yes, he’s a wastrel and a rogue. He’s also the prime archetype for Preachers, especially the ones screaming hellfire and brimstone while having a mistress on the side. His job is to create new beings with his fertile semen. And so he goes.

Saturn and Jupiter, the Queen and King

– These two create a crucial balance between energy and matter. The energy component invents a concept. He hands it over to his feminine partner and she makes it real. In doing so, she must make rules, forms and limits. If the thing will manifest then she has to make it stand on its foundation. As humans we often see these structures as obstacles, but they are the “laws of nature.” We believe that it would be more fun to play all day and not have limits, so we like the king better. He’s more fun. But always remember that the Queen keeps the walls of the castle up and when the weather turns bad, we can all appreciate walls and a roof when the wind wails and rain drums down.


Saturn (the World) is actually our Goddess Hera. Her credo was, “nose to the grindstone.” She was married to Zeus during the patriarchal era when she changed from being a beloved creatrix into a nagging shrew. The Greeks didn’t appreciate women.


Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune) was actually the God Zeus. He is the sweet water emanating from the sky that fertilizes all potentials on the earth. Zeus was not looking out for you and your ancestors. He was very busy creating hybrid critters and fertilizing the hills. He was known for dispensing mercy when another divine character asked him to.

 His credo was, “fiddle dee dee.” and “It is good to be King!”


Sumerians characterized him as the rain, the sweet water falling from the sky, that fertilized all living things making plants grow and giving water to all creatures so they can quench their thirst.


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