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Lust and Marriage


Don’t make a lifelong contract with a two year archetype

The Archetype, Leo the Lion the Sun and the 5th house= Passion

We like the sun, and have worshipped it for at least 6,000 years. It radiates outward to bring life wherever it streams. Granted, the Sun’s rays are only nurturing within a specific range. If you get too close, you burn, or too far and you freeze. There is a prescribed distance that is required for creativity, for life itself. Leave the comfort zone and you will die.

Passion is masculine, hot, immediate and fleeting. That delicious burst of hot juicy desire lasts for an hour if you practice tantra and ten minutes if you are average. You can only ‘lather and repeat’ so many times until it wears off and we sneak to the super store to find a new brand of shampoo.

Two year marriages

The zone of passion lasts about 2 years. Call those chemicals  biology or call them fate, but I call them lack of self awareness; chemicals are temporary and stupefying. They are for the young, and yet we tell the old to ‘keep making love-it’s good for you.’ That could be true, but as an old person I don’t have the interest I had as a young person. That doesn’t matter to science. We are all supposed to lock step, take the blue pills and stfu.

In Patriarchal Modernia every little ‘lion king’ gets his castle and his one lioness. The royal couple  procreates with impunity because each little domicile is a sovereign nation that cannot be breached by good land stewardship or any sort of common sense. My land; my family; my choice; don’t be a ‘sheeple’ be a lion!

Can you say ‘overpopulation’?

If we wrote the marriage contract  with a two year renewal clause and we were trained to honestly assess our true feelings (in hell!), then maybe we could marry the way our culture demands; ‘for love.’ Every two years when the passion wears off we could decide with impunity to stay or to go now.

Short of that, making a long term contract with a short term organ is a big fat crap shoot. This is exactly why most people in arranged marriages are happy and half of the people in love marriages get divorced.

The Archetype Libra the scales, Venus the Matron 2nd and 7th Houses=Love & Money

… the 7th house of the the astrology chart and lady Venus, are related to commitment. Venus of the Scales is a non-human. This Archetype is conceptual, thus masculine in nature. She is s/he. This Venus is a higher octave from the young maiden. This Venus is a matron ruled by her ideals – masculine, her principles – masculine. She knows that romance will fade so getting it in writing is important to her. She loves, but with a practical aesthetic. She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty – Earth – feminine. She will buy lovely pottery from a talented artisan, but she will never make it herself. Yuck-mud!

Our matron loves her partner more each day that the mortgage is paid and the investments are in order. She is a materialist (feminine), for a good reason  (masculine). All things (fem) are feminine except for beings with reasons (mas) for things. These humun (living) reazoners can be quite clever at manipulation. They can feign indecision, just so others will reveal all the options. Humun reazoners live between both worlds (physical/mental). They excel at justifying their existence through acts of altruism and/or self indulgence. Either way, ‘other’ will be involved. Her game of preference is ‘London Bridges.’ You will never know if she will be one half of the bridge or the one passing underneath.

Libras are the serious people who partner up for life, good for them, but don’t make them the benchmark for relationships. They are the swans and beavers (monogamous 1%) of the humun domain. And by the way, genetic testing was done on those monogamous birds and mammals. Even they do some ‘swinging’ on the side. It’s just natural!

We have many Archetypes to live and learn. Let’s not limit ourselves to one!


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