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Jupiter’s Perspective

Jupiter rules perspective, travel, opinion, knowledge and higher education. He is called many things; The Preacher, The Teacher, The Professional and The Philanderer. Often the first three go with the last one. Just think of the preacher scandals that we hear of, much less the teachers with coeds and professionals with call girls. They are being true to form. These behaviors are not anomalous; they go with the Archetype. If you believe you have total autonomy in this life, well think again! If you want to be faithful but you can’t; maybe you have a Sagittarian signature.

Sagittarian people are all about the “fire”. The earthy quality of steadfastness is beyond the pure Sagittarius Archetypes. Jupiter was  known for disguising himself as an animal, to have sex with a female of that persuasion. He ravished maidens of all varieties. And the interesting part about this guy was that he was the King. He could fuck with impunity, which means that those with his Archetype have the spark of fucking all beings imbedded into their psyches. But what does that really mean? It is about insemination, or the act of enlivening  consciousness with a well-placed metaphor or aphorism.

Since we are talking about the intellect, sex is metaphoric. How does one resolve the “fire” without a body? The fucking without a body? Well, that is easy! The fire that burns within propels them to the next idea. Their job is very specific. They fertilize eggs of all kinds, including the potential intellectuals. They bring life to the dormant. That is what fire does. One thing we know in nature is that variety brings the healthiest plants and animals. The King owes it to everyone to seed as many eggs as possible; to inspire as many young minds as he can; to inseminate as many young brides; to fuckity fuck fuck. It is his job.

We all have a bit of every Archetype in our charts. This means we can understand the urge for ‘strange,’ as the men call fooling around. Come to find out, many women like to fool around too. If you use this analogy to understand more about elemental fire, then take it to the classroom. Imagine a professor explaining things, ideas and beliefs to younger beings. Can you translate that into a sexual thing? The professor wants to bring the knowledge, which is the ‘seed’ to their minds. It is that simple.

We all have a problem with belief. We believe our beliefs are sacred and correct.


The unfaithful King teaches us that we can’t believe our own bullshit! The Creator-King is a metaphor to keep an open mind. Always keep moving to the next experience. Varied knowledge is really what he is about. The sex is such an odd analogy, because many Sagittarian people are less interested in sex than this story would lead you to believe. Believe it or not, elemental fire is sex of the mind and heart. Fire burns down to become embers. Its cycle is much shorter than solid Earth.

Of several animal species that mate for life, including voles, swans and several, scientists found cheating in their DNA. At my advanced age I have seen so many ‘true’ theories come and go, I just don’t buy “the one” any more.

Belief is your friend if you don’t marry it. Just stay friends and “fool around” with other beliefs now and then; your intellectual DNA will grow stronger!


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