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Love King Donald


I say lets make lemonade

and here are some recipes for you… One thing I know is that…

Kings need lots of love

Let us go politely into the nay sayer crowds with the kind suggestions that Lefties are good at, and calm the savage breast of Merkin disapproval. Disapproval will only make it worse. If you hate the current cabinet and you demonstrate with rudeness and anger, he will rain more shit on us than we can bear. I promise you this.

Treat him like a 12-year old boy who wants to learn and wants approval. His kids love him. Is this because of the “dough-ray-me”? Could be, but what do I know about them? One thing I do know:

This is not helping, people


Marketers and Brain Scientists will tell you that the brain sees the main words. Brains don’t care about adjectives. Brains go right past “Not” to whatever is leftover. In this case, the message = HATE. Oops! Little does this do-gooder know, but she is spreading hate around, helping to invite disaster upon us all. Here’s a better way to say this:



This sign says “My HATE.” No one likes being hated. Once again, learn some psychology before diving into the fray and taking us all down with you. Here’s the sign that will make him take us to heart… Nobody likes to be backed into a corner. This is a terrible message, for anyone. Appeal to his vanity by asking for something he can provide. Then show gratitude. Train your puppy with positive reinforcement.



How much do you like to be told how bad you are? Does negative commentary ever convince you to do the right thing? Or, like most of us, do you rebel? Strike back? Well, do you? The big sign in this photo says, “You Unify Hate” -that’s all the mind remembers. As a people, we must ask for his goodwill, politely. These protestors are asking to be divided and to get a half grapefruit rubbed in their faces.

He does not hate us; he simply does not have compassion for us. 

Gemini people are like yearling puppies with energy and love to give. Don’t treat this one mean. Right from the beginning, be nice and rub his tummy. I know my Geminis! We are suckers for a rub around the ears. If you are kind to us we might not be tempted to steal your cattle. (Apollo reference)


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