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Is Destiny Real?

Archetypes exist for real. Fortune telling is something else-someone’s best guess. When I do a consult, it is to give you an understanding of your Archetypal pathways so you can walk your true path. It is all in your astrology chart, but I will not speak “Astrology” to you. You won’t hear about your planets or houses. You hear about your Magical talents which could be anything from energizing a room to linking all hearts together, or being a great cook.

Archetypes Explain Destiny

… once you know how to spot the Types! The first task is to learn to spot them in yourself. There are only twelve, so take heart, if you can count to twelve, you can learn Archetypology in no time. But you don’t need to learn it. All you need to do is learn your own Pathways. The fun part in learning your main Archetypes is that you begin to see those in others. You will see how they handle the energy, maybe a bit differently than you do, but still, it’s familiar to you. When you see it in others, you can “get the picture” better than you could from reading it from a book.

Contentment is the reward

… for those who know where to step lightly and go around, or step right up and take the prize. Contentment is personal, just like an Archetypal Consult. If you need encouragement, definition will give you the direction that will take you to your true vocation.

Also, it’s fun to know more about this stuff. It is ancient knowledge that connects you to the greater whole. Knowing Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot and Metaphysics in general gives me a feeling of belonging to this macrocosm that greets me every day.

What’s Your Ruling Archetype? Maybe you have two co-rulers… Find out today.

email Jewell Starsinger for a phone consult You can then set an appointment. Pay Pal, $139 for a full reading. Or a quick reading for $39

Lovingkindness is going around these days.

I hear the words from unexpected people and places. This is a good thing. Start lovingkindness on yourself first, then roll that snowball down the nearest hill!



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