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Uranus and Neptune

These two characters are at the very top of the Tree of Life, meaning they are transcendent, and therefore, rather inaccessible. They are called supernals. If a person can get into third eye awareness while meditating, she will only be able to maintain it for a few seconds before her regular consciousness takes over. Meditation can take you high enough to get an inkling of these transcendent energies for a few seconds, which is a long time in the transcendental experience.

The Old Sky Dude, Uranus,  

Inventor of Bright Light and New Ideas. He has no body and He is brilliant – literally! Old Sky Dude or OSD, as we will call Him, is quite in love with himself and wants recognition for his thoughts. He has a lovely wife, a dark dusky

black hole, who has the means to make his inventive ideas Come True. Due to her magnetic tendency, She receives his nothing plans with great gobbling and sucking. He cannot resist; She relishes every bite. Lite bites, data bites, they are all magically delicious! Slowly she turns it all into beings. Beings of magnitude with girth and height. She creates from her own body. Crystal, ore, humus, water, flesh and bone, and the ubiquitous blackness. Now there’s trick! Who Knew?

Uranus is the great “Father” in the sky. He is energy without a body. He throws lightning bolts and makes a lot of noise. The lightning bolts carry data, which is sent as intelligence, that his energy has invented. He has a wife. She is a gigantic container. In fact, her body is the physical Universe and every body within herself. She is only physical, no energy. When He throws lightning around it embeds into her and wakes her up, giving her the inspiration to create the physical from within and without herself. The image of the Frankenstein monster receiving lightning during the storm is classic Masculine/Feminine working together.

When we were verbal-only, we knew life like animals know it. We lived in our bodies with reason. Our actions were based on cycle, flow and relationship. Our six senses directed us to stay safe, fed and loved. All you have to do is watch a few nature shows on TV to see that all the animals are caught up in their lives with activities that involve survival and each other. The reason side of their brains is quite undeveloped.

Reason is a Jailer

If you do things for a good reason, then you may be missing a part that that would inform you differently. Are you so set on your journey’s reason that you don’t smell the trail? Did you hear every odd crunch as you walked? Have you asked yourself why you walk the trail? Is there a reward at the end or do you simply like it?

Uranus Brings the Light

His light contains tiny data packets. He wants you to make things for him due to his lack of fingers. Inside the packets reside tiny blueprints, which he expects you to follow to the letter. His many electric outpourings come in great quantity until the storm dies down and then he is unproductive, giving you time to manifest the plans.

She is a dark globe full of stuff. The light hits her and she looks into herself and is amazed at what the stuff looks like with light on it. Light brings the gift of motion to her and she can feels her arms rise spontaneously. She twirls. Then steps forward and backward. She shouts, “It is divine, it’s divine!” She sees her task. All the data packs are strewn about inside her orb. She tries to sort them out but there are so many and they all slide to the bottom of the globe. So she picks up the closest one to her and begins. This one looks like fun. It is a tall humun.


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