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Marianne has "the voice"

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Marianne Williamson said words that ignited a flurry of hippie new age dream catcher jokes, but come to find out, it’s not so new age when men in dark suits and striped ties say the same thing. When Rahm Emmanuel said this on Feb. 29, 2016, he was not accused of being “woo woo.” According to the Tribune, Emanuel said:

“Over the weekend, whether it was dealing with Mussolini or David Duke, his statements or the lack of clarity around his statements, you know, you sleep in the bed you make. And I think that playing with dark forces come back to haunt you. And this is not a joke."

President Clinton was not accused of being a New Ager after the Oklahoma bombing on April of 1995 when he said:

“One thing we owe those who have sacrificed is the duty to purge ourselves of the dark forces which gave rise to this evil,” Clinton said somberly at a memorial prayer service. “They are forces that threaten our common peace, our freedom, our way of life. Let us teach our children that the God of comfort is also the God of righteousness. Those who trouble their own house will inherit the wind.” Clinton said violent anti-government rhetoric had contributed to the climate that allowed the bombing to occur. “It’s spouting violence,” he complained. “People should examine the consequences of what they say and the kinds of emotions they’re trying to inflame.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton was not accused of New Ageism when she tweeted the following on May 21, 2019, but she is a Baptist so it was okay that she’s a girl:

“CALLING PRAYER WARRIORS: Yesterday, person(s) unknown initiated unauthorized personnel action ending employment of my talented, stellar Deputy Chief Adrienne Southworth, against my wishes. Pray for me as I battle dark forces,”

Joe Biden, October 29, 2018 at Youngstown State University:

“When hatred is given a space to fester it encourages the seedier side of society to come out ... and the president of the United States assigns moral equivalence to these dark forces… The forces of hate and terror have worked on the psyche of our fellow Americans, and targets have been people with different political beliefs or different colors of their skin or different religions,” he added.

Reality Check

Marianne Williamson is equipped to remind us that getting to the core issues matters. Her rhetoric reminds us that together we really do make a difference and that our vision is our choice. It is about time people took up the notion of the Collective Unconscious to speak up about a full spectrum of humun experience that has been ignored. We all experience the same things, together, in pain, in joy, in pride. The policies of separation create fear. Let's let joy into our collective, together.

We do want to get religion out of politics, but Marianne does not promote religion. She promotes Ethical Behavior and Responsible Awareness of our situation. Old Time Religion has played into the political right and taken a seat on the side of avarice. It has also taken a seat on the left in the form of righteous victimization. Course corrections are in order for us all.

We need a mea culpa every day. Every day that you don’t ask yourself for a course correction, you are missing the ball. Ask yourself how you have let yourself down. Ask yourself how to correct your course. Ask for love for yourself and others. Do the Mea Culpa Dance all around your house and get busy cleaning up the mess in heels with pearls or barefoot! As Mars says, “Just Do It!”

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo

She has The Voice. When she speaks I listen intently. I want to hear more of what she has to say because she speaks Real Truth. Her answers are True. You feel it in every goosebump.

Mercury (thought) with Pluto (power) is a potent arrangement. She sees clearly and speaks clearly. This combination is not glib. Mercury/Pluto ruminates, researches and investigates everything she sees, hears and feels. Pluto is a 300-meter deep well. This Mercury (mind) drills to the bottom and she is laser focused (Pluto) on the issue at hand through a telescope that sees far away and a microscope that observes the tiniest bits of the matter. Every issue will be examined from every angle. You can trust that her answers are thoroughly researched and understood.

Pluto in Leo from 1939-1957

Leo is the proud leader and showman of the Zodiac. He speaks with conviction. The Lion represents Leo because the Lion is fiercely protective of his own. His love is big and his courage is bigger. He is responsible for the safety of a large family. People from age 62 - 81 in power today are Pluto in Leo people. The Pluto in Leo generation nurtured the ego. We were the Baby Boom generation, raised by housewives in pearls and heels while vacuuming plastic carpets.

We brats are old now and supposedly in charge, but if our legacy is Narcissism, then we have gone full circle into madness with the most Narcissistic leader ever imagined in charge of us all. Consider a leader with smarts and heart. Consider Marianne 2020.

Pluto in the third house

Look at that third house. What a mind! She is articulate because she thinks (mercury) deep (Pluto) from her heart (Leo). She speaks with deep understanding, without blame or shame. She speaks with conviction about the undercurrents we all know exist, but have suppressed.

Marianne’s lifetime of study in metaphysics has taught her to see the problem and express it at its core. In the third house, Pluto drinks data for breakfast lunch and dinner. Pluto is relentless in the third house seeking information about every subject of interest. She does not rest. She searches and goes deep into the center of the volcano.

Mars in Scorpio in the 6th house

Mars determines one’s urges and desires in life. She has a deep (Scorpio) desire (Mars) to unite (Scorpio) with the details of physical existence (sixth house). That sixth house Mars is why she uses health metaphors. The sixth house rules small animals, pets, household duties, ritual and routine, health of body and soul. It is Virgo’s house; home to the Vestal Virgins, who were womyn committed to keeping a fire lit forever. The sixth house represents the end of childhood. It is a place of maintenance, where devotion to duty shapes the person.

Marianne’s Mars in Scorpio is a powerful motivating force. Scorpio is the midwife, the surgeon, the seer. Scorpio skillfully cuts you open to cure you. She is the midwife who knows all the signs and stages of birth and faithfully accompanies a mother’s journey. She is fiercely loyal to her loved ones and she would be the fiercest leader this country has ever seen. She cannot be false. She is incapable of duplicity. You see her clearly. She is whom you see. She cannot lie.

The Angles

She has squares (achievement), sextiles (opportunity) and two trines (ease) to her Midheaven (Reputation) in Pisces (Spiritual Surrender). She works (squares) hard to care (sun/Venus/Uranus in cancer) about children (fifth house). An underlying benevolent spirit of justice guides her (Jupiter in twelfth house).

Let us be fearless. Let us be authentic. Let us support Marianne Williamson. If everyone who believes that we are in charge of our lives and futures will send $ to her campaign we can make a difference. I live on 12K per annum and I am sending $5 per month.


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