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The Moon’s Nodes in Astrology


I am “node-ish”. My scientific peers, please don’t cringe when I say it, but I rectify charts by node, mars and moon. If I hear the person’s story, it will ring true to me, being an empath by trade (moon/nep/sn/4th), I “get it” when “it” presents itself. The nodes are like that. They say the nodes are directional and soulful. If you take into account the signs and the house of the nodes your story will be very clear to me. Listening is the key. People talk only about themselves, myself included. Anyone you talk to will hear your life story over and over again. With training, the listener will hear a pattern, which I do.

The nodes are understood as one Dragon; The NN is the head and the SN is the tail. The head describes your longings in life. The tail is where you keep your “stuff.” You are complete within this kundalini path. With planets conjunct the nodes, you will find it easier or harder to obtain those soulful goals. The Dragon’s Tail Originates down in your tailbone, which is your Mars center. It is the seat of Desire. Desire, in the Abraham/Esther Hicks sense, of “Wanting,” not simply sex, but sex included. The Dragon’s Head culminates in the Third Eye, where we “see” our collective Future, the Akashic Record, the Rhythm of the Saints, etc… All of this represents existence in that the past is the wanting, the future is the visioning and the Now is the body. The body can’t exist without the other two. You can’t separate them. If you remove the head and/or the tail, the body dies.


“Loaded” Nodes will either keep you going strong or slow you down. Aspects matter, too, especially squares. Squares will turn your soul-goals into a race car and you will be Mr. Mario Andretti. Understand your Nodal imperative and you will be in control of your destiny. You might not like at first, but it is empowering. With squares it always requires time and effort to acquire skill.

Think of any polarity as a “stick with two ends” and you will know how to twirl that baton. Don’t let anyone tell you that the N is better than the S. Maybe North end of your stick has poop on it (conjunct Pluto or Saturn). You will want to address the head of this dragon with some disinfectant and a box of wipes.


In other lifetimes, it can be clear sailing. Your Nodes could be free and clear and in that life achievement is probable, even if your achievement is to achieve nothing at all. I want to emphasize the importance of not thinking in terms of black and white in the world of Creation. Leave the black and white to the Goddess and the God.


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