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Seeing Shadows

We are Shadows and Light

Don't hate the president. That is what he would do. He is a paradoxical role model. Whatever he does, do the opposite of that. Seriously.

All I am saying is that the shadows of our own hubris are coming to light from a president who is not a politician, but a showman. He cannot keep a secret because of his Gemini hubris. He is the classic fallen Gemini - lying to mom's face and then lie some more when she calls him on it. He is the infant heir apparent, stealing Apollo's cows when he was 3 minutes old. He is The magician whose tricks have been exposed, but he is the only one who doesn't know it, so he keeps waving that stupid wand while we can see the rabbit under the table. Someone has stolen his tablecloth but he thinks it is still there. #thenakedmagician?

He is the unabashed Gemini Archetype. I am Gemini, too, so I get to say that. Really, I can identify. I used to lie all the time. Mother trained me... She - a stellated Virgo and me a double Gemini. "Geminis are liars!" She would shout with glee at the obvious faults of a five year old girl. Mean she was. But it was true. I loved lying and believing in my own lies. When I was a girl scout, I earned a ton of badges by lying. I would read the requirements and check the list off saying, "Done that! Been there! Saw that!" These were true lies, because I was familiar with all of my claims, but on the inside I felt guilty about my obvious obfuscation, so... I lied about the lies with denial - another presidential reaction that I can relate to! And so forth. I don't make excuses any more, nor should any of us. Confession is for the brave. I own it.

His hubris is ours. All of ours, and now it is out in the open. We are a society of haters, rejecters, judgers. We must claim our hubris, our selfishness. He is inadvertently showing us. #takeresponsibilitynotblame We do not need to fall on our swords. We just need to step up and Do The Right Thing. This is how we do it. We don't need to hate or even judge. Just see him and me and you for who we are. We are always at a crossroads. We are always asking - What next? Do the hard thing. The young will have to shoulder our legacy and they will not thank us.

The Naked Emperor is making that obvious and we should thank him for his service. It's not easy to be the buffoon of history. We should cherish every "fox paw," every slip of the lip, every obvious lie, every connection revealing his monstrous pals and cronies who abuse and use their privilege for the fun of getting away with them. He is a Bizarro World role model sent from the Truth Fairy to show us the way out of apathy.

Do what you can do. Buy recycled toilet paper and products in glass bottles. Grow hemp. Retool lumber mills into fiber-producing mills. Tell the truth as you can. It looks different from the front of the elephant than it does from the rear end!


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