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Eat Your Meat! NOT!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

"My body needs it." Someone said that and more, but I wonder if she knows what the underbelly of that iceberg looks like!

Iceberg with meat surrounding it.
Eat meat at your own peril. Factory Farming; Bad Biz All Around

I have forced myself to watch the torture movies of terrible conditions and terrible men beating, cutting, cursing and laughing about their helpless prisoners. Not only does profiting from second-hand killing create suffering for sentient animals, but it also creates horror in the souls of these men. These men suffer from the worst PTSD. They are nothing like the classy assassins of movie stardom, who kill cleanly from a distance with a long range rifle, fold it up and put it away in their suitcase and disappear down an anonymous stairwell. I would like to see any wealthy person stand in blood murdering terrified sentient beings all day for one years. NO, this is a poor man's job.

This job is for the choiceless male. He is every bit the victim, as much as all the ones he must torture. You see, if he sees these sentient be for who they are, he could not do the job. So he beats the mother cow as his cohort drags her calf away from her by one foot. The scenario is impossible to bear if he thinks she is alive, awake or aware. His anger toward her stems from her calling out. He must take her life, so he beats her protests. The more he beats, the more she protests, until she succumbs. He has silenced her. No longer sentient in his mind, he can proceed to the next one.

If you haven't met your victim personally, I suggest you go kill her and skin her and cut up her body and then eat her. I have raised and slaughtered a pig, named Molly. Many of you will give up second-hand carnivorism if you try that. At the very least, try watching some of these movies made from brave people who have to sneak hidden cameras into the places because it is ILLEGAL to gather this information!

It takes courage to confront the Shadows of our existence. Be courageous. Choose kindness. There is a lot of Vitamin B12 in Spirulina. Choose to eat less meat; meat that comes from a local source; meat in moderation. Meat should not be your staple. Make meat your rare indulgence, if you can. You are not cats - obligate carnivores. Base your diet on plants and then add your indulgences as needed; mindfully, one would hope!

Stupormarket meats are tainted with antibiotics, hormones and misery. Do you know why the animals in factory farming receive so many antibiotics? Answer: They are all ill. The conditions make them ill, incorrect feed makes them ill and the cruelty makes them ill. For all the talk of nutrition these days, one would suppose we could make the connection that eating foul substances will probably be bad for us on several levels. But we have learned that we Need Protein. That is written, somewhere in our minds. Truth is, royals ate meat, peasants ate grain and beans. Modernians strive for royalty. That's the 'merican Dream, ya know. Think twice about your habits because they may not be born from righteous need, no. Many Modernian habits are born from advertising, which is the polite word for Brainwashing.

Do you know that Modernia's so-called success at extending the lifespan is the result of hygiene, not medicine? Pooping away from open water and hand washing. That's all. Cleanliness. Let's hope we can save some clean water for ourselves in the coming years. In the meantime, the lakes of poop aboud at the factory farm sites. Did you hear the one about how they couldn't figure out how to get rid of trillions of gallons of liquid swine poo? Solution: spray it into the air, where it settled on the town where the poor just got sicker. More unnecessary medical problems.

Enjoy your bacon.

This is a righteous killer. Have a look:

Here's a righteous vegetarian. Have a look:

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Feb 08, 2019

P.S. Only the Profiteers profit from this, and I will bet big bucks they don't eat it.

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