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Number 12 - Pisces/Neptune

Dolphin standing up
#12 rules large sea mammals. She knows...

Number 12 is the "been there, done that" number. It is the mist that gave birth to the idea of us. #12 people don't "speak logic" - we "speak art, music, poetry". Our language is the Event, not the description of the event. Why do some people with strong #12 energy feel like victims while others paint pictures like Leonardo da VincI or sing beautiful songs and write meaningful poetry?

Attempting to describe experience in words is folly. Basically words on their own, are folly. What do great writers do? They use words to get you out of wordiness and into a feeling.

What do #12 people do? We feel. We Understand. The only way to Understand it is: To BE IN IT. Being is Believing. Having done IT is to Understand. 

Not to condone. Not to approve. Not to excuse. Contrite works here. #responsiblitynotblame

#12 is the place of retirement. We are best when not trying; when goal-free; when patting the dog on the head; gently rocking. Acquisitive behavior is punished by instant karma! This is no accident! I meant to do that! Victims are the ones that keep trying and end up in the path of their own boomerangs. Victims and Saints are two sides of the same god/ess. A Saint is a victim who has learned not to step in her own Poo! Do not indulge in aggressive behaviors, secretive behaviors, or anything behaviors that promote Self in any way shape or form! We are corks floating on a vast ocean of experience. We weather storms. We survive. We do not sink.

Cloisters are the domains of #12 because; it is in silence that we reflect, repent, reboot. The 12 is a Sovereign place. A place of Understanding. Ask. Why am i here? What have I done? Why did I do that? Saints ask those things, think like that. Sinners refuse to say those things. Sinners blame and point. Many are sinning this very day! We are the Sinners who succumbed to the questions that brought Understanding. In Solidarity, we Understand them, because we know how they were made and that we have made them. We swallow the pill whole. The whole demon. The entire fiasco. Whole. Like Anaconda swallows Pig. We are the tail end of the Ouroboros and the unhinged jaw swallowing the tip whole. Begending over and over again; spiraling into the next today.


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