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Venus, The Siren Calls

What sign is your Venus?

Venus is the ARCHETYPE of VALUE. We value money, so Venus is in charge of it. We value love, so Venus is in charge of that, too. She is the Siren; the God-Ess of Magnetic Attraction. I will call her Ess from now on. She calls the wind to bring her the masculine Logos. Her VOICE is beautiful beyond description. She sings so he can know where to find her. She makes her presence known. She can be a Queen in heat or a baboon in estrus with a swollen red butt; or she can be a desirable maiden, just doing her thing; innocent, joyful and willing. She is responsible for calling in the wind and rain. #responsibilitynotblame

To this very day, The Sirens live on an island from which they can not escape. She is a Maiden Ess who cannot go anywhere. She is stuck on the island. She sings powerful songs to passing sailors. The sailors cannot resist. Upon hearing her music, they crash on the rocks, stumble to shore, never to return home. They have sex and die, like the praying mantis in captivity.

She gets the male seed, gives birth to her children, sings beautiful songs, has a beautiful face. She has it all going for her. She is wealthy with comfort, food, and pleasant weather. The hitch is that she can’t go anywhere.

People with a powerful Venus energy are attractors. The money and love comes to them. They get the goods with their charm. Venus in your Astrology chart explains what you value in life.

For instance, Venus in Aries values Courage. Venus in Taurus values The Physical Senses. Venus in Gemini loves Clever Conversations with Friends. Venus in Cancer loves The Past. Venus in Leo loves The Show. Venus in Virgo values Craftsmunship. Venus in Libra values The Deal. Venus in Scorpio loves The Deep. Venus in Sagittarius values Ideals. Venus in Capricorn values Effort. Venus in Aquarius values The Future. Venus in Pisces loves Eternity.


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