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Zeus and Hera Alive and Well


When we say “Don’t believe your own bullshit, we speak of the ruler of faith, Jupiter/Zeus. Faith is momentary. When people treat it like a rule, it morphs into a limited body of rules that must be enforced because they have morphed into “Tradition,” which, by most standards is almost sacred. Codification is out of the realm of Jupiter/Zeus and belongs to his wife Hera/Juno, whom was given a male face about four millennia ago and is now called Saturn. As it stands, the gay-ish Greeks that did this, transformed an Earth Goddess into a male (Saturn) so that Zeus and his once feminine but now, brother (was once his Wife), are together in relationship. This is a gay guy’s dream. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It just makes it harder to keep track of the Archetypes.


The funny part is that so many hetero-preacher-types don’t have a clue how gay their religion is. It’s so gay that out of ten balanced archetypes, there remain only two feminine for us to relate to in the modern day. The gays are really trying hard to accomplish turning Venus into a masculine entity! Everybody is taking it up the old ass these days. The ass is dinner conversation for the new millennium. Times change.

Faith lives in air and fire. Air and Fire are Masculine, not like a personal man, but like Light; it has no body. It is free and true in the moment. When Zeus transforms into a swan to couple with Leda, he is in the moment, creating life. He Light transformed by a trick to make change; new versions of life. When his wife finds out about it she is upset because her job is to preserve. She doesn’t perform “moments” and she doesn’t do fertilizing. She holds, keeps and cares. She doesn’t know or care to hear that her pussy is too familiar for a professional fertilizer. The same pussy over eons will not bring in diversity. Jupiter, Jup, Jupie makes diversity. He is the opportunist of diversity. Cheating is just diversity. Men are inclined to a bit more diversity energy than women, merely because when women are pregnant, nursing and training future adults, they tend to space out personal desires on every level.

Hera/Saturn, the Crone, has a tendency to dry up and grow brittle. She loses the receptive nature of youth and becomes her own person. She does not yield. She is no longer an unconditional receiver. And she teaches her grandchildren by simply being. She is an expert of the single gesture; the edited word; and remaining in situ.

The preachers/professors are Jupiterian. They fertilize the minds of the young in general and the young women in particular if they can talk her into it. That is their nature. Without new seeding, doctrines grow old and brittle, like all living things. Jupiter respects his wife, Hera/Saturn, and does see her as a partner, but not so much a sexual partner. They have been together for so long that they finish each others’ sentences. She watches his antics from on high, cursing him and wishing him home as soon as possible.

Preachers and professors run into trouble when they preach the old gospels that were true once, but out of date now. They preach the Queen’s story of tradition/preservation while living the life of the randy King. Everyone sees their hypocrisy, but we don’t understand why. Why do they do it? It seems stupid or unnecessary at best. They do it because they don’t know who they are. Society says that they are wrong, or not allowed, or immoral or whatever negative pejorative describes them, according the Queen’s language. She doesn’t like it, but Kings gotta rut, if life is to go on. Forcing kings into lady garments just makes them mean. After all, look at all this war we are compelled to do. Just sayin’.

We are made of submission and assertion, matrix and light. Those are the real Gods… the feminine -body/the masculine +body. We are hybrids of them. Creation lives between the light and the dark.

And now I cannot use the most profound description of my middle world between minus and plus; A billion shades of grey. Damn!


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