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?What On Earth?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Photo from Unsplash
Who sees through her eyes?


Why so many fatties these days?

Goddess is returning and she is huge.

We worship at her sugar altar.

She refines, so we suckle.

Why so many heart operations these days? Our hearts are broken.

Work. Work harder. Be better. Be wealthier. Be good. Like God.

God works. Work like God. Like an invisible mystery.

Go with God. He is No-thing.

Worship His No-thingness.

Desire many somethings.

Do it alone.

Balance. Where? How?

Why so many school shootings these days?

Good creates bad.

We believe violence is our nature, but in truth, we nurture fear.

Right creates wrong.

Why so many humuns these days?

Too many 900 square foot sovereign domains.

Be on your own.

Why so few woods? Woods have no humun rights.

Where are the wild places? Gone with the woods.

Why cut the wise old growth? We believe in dead trees.

But they care for their young! Just like octopus.

Dead science. Kill it, cut it open. See the lifeless parts.

Believe you learned. That you know.

And you do know. You learned death.

And death is okay. Needed. Mulch, yeah.

Own it.

Humun Rights. Why? More than our share.

Entitled. To What? No-thingness?

Ascension into an empty heaven.

Who knew the bombs were on the way? From Heaven Above?

Bombs from Heaven.

Where shall we all go en masse?


Bacteria suicide in the crowded dish.

Overcrowded rats go to war.

But rats don't overpopulate.

Rats do birth control and care for their young

Too many unfamiliar faces.


Too easy to kill.

Enough of us.

If we are so precious, why so many?

The Precious are the few. Like diamonds stockpiled in bunkers.

Released slowly.

Perceived as rare. Expensive. Desirable. Competitive.

The many undesirables. Unwanted. Cheap are spit out into the masses

That claw and clamor for a deep drink of pure water.

Owned by the God of the few, precious toppers.

People at the point of the pyramid.

The special diamond folk. Rare. Entitled by

Father Barons.

Adopt a platitude attitude.

We learn what we live.

Share your concern.

Care and share.

“We will all go together when we go. All transfused with an incandescent glow. Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement, yes we all will go together when we go.”-Tom Lehrer

Does population control really work? Only when (if his balls are blue)


Women rule. Women's names. Children named for women. Women make people.

Women rule. Men assist women. Men are great uncles, grandfathers.

Not to be rude, but.

His Squirt is the least of it.

Time is the Heroine. Care is Humun. Attention is Goodness.

Touch is a language. Taste is the guide. All bodies are feminine.

Containers. The Feminine.

Feminine container penis, holds the blood that makes him stand.

Feminine clitoris, bulging, enlivened by a Word.

Her borders are window screen.

All breeze blows into her.

The breeze is the Word. The God.

All else. The Goddessa.

Our Essa.


Humun. Humus-Earth plus Mun-Hand. We.

The Dirt Hands. The Humuns.

Holy hands, eyes, tongues and throats for the

Unfathomable Two who made us.

We are the Eyes and Ears of God/Essa.

The Cutting Edge of Creation. (-Robert Hand)


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