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The Bully Among Us

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

There is a bully among us. We have all had the bully experience. The guy who is always right, who knows more, who has been there, who has seen it all. Why does the group continue to allow this intimidation?

The ordained leader of this group follows his lead like a dog. The Bully introduced the ordained leader in an attempt to show humility and the ordained leader seemed to like it – a two-man circle jerk.

Van's comment that "I have been to China and you don’t know China,” was a form of soft bullying that men do to womyn. Eric's comments were met with some discussion, but mine were not, because - misogyny. Their first response to feminine comments is to challenge and make them wrong. The masculine mentality is oppositional and intrusive by design. I know this because I have one, too. Yes, I have a bullying, combative masculine mind. I criticize and make men's analyses wrong. When The Man Bully is intellectually aggressive, it is tolerated, but when a womun bully shouts back and talks over others, people leave the room.

I come from a long line of bullies. My mother browbeat me into submission to the point of self-torture. She belabored me to the point of rending my own flesh and drinking poison, so I learned bullying from a master. And yes, I am an asshole, because I bullied my lovers and my children, too. I bullied my older son so hard that he will not speak to me or let me know his family, just like I did with my own bully mother. You can see how bullying is my issue.

So I swallowed my pride and attempted to join in with The Secular Society group today. I promised myself to shut up and listen and I did, but when my turn came around the boys jumped me and I reacted like a wounded animal. Oops. My biggest fault is pointing out the naked emperors. I am a contrite tattletale, just can’t keep my mouth shut around the culpable bosses. When they spout faulty logic I jump into the pool, naked with a spoon in hand ready to scoop out the mistaken assumptions and hubristic logic of men.

Womyn in the group should realize that the men see you as dickless men. Medical science has been studying men as the default for all humuns since its male appropriation, most likely during the witch trials. They cannot help it because they have to cover their balls, which puts them in constant fear of searing pain. Remember where your balls are, ladies. On the inside. Protected, safe and powerfully hidden from harm.

Men fear your protected state, but they will not hesitate to burn your physical bodies in their aggressive mental fires to save your dickless souls from the crime of collectivism. They cannot understand collectivism because they are disconnected from life. Male power squirts out and is lost to them. The hero dies every time he ejects into a cavern or onto the ground; it makes no difference. Masculine aggression always dies in the feminine earth.

We know them because they have been inside of us. We have engulfed their dicks with our pussies and mouths. They begged for our caverns and we allowed them inside. They were conceived within us.

They were born between our piss and our shit.

We know them, they fear us.


Jewell Starsinger|Astro Kabbalah Teacher



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