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Elephants Firebombed

Deforestation has left elephants’ habitats smaller and more fractured
Humunity is going too fast.

Womyn are Responsible by Default

Do you see any womyn in this photo? Where are they? Womyn influencers are needed. Womyn help womyn to get a voice and stop allowing their men to do as they please. Tell womyn to #showhimhishand when he wants sex. No more starved dehydrated children in India and Africa! Fucking is not a humun right. When rivers run with fetid filth, carcasses of the dead. Trees denuded of leaves. Earth barren, dry. 8 billion humun skeletons bleaching in the sun. Then will we stop?

One Womun, One Child. That is enough to bring down destructive world population, climate change and Creature genocide in 30 years. Green stuff included in "Creature" category.

Let's stop blaming each other and just say, "I did that terrible thing. - thought that terrible thought and now I am willing to take responsibility to repair the damage I have caused." This gets easier to do with practice. It feels weird to say I firebombed elephants today, but doing this can work magic in the world. What have you got to lose? Do it in private with all your heart. Ho'onponopono. I am ashamed that i hurt those elephants. I will stop now.

The Old Guard will die soon. Let us die. We are Hubris monsters convinced that we are The Only One of Worth. We are the meanest, most short-sighted. We can't control our desires and so our children can't control theirs. We are wheeling down the path of destruction with the One Male God of all Modernian religions careening down the mountain, drunk as hell with no brakes.

Eat your local CEO today!

Make business as Usual, Unusual today. Stop it now! Womyn get in charge of the world and stop our brothers, fathers and sons from acting this way. Women taught everything to their babies. Now is the time to Reboot. Rethink. React. Reteach. Relearn. Our "Old Males" are not teaching the young males how to act properly, so take a stand and return to Sharing. This would be easier to do if people weren't SO FORKING POOR !!! Do your thing for the last of the native species of all sorts, including native water. Poverty breeds jealousy, fear and elevated Cortisol levels.

Stop Native Genocide

Do not teach your children to kill anything, even spiders. REVERENCE FOR LIFE! PLEASE. ALBERT SCHWEITZER. We don't need as many Things as we have been told we do. Life is a circle. Not an End! Mosquitos, tarantulas and greenery are part us-Not Apart From Us, as we have been taught so hubristically, selfishly. I say this for all genders, for all genders believe themselves better-than some other.

Stop Driving in the Rear View Mirror - Look Ahead!

Stop spreading out. Garden up! Create vertical villages and leave the ground to those who need it. She did not ask to be a mother, but she is. We did not ask to be born either, but here we are. We are the Deciders. We say how it is. How it will be.

OMG religions fake some Hubris, but they all lie. OMG role model teach Hubris. Hubris at the knee of the One Male God. It goes like this,

"God is Great. He is Omnipotent. He created everything all by himself. We are His children so we are great too. Except we are not his children. Bibble sez we are not holy. Not of him. Not very good, really." All the other stuff - leaving this terrible life and "going to the right hand of god" (not the Left Hand, for crying out loud!) are just lies-gobbledygook inserted in between the Dogma Of One Maleness. Maleness Is Best in this Dogma. After all, He Created All. HE did it all ALONE. Ask for one miracle and then we can commence with science.

And Begin ...

So who is She in this story? she is less-than. she is secondary. she is unconscious, therefore misdirected, a simple vessel with no sovereignty. Emotional. Speechless. Dumb. She is Nature, so Nature is secondary. The Jungian Unconscious. The helpless. Victim. The Raped. So what is it? She powerful do-er? Mani-fester, maker of new people? Or helpless victim. Cannot do anything on her own? No! He is the one who is helpless without Her! Womun has the power to close Her Hole. Shut it down.

"Oh, too bad, we had to scrape a mountain top for millionaire homes/industrial parks/roads/minerals/progress/exploitation purposes only."

"Fur and Feather People lived there. Where did they go after the land was scraped?" "Oh, no problem! They went away. You know, over there. AWAY. The place where we throw our garbage."


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