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Mars/Aries, the Number 1

Mars is not what you think s/he is. It is not a totally masculine archetype. It is the most defining humun archetype of them all. I have said it before, Mars is one of the top three defining planets for both genders.

The lingam (penis) has defined Mars for too long. In the humun gender, all beings have assertive sex organs. Females have a clitoris participates actively  in the sex act. That is why I have blended all creation into the humun gender. With this concept in mind, we can be equal and different with impunity. I love that word, it means ‘without punishment.’


As the seed transforms from a dormant (feminine) being in the cold (femme) ground (femme), she gains strength (feminine) to seek (masculine) a distant calling of heat (masculine) and eventually light (mas). As she reaches the surface s/he manifests as a triangulated being-inert feminine seed activated by masculine light energy to become an independent living agent. Pretty cool!


Nothing is more brave than the infinite innocence of an infant. They demand to live. Aries/Mars is the energy of beginning. It is the new sprout pushing through dirt, clay and even concrete; and why? To live.

We think of Mars like Conan, and well we should because Conan was quite innocent. His beautiful body is archetypally Femina in that the bigger a thing, the more Goddess it is. The Universe is femina and the tiny speck of light is masculine.


The next body is actually more masculine according to the Archetype, i.e. invisibility/non-physicality. Scrawny geeks are the most masculine. The less body (femina), and the more intellect (masculo) you are, then the more masculo you are! I know, kind of a mind twister.

thin man

The second chakra

The second chakra is the chakra of sexuality/desire.  When we have sex the idea is for the two to become as one. Mars energy rushes out into life seeking to fulfill its desire. That can be anything. Desire is wanting. You can want sex or you can want a career or a sweet soda. Remember that desire lives in the middle between masculine and feminine. Women have as much desire as men. Men’s desire comes out of them through a pointer. Women’s desire also has a small pointer with twice as many nerve endings. It has lips that kiss and a throat that swallows. Women are complicated with their Mars.


The Terrible Twos of psychology expresses Mars at its truest. The boundary-free infantile stage is gone for good and now the child has got her “me” on. She’s hard to hold. She doesn’t listen. She wants to go over “there,” wherever that is. She has learned to talk and say “no” with wild abandon. Why is it so compelling for her to escape the nest? This is how she “finds” herself. Mars pushes, climbs, wiggles and fights and flies its way out of the nest.

She says, “If you haven’t taught me everything I need to know early, then I will have to learn it through my own experience.”


His month is March/April, when spring is happening. He represents the principle of new growth and first times. He is the beginning of the life cycle, and as such, it requires courage to be a young sprout. Fortitude is the quality needed to grow in spite of late frost and torrential rain. Yet the sprout continues upward, diligently toward the sun.


Mars was right up there in stature with his father Jupiter. He was considered a more accessible God. His archetype is all about brash, immediate action. He doesn’t fool around, he just follows orders. If the orders of the day are putting out a fire, then he is a fireman. If the castle is on fire and there is no ladder, then he jumps. He doesn’t ask questions, any more than a blade of grass would ask to grow. He lives on instinct, in the moment, in accordance with the situation at hand.

The number 1

The number 1 is first. It is the number, “to be”. It has no conscience and no rationale. It simply goes and does without question or forethought. The impulse that takes you is first. Beginner’s luck is first, innocent action. Have you ever heard someone say, “My first choice is always right!”? For that person, the truth is right there, in front, leading her on.

The First House of Astrology The first house is angular, cardinal, and fire. Its natural sign ruler is Aries, and planetary ruler is Mars. The first house in your chart tells all about your looks. It is the house of self. Mars rules this house. It is the “me” house and represents all your self-centered concerns, desires and behaviors. It is derived from your birth time, so it is all about your moment of arrival into the air. It is where you begin. The cusp of the first house is a special angle, the Ascendant (also known as the rising sign). When a planet touches this angle, you experience it on a very personal level. For instance, when Saturn travels here, you lose weight, but when Jupiter travels here, you gain weight. When Mars locates here, you argue, with Mercury on the Ascendant, you chat.



Mars is the Tower in tarot. Two people leap from a burning tower on to a rocky terrain below. It looks daunting and no one likes it when the thing comes up in a reading, because it has pain written all over it. Why so extreme? The instinct is extreme in that it precedes thought. One can’t contemplate the burning building without being burned. One does not even consider the rocky conclusion of the action. It is not Mars’ job to consider consequences.

Mars with #1 = acts Mars with #2 = receives Mars with #3 = communicates Mars with #4 = protects Mars with #5 = performs Mars with #6 = perfects Mars With #7 = consorts Mars with #8 = conjoins Mars with #9 = believes Mars with #10 = rules Mars with #11 = invents Mars with #12 = wanders

In my humble opinion, Mars is not the man to the Venus woman. Venus’ mate is actually Mercury. Their child was Hermaphroditos, named for both of them. When Mars is given to men alone, women lose their sexual power. This may be why women have been in such a crappy place for so many millennia. Our desire nature had to be hidden. I strongly urge women to reclaim their desire natures and follow their intuitions, seek their desires and generally go for the things that feel right. Urges are clues to personal identity.



In my humble opinion, your Mars is more personal than any other planet in your array. In Kabbala, it is called Foundation. It’s the “I AM” and the “To Be”. It’s the gasoline that fuels your life/car. Your life is founded on the “I AM”. According to Kabbalists, Yesod represents god’s DESIRE to create and so it is for us, our DESIRE to BE. As humans we think we are making it up, but as creations of god, we are following the pattern that S/he has set down. I am not a god-in-the-sky person, but I am a pattern person, first and foremost. These archetypes come from somewhere. I have only scratched the surface of where Mars comes from, but I don’t do all this scratching to prove anything. I am looking for the pure form. The Archetype.

Mars is a Human or Life energy, represented by a spring blade of grass emerging from the dark, cold nest of mother earth. Fearless and faithful it pushes through the hard soil to manifest itself into creation. Is is also, a newborn creature, emerging from its mother, fearlessly and faithfully it begins to breath, express and BE. You get my drift!

One more thing lest my masculine readers, if there are any, become uncomfortable. The word “woman” includes man. The word “goddess” includes god. The word “she” contains he. The divine feminine holds and contains the divine spark. She is creator of everything at his request.



WOMAN is the ‘womb-man’. The man with a womb. Nah! Not buyin’ that. Changing the spelling now… womb-un… womun.

From Reddit: Old English had three words: man (‘human being’), werman (‘male human’, i.e., man), and wifman (‘female human, i.e., woman).

So you see it has changed over time. Now is the time to re-spell the genders into one humun consistency. The masculine spell has been ruling for a long time. We all see it as our reality. But reality is what we make. We can learn what the femina is and combine her into our reality. That is what TRANS Gender is all about. Selected people live the NEW REALITY  for all of us to see.


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